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1 Duffaut, Kenneth; Wang, Ying; Nordskag, Janniche Iren.
Estimating Horizontal Resistivity Trends in Sedimentary Rocks: A case example from the Northern North Sea. 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018; 2018-06-11 - 2018-06-14
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2 Blazevic V., Lara A.; Duffaut, Kenneth; Avseth, Per Åge.
Burial induced changes in physical sandstone properties: A case-study of North Sea and Norwegian Sea sandstone formations. SEG International Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting; 2017-09-24 - 2017-09-29
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3 Dosso, Stan E.; Dong, Hefeng; Duffaut, Kenneth.
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4 Dosso, Stan E.; Dong, Hefeng; Duffaut, Kenneth.
NUMERICAL APPROACHES IN GEOACOUSTIC INVERSION. I: Proceedings of the 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration. : University of Liverpool, UK 2017 ISBN 978-1-906913-27-4.
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5 Duffaut, Kenneth.
Depth dependent dilation factor. RoSe consortium meeting; 2017-04-24 - 2017-04-27
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6 Duffaut, Kenneth; Aven, Eirik.
The potential for recognizing exhumation events in sedimentary basins by use of geophysical data – current and new techniques that might reduce uncertainty. NCS Exploration - Recent Advances in Exploration Technology; 2017-05-10 - 2017-05-11
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7 Hokstad, Ketil; Tasarova Alasonati, Zuzana; Clark, Stephen Anthony; Kyrkjebø, Rune; Duffaut, Kenneth; Fichler, Christine; Wiik, Torgeir.
Radiogenic heat production in the crust from inversion of gravity and magnetic data. Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift 2017 ;Volum 97.(3) s. 191-204
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8 Johansen, Nora; Avseth, Per Åge; Duffaut, Kenneth; Mørk, Mai Britt E..
Burial history and implications for seismic AVO signatures in the Western Barents Sea. 4th International Workshop on Rock Physics; 2017-05-29 - 2017-06-02
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9 Omosanya, Kamaldeen Olakunle; Johansen, Ståle Emil; Duffaut, Kenneth; Eruteya, Ovie; Alves, Tiago M.; Waldmann, Nicolas; Zieba, Krzysztof Jan.
Interpretation of giant incisions at the gliding planes of MTDs: Understanding the role of geomorphology and impact on sediment budgeting and mass flow.. Univeristy of Haifa, Marine Geoscience Talk; 2017-03-14
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10 Hokstad, Ketil; Tasaova, Zuzana A.; Kyrkjebø, Rune; Fichler, Christine; Wiik, Torgeir; Duffaut, Kenneth.
Heat flow estimation from geophysical data in the Barents Sea. NPF conference - ''Arctic Exploration - Understanding the Barents Sea potensial''; 2016-05-31 - 2016-06-02
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11 Røste, Thomas; Duffaut, Kenneth; Landrø, Martin; Ke, Ganpan.
Overburden 4D timeshifts caused by compacting sandstone reservoirs. EAGE annual meeting; 2016-05-30 - 2016-06-02
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12 Hokstad, Ketil; Kyrkjebø, Rune; Duffaut, Kenneth; Fichler, Christine; Alasonati Tasarova, Zuzana; Wiik, Torgeir; Carter, Andrew J.; Dischler, Eirik Ø.; Kjøsnes, Øyvind.
Integrated basin-scale thermal modeling. EAGE 76th Conference & Exhibition; 2014-06-16 - 2014-06-19
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13 Hokstad, Ketil; Kyrkjebø, Rune; Duffaut, Kenneth; Fichler, Christine; Alasonati Tasarova, Zuzana; Wiik, Torgeir; Carter, Andrew J.; Dischler, Eirik Øverland; Kjosnes, Øyvind.
Integrated basin-scale thermal modeling. The Arctic Days 2014; 2014-06-02 - 2014-06-06
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14 Dong, Hefeng; Nguyen, Thanh Duong; Duffaut, Kenneth.
Estimation of seabed shear-wave velocity profiles using shear-wave source data. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2013 ;Volum 134.(1) s. 176-184
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15 Stovas, Alexey; Roganov, Yuriy; Duffaut, Kenneth; Carter, Andrew J..
Low-frequency upscaling in high-contrast media with application to TTI media. SEG annual meeting; 2013-09-23 - 2013-09-27
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16 Duffaut, Kenneth.
Stress sensitivity of elastic wave velocities in granular media. Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet 2011 (ISBN 978-82-471-2612-7) 102 s. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2011:45)
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17 Duffaut, Kenneth; Landrø, Martin; Sollie, Roger; Pedersen, Ørjan.
Mindlin's friction term and implications for shear modulus and anisotropy in granular media. Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Expanded Abstracts with Biographies 2011 ;Volum 30. s. 2194-2199
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18 Duffaut, Kenneth; Landrø, Martin; Sollie, Roger.
Using Mindlin theory to model friction-dependent shear modulus in granular media. Geophysics 2010 ;Volum 75.(3) s. E143-E152
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19 Buland, Arild; Kolbjørnsen, Odd; Hauge, Ragnar; Skjæveland, Øyvind; Duffaut, Kenneth.
Bayesian lithology and fluid prediction from seismic prestack data. Geophysics 2008 ;Volum 73.(3) s. C13-C21
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20 Duffaut, Kenneth; Landrø, Martin.
Vp/Vs ratio versus differential stress and rock consolidation - A comparison between rock models and time-lapse AVO data. Geophysics 2007 ;Volum 72.(5) s. C81-C94
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