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1 Blankvoort, Stefan; Uemura, Masato; Tok, Sean Shui Liang; Yuan, Li; lit, kwok; Cobar, Luis Fernando; Tashiro, Ayumu.
A neurogenic microenvironment defined by excitatory-inhibitory neuronal circuits in adult dentate gyrus. Cell reports 2021 ;Volum 36.(1)
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2 Chadney, Oscar Michael Thornton; Blankvoort, Stefan; Grimstvedt, Joachim Schweder; Utz, Annika; Kentros, Clifford.
Multiplexing viral approaches to the study of the neuronal circuits. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2021 ;Volum 357.
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3 Ohara, Shinya; Blankvoort, Stefan; Nair Raveendran, Rajeevkumar; Nigro, Maximiliano Jose; Nilssen, Eirik Stamland; Kentros, Clifford; Witter, Menno.
Local projections of layer Vb-to-Va are more prominent in lateral than in medial entorhinal cortex. eLIFE 2021
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4 Blankvoort, Stefan; Descamps, Lucie; Kentros, Clifford.
Enhancer-Driven Gene Expression (EDGE) enables the generation of cell type specific tools for the analysis of neural circuits. Neuroscience research 2020 ;Volum 152. s. 78-86
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5 Nair Raveendran, Rajeevkumar; Blankvoort, Stefan; Donate Lagartos, Maria Jose; Kentros, Clifford.
Enhancer-Driven Gene Expression (EDGE) Enables the Generation of Viral Vectors Specific to Neuronal Subtypes. iScience 2020 ;Volum 23.(3)
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6 Blankvoort, Stefan; Thomas, Laurent; Witter, Menno; Sætrom, Pål; cotney, Justin; Kentros, Clifford.
The marked diversity of unique cortical enhancers enables neuron-specific tools by Enhancer-Driven Gene Expression (EDGE). FENS 2018; 2018-07-07 - 2018-07-11
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7 Blankvoort, Stefan; Witter, Menno; Noonan, James; Cotney, Justin; Kentros, Clifford.
Marked Diversity of Unique Cortical Enhancers Enables Neuron-Specific Tools by Enhancer-Driven Gene Expression. Current Biology 2018 ;Volum 28.(13) s. 2103-2114
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8 Nair Raveendran, Rajeevkumar; Blankvoort, Stefan; Kentros, Clifford.
Using enhancer-driven gene expression (EDGE) to generate viral vectors capable of driving transgene expression in particular cell types of targeted brain regions in any species. Society for Neuroscience conference, Neuroscience 2018 San Diego, USA; 2018-11-03 - 2018-11-07
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9 Nair Raveendran, Rajeevkumar; Blankvoort, Stefan; Kentros, Clifford.
Viruses made with entorhinal cortex-specific (EC) enhancers enable transgene expression restricted to particular EC celltypes in two species of wildtype animals. FENS Forum 2018, Berlin, Germany.; 2018-07-07 - 2018-07-11
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10 Nilssen, Eirik Stamland; Jacobsen, Bente; Nair Raveendran, Rajeevkumar; Fjeld, Gunhild; Blankvoort, Stefan; Kentros, Clifford; Witter, Menno.
Inhibitory Connectivity Dominates the Fan Cell Network in Layer II of Lateral Entorhinal Cortex.. Journal of Neuroscience 2018 ;Volum 38.(45) s. 9712-9727
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11 Blankvoort, Stefan; Witter, Menno; Noonan, James; Cotney, Justin; Kentros, Clifford.
Enhanced transgenics: a novel means to generate neuroanatomically-specific genetic tools. SfN 2016; 2016-11-12 - 2016-11-16
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12 Aasebø, Ida E. J.; Blankvoort, Stefan Matthias Adriaan; Tashiro, Ayumu.
Critical maturational period of new neurons in adult dentate gyrus for their involvement in memory formation. European Journal of Neuroscience 2011 ;Volum 33.(6) s. 1094-1100
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