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1 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Is matter conscious?. I: Philosophy of Mind: Classical and Contemporary Readings (second edition). Oxford University Press 2021 ISBN 9780190085759.
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2 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
BBC Free Thinking. BBC [Radio] 2020-01-07
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3 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Hva er bevissthet? (paneldebatt). Oslo Life Science Conference; 2020-02-13
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4 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Is the universe conscious? It seems impossible until you do the maths. New Scientist [Tidsskrift] 2020-04-29
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5 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Kan panpsykisme løse klimakrisen?. Morgenbladet 2020 s. 30-32
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6 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
The Phenomenal Powers View and the Meta-Problem of Consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies 2020 ;Volum 27.(5-6) s. 131-142
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7 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Beyond Physicalism. Scientific American Blog Network [Internett] 2019-12-09
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8 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Can IIT’s axioms be subject to disagreement? Response to Tim Bayne: "On the axiomatic foundations of the Integrated Information Theory of consciousness". Brains Blog online symposium; 2019-05-20
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9 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Comments on Zach Blaesi: "The moral parody argument against panpsychism". APA Eastern Division Meeting; 2019-01-07 - 2019-01-10
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10 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Is consciousness intrinsic? A problem for the Integrated Information Theory. Journal of Consciousness Studies 2019 ;Volum 26.(1-2) s. 133-162
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11 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Is everything conscious? The case for panpsychism. Geist, Gehirn, Bewusstsein speaker series, University of Hamburg; 2019-04-10
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12 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Phenomenal knowledge why: the explanatory knowledge argument against physicalism. I: The Knowledge Argument. Cambridge University Press 2019 ISBN 9781107141995. s. 223-253
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13 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Phenomenal Powers. Hochschule für Philosophie, München; 2019-04-08
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14 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Phenomenal powers. Phenomenal Consciousness and Self-Awareness, University of Fribourg; 2019-04-12 - 2019-04-12
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15 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Phenomenal powers: a new response to Hume. MIT Philosophy Colloquium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 2019-11-15
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16 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
The argument for panpsychism from experience of causation. I: The Routledge Handbook of Panpsychism. Routledge 2019 ISBN 9781138817135.
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17 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Does Dispositionalism Entail Panpsychism?. Topoi 2018 s. 1-16
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18 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Emergent panpsychism or dualism?. Prospects for Dualism, Central European University; 2018-12-06 - 2018-12-08
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19 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Is the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness Compatible with Russellian Panpsychism?. Erkenntnis: An International Journal of Scientific Philosophy 2018 s. 1-21
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20 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
The evolutionary argument for phenomenal powers. Philosophical Perspectives 2018 ;Volum 31.(1) s. 293-316
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21 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academic credibility. Quartz magazine [Internett] 2018-01-27
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22 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
The Panpsycast, episode 47: Hedda Hassel Mørch on consciousness and integrated information theory (part 1). The Panpsycast [Radio] 2018-09-23
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23 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
The Panpsycast, episode 47: Hedda Hassel Mørch on consciousness and integrated information theory (part 2). The Panpsycast [Radio] 2018-09-30
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24 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Wie kommt der Geist in die Natur?. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2018 (2) s. 64-65
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25 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
A Theory of Reality as More Than the Sum of Its Parts. Quanta Magazine [Tidsskrift] 2017-06-01
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26 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Is Matter Conscious?. Nautilus 2017 ;Volum 2.
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27 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Rapport fra vitenskapens yttergrense: ditt indre liv. Morgenbladet [Avis] 2017-01-27
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28 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
The Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness. Philosophy Now 2017 ;Volum 121.
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29 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Bevidsthedsudvidende. Weekendavisen [Avis] 2016-08-26
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30 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Leibniz' monader. Salongen : Nettstedet for filosofi og idéhistorie 2016
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31 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Panpsychism and Causation: A New Argument and a Solution to the Combination Problem. Universitetet i Oslo 2014 235 s.
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32 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Panpsykisme. Verdibørsen NRK P2 [Radio] 2014-09-13
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33 Goff, Philip; Hassel, Hedda.
Gerald Vision: Re-Emergence: Locating Conscious Properties in a Material World (Review). Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2012
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34 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Verden som sjeler i et komputasjonelt system: En tolkning av Leibniz’ monadologi. Filosofisk supplement 2009 (2)
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35 Mørch, Hedda Hassel.
Where Darwinism and Analytic Philosophy Went Wrong: An Interview with Jerry Fodor. Filosofisk supplement 2009 (4)
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