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1 Korsnes, Marius; Wang, Yu; Lobaccaro, Gabriele; Moazami, Amin; Carlucci, Salvatore.
Sustainable Architecture? How multi-cultural and interdisciplinary groups of master students achieve sustainable architecture in Shanghai. Living and Sustainability: An Environmental Critique of Design and Building Practices, Locally and Globally; 2017-02-09 - 2017-02-10
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2 Wang, Yu; Lobaccaro, Gabriele; Carlucci, Salvatore; Wang, Ruzhu; Li, Yong; Finocchiaro, Luca; Dai, Yanjun; Eikevik, Trygve Magne; Wyckmans, Annemie.
Sustainable Energy in Cities: Methodology and Results of a Summer Course Providing Smart Solutions for a New District in Shanghai. Energy Procedia 2017 ;Volum 111. s. 856-866
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3 Wyckmans, Annemie; Gustavsen, Arild; Wang, Yu.
Zero Emission Buildings and Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities Opportunities for Cooperation. Green Buildings and Smart Cities seminar; 2017-05-17 - 2017-05-17
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4 Zhang, Lei; Gustavsen, Arild; Jelle, Bjørn Petter; Yang, Liu; Gao, Tao; Wang, Yu.
Thermal Conductivity of Cement Stabilized Earth Blocks. Construction and Building Materials 2017 ;Volum 151. s. 504-511
5 Wang, Yu.
A Sustainable Approach for Post-Disaster Rehabitation of Rural Heritage Settlements. Sustainable Development 2016 ;Volum 24. s. 319-329
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6 Wang, Yu.
Based on the New Characters of Norwegian Baby Boomers, Predicting a Trend of Demands for Housing for Elders. Community Design 2016 ;Volum 71. s. 6-10
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7 Wang, Yu; Awotona, Adenrele; Skotte, Hans Narve.
Planning for Community-based Disaster Resilience Worldwide: Learning from Case Studies in Six Continents. Routledge 2016 (ISBN 978-1472468154) 490 s.
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8 Wang, Yu; Skotte, Hans Narve.
Still at Risk after Reconstruction: How Does the Mode of Reconstruction Cause New Vulnerabilities when Rebuilding a Vernacular Cultural Heritage Settlement?. I: Planning for Community-based Disaster Resilience Worldwide: Learning from Case Studies in Six Continents. Routledge 2016 ISBN 978-1472468154. s. 293-306
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9 Wang, Yu.
Modernity and Cultural Heritage Conservation. Community Design 2014 ;Volum 61. s. 34-38
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10 Wang, Yu; Skotte, Hans.
Reconstruction after Reconstruction: A Study of the Post-Earthquake Reconstruction of Taoping Village, a Traditional Qiang Settlement in Sichuan, China. I: Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters in China, Japan and Beyond. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014 ISBN 978-1-4438-5814-4. s. 45-61
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11 Wang, Yu.
From Modernism to Ecological Worldview: An Observation to the Ongoing Sustainable Architecture Research of NTNU. Chengshi jianzhu 2013 (119) s. 30-33
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12 Wang, Yu; Skotte, Hans Narve.
Reconstruction after Reconstruction A study of the post-earthquake reconstruction of the Taoping village, a traditional Qiang settlement in Sichuan, China. An International Conference on Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters in China: Best Practices and Lessons Learned; 2012-11-15 - 2012-11-16
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