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1 Krosshaug, Tron; Petushek, Erich; Richter, Christopher; Paulsen, Gøran; Faul, Oliver.
Effect of load and various equipment modalities on back squat biomechanics in elite powerlifters.. The 33rd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports; 2015-06-29 - 2015-07-03
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2 Waldén, Markus; Krosshaug, Tron; Bjørneboe, John Andreas; Andersen, Thor Einar; Faul, Oliver; Hägglund, Martin.
Three distinct mechanisms predominate in non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in male professional football players: a systematic video analysis of 39 cases. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2015 ;Volum 49.(22) s. 1452-1460
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3 Kristianslund, Eirik; Faul, Oliver; Bahr, Roald; Myklebust, Grethe; Krosshaug, Tron.
Sidestep cutting technique and knee abduction loading: implications for ACL prevention exercises. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2014 ;Volum 48.(9) s. 779-783
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