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1 Sunde, Tor Olav Løveng; Rørvik, Per Martin; Stange, Marit Synnøve Sæverud; Grandcolas, Mathieu; Denonville, Christelle; Ræder, Henrik.
Development and fabrication of lead-free piezoelectric materials at SINTEF. 2nd Nordic conference on ceramic and glass technology; 2018-12-10 - 2018-12-11
SINTEF Untitled
2 Wagner, Nils Peter; Hanetho, Sidsel Meli; Gaertner, Heiko; Dahl, Paul Inge; Tolchard, Julian R; Wenner, Sigurd; Kvello, Jannicke Hatlø; Ræder, Henrik.
Wet chemical processing of protective alumina, silica and MgF2 coatings for NMC 811 cathodes. AiMES 2018 ECS and SMEQ Joint International Meeting; 2018-09-30 - 2018-10-04
3 Peters, Thijs; Rørvik, Per Martin; Sunde, Tor Olav Løveng; Stange, Marit Synnøve Sæverud; Roness, Frode; Reinertsen, Torkild; Ræder, Henrik; Larring, Yngve; Bredesen, Rune.
Palladium (Pd) membranes as key enabling technology for precombustion CO2 capture and hydrogen production. Energy Procedia 2017 ;Volum 114. s. 37-45
SINTEF Untitled
4 Fontaine, Marie-Laure; Denonville, Christelle; Bredesen, Rune; Li, Zuoan; Xing, Wen; Henriksen, Partow Pakdel; Ræder, Johan Henrik.
Fabrication of highly porous ceramic materials. Soft-chemistry and novel synthesis routes with focus on alternative cathodes; 2016-11-24 - 2016-11-25
SINTEF Untitled
5 Rørvik, Per Martin; Tyholdt, Frode; Ræder, Johan Henrik.
Chemical solution deposition of K(1-x)Na(x)NbO(3) thin films. Electroceramics XIII; 2012-06-24 - 2012-06-27
SINTEF Untitled
6 Kumakiri, Izumi; Hokstad, Jorunn Nerbø; Peters, Thijs; Melbye, Alf Glein; Ræder, Johan Henrik.
Oxidation of aromatic components in water and seawater by a catalytic membrane process. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2011 ;Volum 79.(1-2) s. 37-44
7 Tyholdt, Frode; Østbø, Niels Peter; Hök, Bertil; Ringgaard, Erling; Heinonen, Esa; Ræder, Henrik; Juuti, Jari; Fägerman, Per-Erik; Gudbjörnsson, Sigmar.
Piezoelectric micro-electromechanical systems for Nordic industry (NORD-pie). Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers 2010 60 s.
SINTEF Untitled
8 Simon, Christian; Pilz, Monika; Yang, Juan; Haavik, Camilla; Tyholdt, Frode; Ulyashin, Alexander G.; Tilset, Bente Gilbu; Ræder, Johan Henrik; Luxsacumar, Sivakanesar; Kaus, Ingeborg; Mokkelbost, Tommy; Bredesen, Rune.
Multifunctional Nanosized Particles and Capsules – Coatings and Thin Films Applied in Thin Film Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Sensors, Medicine and as Protective Coatings. Nanotech Europe 2009; 2009-09-28 - 2009-09-30
SINTEF Untitled
9 Simon, Christian; Ulyashin, Alexander G.; Haavik, Camilla; Tyholdt, Frode; Ræder, Johan Henrik; Bredesen, Rune.
Formation of nano-structures on surfaces of TCO materials and interfaces of heterojunction solar cells upon processing or post-deposition hydrogen plasma treatments. Nanotech Europe; 2009-09-28 - 2009-09-30
SINTEF Untitled
10 Haavik, Camilla; Tyholdt, Frode; Røyset, Arne Karstein; Neegaard, Steinar; Johnsen, Lars; Ladam, Cecile; Ræder, Johan Henrik; Fagerberg, Ragnar.
PLZT BASED MACH-ZEHNDER WAVE-GUIDE. Electroceramics XI; 2008-09-01 - 2008-09-03
SINTEF Untitled
11 Ræder, Johan Henrik; Tyholdt, Frode; Østbø, Niels Peter; Bredesen, Rune.
Taking piezoelectric microsystems from the laboratory to production. Journal of Electroceramics 2007 ;Volum 19.(4) s. 357-362
SINTEF Untitled
12 Tyholdt, Frode; Ræder, Johan Henrik.
Chemically derived seeding layer for (100)-textured PZT thin films. Journal of Electroceramics 2007 ;Volum 19/2007.(4) s. 311-314
SINTEF Untitled
13 Tyholdt, Frode; Ræder, Johan Henrik; Østbø, Niels Peter; Poppe, Erik.
PIEZO-MEMS devices fabricated by chemical solution deposition on a semi industrial scale. ICCCSD 2007; 2007-06-14 - 2007-06-16
SINTEF Untitled
14 Ræder, Johan Henrik; Tyholdt, Frode; Østbø, Niels Peter; Bredesen, Rune.
Taking piezoelectric microsystems from the laboratory to production. Electroceramics X; 2006-06-18 - 2006-06-22
SINTEF Untitled
15 Tyholdt, Frode; Bredesen, Rune; Ræder, Johan Henrik.
Novel patterning of thick film PZT. Piezoelectrics for End Users II: From electroactive materials to multifunctional integrated device; 2006-03-05 - 2008-03-08
SINTEF Untitled
16 Tyholdt, Frode; Ræder, Johan Henrik.
Chemically Derived Seeding Layer for (100)-textured PZT Thin Films. Piezoceramics for end-users II - From electroactive materials to multifunctional integrated devices; 2006-03-06 - 2006-03-08
SINTEF Untitled
17 Tyholdt, Frode; Ræder, Johan Henrik.
ITO films for solar cells made by chemical solution deposition. 21st European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference; 2006-09-04 - 2006-09-08
SINTEF Untitled