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1 Hakbilen, Onur; Perinparajan, Piraveen; Eikeland, Michael; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
SAFEPASS - Presenting a Convenient, Portable and Secure Password Manager. I: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy. SciTePress 2018 ISBN 978-989-758-282-0. p. 292-303
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2 Pietrzak, Barbara; Ward, Adrian; Cheung, Man Kit; Schwendimann, Beat A.; Mollaoglu, Gurkan; Duong, Michael Tran; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Allareddy, Veerasthpusrush; Dutton-Regester, Ken; Zhang, Jiang; Scult, Matthew A.; Naz, Saima; Singh, Poonam C.; Yan, Hong Young; Isaacson, Kyle; Dennis, Allison F.; Al-Humaidan, Eyad Ibrahim; Beardsley, Felicia Rounds; Lo, Cody; Sood, Prashant; Jones, Tyler; Nieuwenhuis, Rense; Ali, Basant A.; Yu, Kun-Hsing; Arthur, Patrick Kobina; Kumar, Brijesh; Chen, Alexander; Buschke, Falko; Cingl, Lubomír; Zaidi, Syed Shan-e-Ali; O'Mullane, Anthony Peter; Coetzee, Vinet; Konstantinides, Nikos.
Education for the future. Science 2018 ;Volume 360.(6396) p. 1409-1412
UIA Untitled
3 Waagsnes, Henrik; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Intrusion Detection System Test Framework for SCADA Systems. I: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy. SciTePress 2018 ISBN 978-989-758-282-0. p. 275-285
UIA Untitled
4 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Inportance of Cyber Security to Secure Microgrid Control System Networks. Joint workshop on Microgrid's Interconnection Issues and Recycling of Solar PV Modules and Batteries.; 2017-05-30 - 2017-05-30
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5 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Gjøsæter, Terje; Assev, Sigurd M.; Øysæd, Halvard.
Towards Efficient Teacher Assisted Assignment Marking Using Ranking Metrics. I: Computers Supported Education: 8th International Conference, CSEDU 2016, Rome, Italy, April 21-23, 2016, Revised Selected Papers. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-63184-4. p. 359-379
UIA Untitled
6 Carulli, Marco; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Apuzzo, Gian Matteo.
Collaborative Research Projects at University of Agder - Do's and Dont's. CSEDU 2016: The 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education; 2016-04-21 - 2016-04-23
UIA Untitled
7 Nergaard, Henrik; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Gjøsæter, Terje.
ViSPE: A Graphical Policy Editor for XACML. I: Information Systems Security and Privacy. Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2016 ISBN 978-3-319-27667-0. p. 107-121
UIA Untitled
8 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Horizon 2020 Secure Societies European Info Day and Brokerage Event Brussels, 5-6 April 2016, University of Agder. Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Infor Day and Brokerage Event; 2016-04-05 - 2016-04-06
UIA Untitled
9 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Assev, Sigurd M.; Gjøsæter, Terje; Øysæd, Halvard.
Streamlining Assessment using a Knowledge Metric. I: CSEDU 2016 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, proceedings volume 1. SciTePress 2016 ISBN 978-989-758-179-3. p. 190-197
UIA Untitled
10 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Nergaard, Henrik; Erdödi, László; Gjøsæter, Terje; Kolstad, Erland; Berg, Pål.
Secure Information Sharing in an Industrial Internet of Things. : 2016 12 p.
UIA Untitled
11 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Oleshchuk, Vladimir.
Enforcing mobile security with location-aware role-based access control. Security and Communication Networks 2016 ;Volume 9.(5) p. 429-439
UIA Untitled
12 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Pfrang, Steffen; Erdödi, Lazlo; Nebot, Héctor.
Mitigating Local Attacks Against a City Traffic Controller. I: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy, ICISSP 2016, February 19-21, 2016, in Rome, Italy. SciTePress 2016 ISBN 978-989-758-167-0. p. 209-218
UIA Untitled
13 Ai, Songpu; Kolhe, Mohan Lal; Lei, Jiao; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Zhang, Qi.
Domestic demand predictions considering influence of external environmental parameters. I: Industrial Informatics (INDIN), 2015 IEEE 13th International Conference on. IEEE conference proceedings 2015 ISBN 978-1-4799-6649-3. p. 640-644
UIA Untitled
14 Gabioud, Dominique; Erdodi, Laszlo; Basso, Gillian; Unander, Harald; Werlen, Karl; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Jacobsen, Rune Hylsberg; Funk, Stefan; Siegel, Stefan; Gjøsæter, Terje.
SEMIAH D3.2 – Overall System Requirements and Functional Specifications.. : SEMIAH Consortium 2015 89 p.
UIA UiO Untitled
15 Gjøsæter, Terje; Nergaard, Henrik; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
SEMIAH Security and Privacy leaflet.
UIA Untitled
16 Gjøsæter, Terje; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
MAGERITCC - MAGERIT OCIL testsuite and Control Catalogue for Verinice. Sourceforge 2015
UIA Untitled
17 Gjøsæter, Terje; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Nergaard, Henrik.
Security and Privacy in the SEMIAH Home Energy Management System. Digins sikkerhetskonferanse; 2015-09-22 - 2015-09-22
UIA Untitled
18 Henriksen, Bjørnar; Kolstad, Erland; Unander, Harald; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Gjøsæter, Terje.
SEMIAH D3.1 Verification and Validation Plan.. : SEMIAH Consortium 2015 27 p.
UIA Untitled
19 Krell, Claudia; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Hands-on verinice screencasts. Verinice [Internet] 2015-04-15
UIA Untitled
20 Nergaard, Henrik; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Gjøsæter, Terje.
A Scratch-based Graphical Policy Editor for XACML. I: 1st International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP 2015), ESEO, Angers, Loire Valley - France, 9-11 February 2015. SciTePress 2015 ISBN 978-989-758-081-9. p. -
UIA Untitled
21 Smith, Paul; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Grassi, Leonardo.
Applied Methodology for the Protection of Industrial Control Systems. Second PRECYSE User Group Workshop; 2015-03-12 - 2015-03-12
UIA Untitled
22 Tveit, Christina; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Doktorbesøk på Gjerstad skole. Aust Agder Blad [Newspaper] 2015-09-29
UIA Untitled
23 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
arftoverinice - ARF to Verinice .vna conversion filter. Sourceforge 2015
UIA Untitled
24 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
FrontScraper - Improving Assignment Marking Using Knowledge Metrics. D-TEL2015; 2015-11-30 - 2015-11-30
UIA Untitled
25 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Verinice Course for PRECYSE. Sourceforge 2015 22 p.
UIA Untitled
26 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Assev, Sigurd M.; Gjøsæter, Terje; Øysæd, Halvard.
FrontScraper – Digital Assessment Tool. D-TEL2015 Symposium on Advances in Digital Technologies for University Teaching & Learning; 2015-11-30 - 2015-11-30
UIA Untitled
27 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Gjøsæter, Terje.
Forskning - Spill og Lek ?. Abelseminaret 2015; 2015-09-14 - 2015-09-18
UIA Untitled
28 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Gjøsæter, Terje; Erdödi, László; Siegl, Stefan.
D8.1 Specification of Security and Privacy Handling. : SEMIAH Consortium 2015 73 p.
UIA Untitled
29 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Nergaard, Henrik; Gjøsæter, Terje; Betts, Jennifer.
XACML Privacy Policy Editor for Critical Infrastructures. I: Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy, and Trust - Third International Conference, HAS 2015, Held as Part of HCI International 2015. Springer 2015 ISBN 978-3-319-20375-1. p. 705-716
UIA Untitled
30 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Oleshchuk, Vladimir.
A novel policy-driven reversible anonymisation scheme for XML-based services. Information Systems 2015 ;Volume 48. p. 164-178
UIA Untitled
31 Øybekk, Kristen; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Doktorer som leker. [Internet] 2015-09-24
UIA Untitled
32 Benjaminy, Shelly; Doerksen, Rosalie; Li, Fengbo; Grieves, Roddy; Valluru, Girish; Jacob, Karen J.; Lo, Cody; Di Pietro, Nina; Favaro, Brett; Zhao, Jiang; Downing, Kelly P.; Kun, Ádán; Weng, Yi; Miao, Xin; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Science ethics: Young scientists speak. Science 2014 ;Volume 345.(6192) p. 24-27
UIA Untitled
33 Gjøsæter, Terje; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Kolhe, Mohan Lal; Hylsberg Jacobsen, Rune; Malki Ebeid, Emad Samuel.
Security and Privacy in the SEMIAH Home Energy Management System. I: Proceedings of the Work in Progress Session held in connection with SEAA 2014 the 40th EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications and DSD 2014 the 17th EUROMICRO Conference on Digital System Design. Linz, Austria: Johannes Kepler University 2014 ISBN 978-3-902457-40-0. p. 23-24
UIA Untitled
34 Ma, Zhendong; Smith, Paul; McLaughlin, Kieran; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Kippe, Jörg.
PRECYSE Security Technologies for Critical Infrastructure Security. Belfast 2014 4th World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit; 2014-03-13 - 2014-03-14
UIA Untitled
35 Siegl, Stefan; Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Secure by design:An approach for a virtual power plant. VGB PowerTech Workshop 26-November-2014 – IT-SECURITY IN POWER GENERATION; 2014-11-26 - 2014-11-26
UIA Untitled
36 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
A roadmap towards improving managed security services from a privacy perspective. Ethics and Information Technology 2014 ;Volume 16.(3) p. 227-240
UIA Untitled
37 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Cloud-based Mobile Health Apps. United4Health/Point of Care services Agder; 2014-06-10 - 2014-06-11
UIA Untitled
38 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
My Experience doing a PhD. 2014 COINS Ph.D. student seminar in Tromsø; 2014-10-13 - 2014-10-15
UIA Untitled
39 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Privacy enhancing Technologies for Cloud Computing. Trial lecture for Nils Ulltveit-Moe; 2014-04-08 - 2014-04-08
UIA Untitled
40 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Privacy-enhanced Network Monitoring. Doktorgradsdisputas for Nils Ulltveit-Moe; 2014-04-08 - 2014-04-08
UIA Untitled
41 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Privacy-enhanced Network Monitoring. Fakultet for Teknologi og Realfag: Universitetet i Agder 2014 (ISBN 978-82-7117-762-1) 277 p. Doctoral dissertations at University of Agder(83)
UIA Untitled
42 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Reversible Anonymiser for XML Documents. Launchpad 2014
UIA Untitled
43 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
Science ethics: Young scientists speak [14]. Science 2014 ;Volume 345.(6192) p. 27-
UIA Untitled
44 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils.
SnakeSpeed - Compete with Snakes on Eating the Frog. SourceForge 2014
UIA Untitled
45 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Gjøsæter, Terje.
WP2 Methodology to identify assets and associated threats and vulnerabilities. PRECYSE General Meeting; 2014-01-13 - 2014-01-15
UIA Untitled
46 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Grassi, Leonardo.
PRECYSE Framework for ICS Security: Methodology, Architecture and Test suite. Belfast 2014 4th World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit; 2014-03-13 - 2014-03-14
UIA Untitled
47 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Lid, Geir; Øigård, Stein Harald.
Kunnskapens teaterscene. Agderposten [Newspaper] 2014-04-26
UIA Untitled
48 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Raustøl, Håvard.
Radiointervju med Nils Ulltveit-Moe på Sørlandssendinga om doktorgradsavhandlingen "Personvernforbedret dataovervåkning". NRK Sørlandet [Radio] 2014-04-15
UIA Untitled
49 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Walstad, Svein.
Doktoranden fra Mo. Aust-Agder Blad [Internet] 2014-03-28
UIA Untitled
50 Ulltveit-Moe, Nils; Walstad, Svein.
Tar doktorgrad og forsker på datasikkerhet i Europa. Aust-Agder Blad [Newspaper] 2014-03-29
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