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1 Graczyk, Piotr; Śmieszek, Małgorzata; Koivurova, Timo; Stępień, Adam.
Preparing for the Global Rush: The Arctic Council, Institutional Norms, and Socialisation of Observer Behaviour. I: Governing Arctic Change: Global Perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan 2017 ISBN 978-1-137-50883-6. s. 121-139
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2 Koivurova, Timo; Hasanat, Waliul; Graczyk, Piotr; Kuusama, Tuuli.
China as an Observer in the Arctic Council. I: Arctic Law and Governance: The Role of China and Finland. Hart Publishing Ltd 2017 ISBN 9781509911493. s. 153-180
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3 Bertelsen, Rasmus Gjedssø; Graczyk, Piotr.
Establishing Shared Knowledge about Globalization in Asia and the Arctic. Cultural anthropology 2016 s. -
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4 Graczyk, Piotr; Koivurova, Timo.
The Arctic Council. I: Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic. Edward Elgar Publishing 2015 ISBN 978 0 85793 473 4. s. 298-327
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5 Łuszczuk, Michał; Graczyk, Piotr; Stępień, Adam; Śmieszek, Małgorzata.
Cele i narzędzia polskiej polityki arktycznej [Goals and instruments of Polish Arctic policy]. Warsaw, Poland: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of European Policy 2015 (ISBN 978-83-63743-14-7) 240 s.
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6 Buixadé Farré, Albert; Stephenson, Scott R.; Chen, Linling; Czub, Michael; Dai, Ying; Demchev, Denis; Efimov, Yaroslav; Graczyk, Piotr; Grythe, Henrik; Keil, Kathrin; Kivekäs, Niku; Kumar, Naresh; Liu, Nengye; Matelenok, Igor; Myksvoll, Mari Skuggedal; O'Leary, Derek; Olsen, Julia; Pavithran.A.P., Sachin; Petersen, Edward; Raspotnik, Andreas; Ryzhov, Ivan; Solski, Jan Jakub; Suo, Lingling; Troein, Caroline; Valeeva, Vilena; van Rijckevorsel, Jaap; Wighting, Jonathan.
Commercial Arctic shipping through the Northeast Passage: routes, resources, governance, technology, and infrastructure. Polar Geography 2014 ;Volum 37.(4) s. 298-324
7 Graczyk, Piotr; Koivurova, Timo.
A new era in the Arctic Council’s external relations? Broader consequences of the Nuuk observer rules for Arctic governance. Polar Record 2014 ;Volum 50.(254) s. 225-236
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8 Koivurova, Timo; Graczyk, Piotr.
The Future of the Arctic Council: Navigating between Sovereignty and Security. I: International Relations and the Arctic: Understanding Policy and Governance. Cambria Press 2014 ISBN 978-1-60497-876-6. s. 441-481
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9 Graczyk, Piotr.
SOFT-LAW COOPERATION IN INTERNATIONAL LAW. THE ARCTIC COUNCIL'S EFFORTS TO ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE. Md Waliul Hasanat. 2012. Rovaniemi: Lapland University Press. xv + 305 p, soft cover. ISBN 978-952-484-560-1. 30€. Polar Record 2013 ;Volum 50.(1) s. -
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10 Koivurova, Timo; Graczyk, Piotr.
How outside actors hold sway within the Arctic Council: Benefits of cooperation and the problems when improving them. I: Scientific and Geopolitical Interests in Arctic and Antarctic. New Delhi: LIGHTS Research Foundation 2013 ISBN 978-93-5067-908-1. s. 33-54
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11 Graczyk, Piotr.
Poland and the Arctic: Between Science and Diplomacy. The Arctic Yearbook 2012 ;Volum 1. s. 139-155
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12 Graczyk, Piotr.
The Arctic Council Inclusive of Non-Arctic Perspectives: seeking a new balance. I: The Arctic Council: its place in the future of Arctic Governance. Toronto, Canada: Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program 2012 ISBN 978-0-9737651-5-1. s. 261-305
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13 Graczyk, Piotr.
Observers in the Arctic Council - Evolution and Prospects. The Yearbook of Polar Law 2011 ;Volum 3. s. 575-633
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