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1 Senyonga, Livingstone; Bergland, Olvar.
Impact of High-Powered Incentive Regulations on Efficiency and Productivity Growth of Norwegian Electricity Utilities. Energy Journal 2018 ;Volum 39.(5) s. 231-255
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2 Barton, David N; Andersen, Tom; Bergland, Olvar; Engebretsen, Alexander; Moe, S. Jannicke; Orderud, Geir I; Tominaga, Koji; Romstad, Eirik; Vogt, Rolf D.
Eutropia: Integrated Valuation of Lake Eutrophication Abatement Decisions Using a Bayesian Belief Network. I: The Routledge Handbook of Applied System Science. Routledge 2016 ISBN 978-0415843324. s. 297-320
3 Mirza, Faisal Mehmood; Bergland, Olvar; Isma, Khatoon.
Measuring the degree of competition in Pakistan’s banking industry: An empirical analysis. Applied Economics 2016 ;Volum 48.(53) s. 5138-5151
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4 Mirza, Faisal Mehmood; Bergland, Olvar.
Market power in the Norwegian electricity market: Are the transmission bottlenecks truly exogenous?. Energy Journal 2015 ;Volum 36.(4) s. 313-330
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5 Mehmood Mirza, F; Bergland, Olvar; Afzal, N.
Electricity conservation policies and sectorial output in Pakistan: An empirical analysis. Energy Policy 2014 ;Volum 73. s. 757-766
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6 Mirza, Faisal Mehmood; Bergland, Olvar.
Pass-through of Wholesale Price to the End User Retail Price in the Norwegian Electricity Market. Energy Economics 2012 ;Volum 34.(6) s. 2003-2012
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7 Mirza, Faisal Mehmood; Bergland, Olvar.
Transmission Congestion and Market Power: The Case of the Norwegian Electricity Market. Journal of Energy Markets 2012 ;Volum 5.(2) s. 59-88
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8 Brey, Raul; Bergland, Olvar; Riera, Pere.
A contingent grouping approach for stated preferences. Resource and Energy Economics 2011 ;Volum 33.(3) s. 745-755
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9 Mirza, Faisal Mehmood; Bergland, Olvar.
The impact of daylight saving time on electricity consumption: Evidence from southern Norway and Sweden. Energy Policy 2011 ;Volum 39.(6) s. 3558-3571
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10 Barton, David Nicholas; Bergland, Olvar.
Valuing irrigation water using a choice experiment: an 'individual status quo' modelling of farm specific water scarcity. Environment and Development Economics 2010 ;Volum 15.(3) s. 321-340
11 Navrud, Ståle; Ready, Richard; Magnussen, Kristin; Bergland, Olvar.
Valuing the social benefits of avoiding landscape degradation from overhead power transmission lines: Do underground cables pass the benefit-cost test?. Landscape Research 2008 ;Volum 33.(3) s. 281-296
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12 Bergland, Olvar; Ready, Richard; Romstad, Eirik.
Differentiating at the Speed of Light in a Universe of Trees and Moose. I: The Theory and Practice of Environmental and Resource Economics - Essays in Honor of Karl-Gustaf Löfgren. Edward Elgar Publishing 2006 s. 202-224
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13 Morrison, Mark; Bergland, Olvar.
Prospects for the use of choice modelling for benefit transfer. Ecological Economics 2006 ;Volum 60.(2) s. 420-428
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14 Wik, Mette; Kebede, Tewodros Aragie; Bergland, Olvar; Holden, Stein Terje.
On the measurement of risk aversion from experimental data. Applied Economics 2004 ;Volum 36.(21) s. 2443-2452
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15 Bergland, Olvar; Magnussen, Kristin; Navrud, Ståle.
Benefit transfer: Testing for accuracy and reliability. I: Comparative Environmental Economic Assessment. : Edward Elgar 2002 s. 117-132
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16 McLeod, Donald M.; Bergland, Olvar.
Willingness-to-Pay Estimates Using the Double-Bounded Dichotomous-Choice Contingent Valuation Format: A Test for Validity and Precision in a Bayesi Framework. Land Economics 1999 ;Volum 75.(1) s. 115-125
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17 Romstad, Eirik; Nau, Robert; Grønn, Erik; Machina, Mark; Bergland, Olvar.
Manipulations of Emission Permit Markets. I: Economic and Environmental Risk and Uncertainty. : Kluwer Academic Publishers 1997 s. 75-86
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18 Wenstøp, Fred; Carlsen, Arne; Bergland, Olvar; Magnus, Per; Clímaco, J..
Valuation of Public Goods with Expert Panels. I: Multicriteria Analysis. : Springer-Verlag 1997 s. 539-548
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