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1 Diaz, Mariana J.C.; Stanko, Milan; Sangesland, Sigbjørn.
Exploring New Concepts in Subsea Field Architecture. Offshore technology conference; 2018-04-30 - 2018-05-03
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2 Gonzalez Rengifo, Diana Carolina; Stanko, Milan; Golan, Michael.
Numerical Feasibility Study of a Wax Cold Flow Approach for Subsea Tie-In Flowlines Using a 1D Mechanistic Multiphase Flow Simulator. Engineering 2018 ;Volum 10.(3) s. 109-123
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3 Stanko, Milan.
Methods, models and alternative architectures to improve subsea field development. 2nd Brazil Norway Subsea Operation Consortium; 2018-06-04 - 2018-06-05
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4 Diaz Arias, Mariana JC; Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Stanko, Milan.
Field Architecture within SUBPRO. 1st Workshop in BN Subsea Operations Consortium; 2017-04-24 - 2017-04-25
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5 Diaz Arias, Mariana JC; Stanko, Milan; Sangesland, Sigbjørn.
Exploring an alternative approach in subsea field architecture: The Subsea Gate Box. SSV conference; 2017-04-04 - 2017-04-06
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6 Hoffmann, Arnaud; Stanko, Milan.
Short-term model-based production optimization of a surface production network with electric submersible pumps using piecewise-linear functions. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2017 ;Volum 158. s. 570-584
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7 Kristoffersen, Øystein; Stanko, Milan; Hoffmann, Arnaud.
Short Term Production Optimization Using a Model of The Peregrino Field, Brazil. Offshore Technology Conference Brasil; 2017-10-24 - 2017-10-26
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8 Skjefstad, Håvard Slettahjell; Stanko, Milan.
Subsea water separation: a state of the art review, future technologies and the development of a compact separator test facility. 18th International Conference on Multiphase Technology; 2017-06-07 - 2017-06-09
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9 Stanko, Milan.
Model based production optimization of a surface network with ESP boosted wells: the Rubiales field case. VI Oil and Gas Production Optimization Workshop; 2017-04-26 - 2017-04-27
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10 Stanko, Milan.
The way forward: chapter on field development and area strategies. BRU21 Conference 2017; 2017-05-30 - 2017-05-30
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11 Stanko, Milan; Sangesland, Sigbjørn.
Areas of research within Subsea production – An overview. 1st Workshop in BN Subsea Operations Consortium; 2017-04-24 - 2017-04-25
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12 Stanko, Milan; Venstad, Jon Marius.
Using combinatorics to compute fluid routing alternatives in a hydrocarbon production network. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 2017 ;Volum 7.(4) s. 1185-1195
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13 Cantinelli Sevillano, Lucas; De Andrade, Jesus; Sangesland, Sigbjørn; Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf.
Thermal Effects on Subsea Wellhead Fatigue During Workover Operations. SPE Bergen One Day Seminar; 2016-04-20 - 2016-04-20
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14 Cantinelli Sevillano, Lucas; De Andrade, Jesus; Stanko, Milan; Sangesland, Sigbjørn.
Subsea Wellhead Fatigue Analysis With Focus on Thermal Conditions. 35th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic engineering (OMAE); 2016-06-19 - 2016-06-24
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15 Hoffmann, Arnaud; Stanko, Milan.
Real-Time Production Optimization of a Production Network with ESP Boosted Wells: A Case Study. SPE Middle East Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition; 2016-11-30 - 2016-12-01
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16 Mwalyepelo, Juliana; Stanko, Milan.
Improvement of multiphase flow rate model for chokes. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2016 ;Volum 145. s. 321-327
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17 Nunez Chacin, Gilberto Efren; De Andrade, Jesus; Stanko, Milan; Sangesland, Sigbjørn.
Available technologies and performance prediction models for multiphase booster. International Conference on the Advances in Subsea Engineering Structures and Systems; 2016-06-06 - 2016-07-07
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18 Nunez, Gilberto; De Andrade, Jesus; Stanko, Milan; Sangesland, Sigbjørn.
Available Technologies and Performance Prediction Models for Multiphase Boosting. ASESS 2016 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN SUBSEA ENGINEERING, STRUCTURES & SYSTEMS; 2016-06-06 - 2016-06-07
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19 Jurus, Wojciech; Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf; Parra, Abraham; Golan, Michael.
Simplified Near Wellbore Reservoir Simulation To Predict the Performance of Viscous Oil Horizontal Well with Water Coning from an Active Aquifer. SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference; 2015-11-18 - 2015-11-20
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20 Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf; Asuaje, Miguel; Diaz, Cesar; Guillmain, Miguel; Borregales, Manuel; González, Diana; Golan, Michael.
Model-Based Production Optimization of the Rubiales Field, Colombia. SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition; 2015-09-28 - 2015-09-30
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21 Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf; Golan, Michael.
Exploring the Potential of Model-Based Optimization in Oil Production Gathering Networks with ESP-Produced, High Water Cut Wells. 17th International Conference on Multiphase Technology; 2015-06-10 - 2015-06-12
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22 Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf; Golan, Michael.
Simplified Hydraulic Design Methodology for a Subsea Inline Oil-Water Pipe Separator. Offshore Technology Conference Brazil; 2015-10-27 - 2015-10-29
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23 Borregales, Manuel; Cappelletto, Jose; Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf; Shmueli Alvarado, Andrea; Asuaje, Miguel.
Model Building using genetic algorithm for data fitting. XII International congress of Numerical Methods in engineering and Applied Sciences; 2014-03-24 - 2014-03-26
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24 Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf.
Fluid Issues in Multi-Disciplinary Integration. SPE Complex Reservoir Fluids III: Focusing on Reservoir Fluids from the Middle East workshop; 2014-09-15 - 2014-09-17
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25 Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf.
Topics in Production Systems Modeling: Separation, Pumping and Model Based Optimization. Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet 2014 (ISBN 978-82-326-0282-7) 159 s. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(180)
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26 Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf; Golan, Michael.
Hexagonal reciprocating pump: advantages and weaknesses. International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 2013 ;Volum 6.(3) s. 121-136
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27 Stanko, Milan Edvard Wolf; Golan, Michael; Asuaje Tovar, Miguel.
3D-CFD numerical simulation of gravity induced segregation in water dominated dispersed oil-water pipe flow. 8th International Conference on Multiphase Flow 2013; 2013-05-26 - 2013-05-31
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