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1 Bradley, Steven W.; Kim, Phillip H.; Klein, Peter G.; McMullen, Jeffery S.; Wennberg, Karl.
Policy for innovative entrepreneurship: Institutions, interventions, and societal challenges. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 2021 ;Volum 15.(2) s. 167-184
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2 Asmussen, Christian G.; Foss, Kirsten; Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G..
Economizing and strategizing: How coalitions and transaction costs shape value creation and appropriation. Strategic Management Journal 2020 s. -
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3 Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G.; Lien, Lasse B.; Zellweger, Thomas; Zenger, Todd.
Ownership Competence. Strategic Management Journal 2020 s. -
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4 Nell, Phillip C; Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G.; Schmitt, Jan.
Avoiding digitalization traps: Tools for top managers. Business Horizons 2020
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5 Klein, Peter G.; Mahoney, Joseph T.; McGahan, Anita M.; Pitelis, Christos N..
Organizations Governance adaption: who is in, who is out, and who gets what. Academy of Management Review 2019 ;Volum 44.(1) s. 6-27
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6 Foss, Kirsten; Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G..
Uncovering the hidden transaction costs of market power: A property rights approach to strategic positioning. Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) 2018 ;Volum 39.(3) s. 306-319
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7 Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G..
Entrepreneurial Discovery or Creation? In Search of the Middle Ground. Academy of Management Review 2017 ;Volum 42.(4) s. 733-736
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8 Packard, Mark D; Clark, Brent B; Klein, Peter G..
Uncertainty types and transitions in the entrepreneurial process. Organization science 2017 ;Volum 28.(5) s. 840-856
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9 Bradley, Steven W.; Klein, Peter G..
Instituions, Economic Freedom, and Entrepreneurship: The Contribution of Management Scholarship. Academy of Management Perspectives 2016 ;Volum 30.(3) s. 211-221
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10 Deffains-Crapsky, Catherine; Klein, Peter G..
Business Angels, Social Networks, and Radical Innovation. I: Contemporary Entrepreneurship. Springer 2016 ISBN 978-3-319-28132-2. s. 275-290
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11 Foss, Kirsten; Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G..
Managerial authority in the Coasean firm: an entrepreneurial perspective. I: The Elgar Companion to Ronald H. Coase. Edward Elgar Publishing 2016 ISBN 978-1-78254-799-0. s. 160-172
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12 Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G..
The Judgment-Based Approach to Entrepreneurship: Accomplishments, Challenges, New Directions.. Journal of Institutional Economics 2015 ;Volum 11.(3) s. 585-599
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13 Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G.; Linder, Stefan.
Organizations and Markets. I: The Oxford Handbook of Austrian Economics. Oxford University Press 2015 ISBN 9780199811762. s. 272-295
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14 Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter.
Why managers still matter. MIT Sloan Management Review 2014 ;Volum 56.(1) s. 73-80
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15 Klein, Peter; Bylund, Per L..
The place of Austrian economics in contemporary entrepreneurship research. The Review of Austrian Economics 2014 ;Volum 27. s. 259-279
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16 Mondelli, Mario P.; Klein, Peter.
Private equity and asset characteristics: The case of agricultural production. Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) 2014 ;Volum 35.(2) s. 145-160
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17 Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter.
Organizational Governance. I: The Handbook of Rational Choice Social Research. Stanford University Press 2013 ISBN 978-0-8047-8418-4. s. 513-555
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18 Lien, Lasse B.; Klein, Peter.
Can the Survivor Principle Survive Diversification?. Organization science 2013 ;Volum 24.(5) s. 1478-1494
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19 Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter.
Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgment. Cambridge University Press 2012 (ISBN 978-0-521-87442-7)
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20 Klein, Peter; Mahoney, Joseph T.; McGahan, Anita M.; Pitelis, Christos N..
Who is in charge? A property rights perspective on stakeholder governance. Strategic Organization 2012 ;Volum 10.(3) s. 304-315
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21 Chapman, John I.; Klein, Peter.
Value Creation in Middle-Market Buyouts: A Transaction-Level Analysis. I: Private equity : fund types, risks and returns, and regulation. Wiley-Blackwell 2010 ISBN 9780470499153. s. 229-255
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22 Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter.
Altertness, Action, and the Antecedents of Entrepreneurship. Journal of Private Enterprise 2010 ;Volum 25.(2) s. 145-164
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23 Klein, Peter; Xue, Jianhong.
Regional determinants of technology entrepreneurship. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing 2010 ;Volum 1.(3) s. 291-308
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24 Klein, Peter; Lien, Lasse B..
Diversification, Industry Structure, and Firm Strategy: An Organizational Economics Perspective. Advances in Strategic Management 2009 ;Volum 26. s. 289-312
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