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1 Holmås, Stian; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
Network building in Cytoscape using the BioGateway App. SWAT4(HC)LS 2019: Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Healthcare and Life Sciences; 2019-12-09 - 2019-12-12
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2 Holmås, Stian; Riudavets Puig, Rafael; Acencio, Marcio Luis; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
The Cytoscape BioGateway App: explorative network building from an RDF store. Bioinformatics 2019 s. -
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3 Nordgård, Anna Synnøve Røstad; Bergland, Wenche Hennie; Vadstein, Olav; Mironov, Vladimir; Bakke, Rune; Østgaard, Kjetill; Bakke, Ingrid.
Anaerobic digestion of pig manure supernatant at high ammonia concentrations characterized by high abundances of Methanosaeta and non-euryarchaeotal archaea. Scientific Reports 2017 ;Volum 7:15077. s. 1-14
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4 Bakke, Ingrid; Nordgård, Anna Synnøve Røstad; Bergland, Wenche Hennie; Vadstein, Olav; Mironov, Vladimir; Østgaard, Kjetill; Bakke, Rune.
Microbial community dynamics in anaerobic digestion at high ammonia concentrations. International Symposium on Microbial Ecology ISME 16; 2016-08-21 - 2016-08-26
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5 Blondé, Ward; Antezana, Erick; Mironov, Vladimir; Schulz, Stefan; Kuiper, Martin; De baets, Bernard.
Using the relation ontology Metarel for modelling Linked Data as multi-digraphs. Semantic Web Journal 2014 ;Volum 5.(2) s. 115-126
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6 Kuiper, Martin; Mironov, Vladimir; Venkatesan, Aravind; Tripathi, Sushil; Blondé, Ward; Sanz de Galdeano, Alejandro; Lægreid, Astrid.
The gene expression knowledge base. Virtual Physiological Human Conference 2014; 2014-09-09 - 2014-09-12
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7 Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin; Ekseth, Ole Kristian.
OrthAgogue: An agile tool for the rapid prediction of orthology relations. Bioinformatics 2014 ;Volum 30.(5) s. 734-736
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8 Venkatesan, Aravind; Tripathi, Sushil; Sanz de Galdeano, Alejandro; Blondé, Ward; Lægreid, Astrid; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
Finding gene regulatory network candidates using the gene expression knowledge base. BMC Bioinformatics 2014 ;Volum 15.(1)
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9 Antezana, Erick; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
The emergence of Semantic Systems Biology. New Biotechnology 2013 ;Volum 30.(3) s. 286-290
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10 Kuiper, Martin; Antezana, Erick; Mironov, Vladimir.
Cell Cycle Ontology (CCO).
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11 Hollunder, Jens; Mironov, Vladimir; Antezana, Erick; Hoehndorf, Robert; Kuiper, Martin.
Profiling of Semantically Annotated Proteins. Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences 2012; 2012-11-28 - 2012-11-30
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12 Kuiper, Martin; Venkatesan, Aravind; Antezana, Erick; Vercruysse, Steven; Mironov, Vladimir; Blondé, Ward.
Putting Semantics in Systems Biology. META 2012 ;Volum 2012.(3) s. 22-30
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13 Mironov, Vladimir; Seethappan, Nirmala; Blondé, Ward; Antezana, Erick; Splendiani, Andrea; Kuiper, Martin.
Gauging triple stores with actual biological data. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 ;Volum 13. s. -
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14 Venkatesan, Aravind; Antezana, Erick; Blondé, Ward; Vercruysse, Steven; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
Putting Semantics in Systems Biology. NTNU Bioinformatics Network Seminar 2012 Norwegian Bioinformatics Forum 2012; 2012-10-18 - 2012-10-19
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15 Venkatesan, Aravind; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
Towards an integrated knowledge system for capturing gene expression events. 3rd International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO 2012); 2012-07-21 - 2012-07-25
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16 Antezana, Erick; Blondé, Ward; Venkatesan, Aravind; De baets, Bernard; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
Semantic SB: enablng integrative biology via SW technologies. WIMS: International Conferences on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics.; 2011-05-25 - 2011-05-27
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17 Blondé, Ward; Mironov, Vladimir; Venkatesan, Aravind; Antezana, Erick; De baets, Bernard; Kuiper, Martin.
Reasoning with bio-ontologies: using relational closure rules to enable practical querying. Bioinformatics 2011 ;Volum 27.(11) s. 1562-1568
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18 Mironov, Vladimir; Antezana, Erick; Egaña, Mikel; Blondé, Ward; De baets, Bernard; Kuiper, Martin; Stevens, Robert.
Flexibility and utility of the cell cycle ontology. Applied Ontology 2011 ;Volum 6.(3) s. 247-261
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19 Mironov, Vladimir; Venkatesan, Aravind; Kuiper, Martin.
RDF Foundry - a call for a community effort to harmonize triple store practices. BioHackathon 2011; 2011-08-20 - 2011-08-26
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20 Tripathi, Sushil; Venkatesan, Aravind; Egaña, Mikel; Zavareh, Zahra; Chawla, Konika; Mironov, Vladimir; Thommesen, Liv; Bruland, Torunn; Kuiper, Martin; Lægreid, Astrid.
Automated Assessment of High Throughput Hypotheses on Gene Regulatory Mechanisms Involved in the Gastrin Response. Bio-Ontologies 2011; 2011-07-15 - 2011-07-16
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21 Venkatesan, Aravind; Blondé, Ward; Antezana, Erick; Skillingstad, Mats Gløer Løkås; Marshall, Scott M; De baets, Bernard; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
The RDF Foundry: Call for an initiative to build enhanced RDF resources for biological data integration. WIMS: International Conferences on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics.; 2011-05-25 - 2011-05-27
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22 Antezana, Erick; Venkatesan, Aravind; Mungall, Chris; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
ONTO-ToolKit: enabling bio-ontology engineering via Galaxy. BMC Bioinformatics 2010 ;Volum 11. Suppl. 12 s. -
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23 Antezana, E; Kuiper, Martin; Mironov, Vladimir.
Biological knowledge management: the emerging role of the Semantic Web technologies. Briefings in Bioinformatics 2009 ;Volum 10.(4) s. 392-407
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24 Antezana, Erick; Blondé, Ward; Egaña, Mikel; Rutherford, Alistair; Stevens, Robert; De baets, Bernard; Mironov, Vladimir; Kuiper, Martin.
BioGateway: A Semantic Systems Biology Tool for the Life Sciences. BMC Bioinformatics 2009 ;Volum 10.(S11) Suppl. 10 s. -
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