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1 Severance, Emily G.; Tveiten, Dag; Lindström, Lief H.; Yolken, Robert H.; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
The gut microbiota and the emergence of autoimmunity: Relevance to major psychiatric disorders. Current pharmaceutical design 2016 ;Volum 22.(40) s. 6076-6086
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2 Gianfranceschi, Gian L.; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Low MW Peptides and Carcinogenesis. Journal of Carcinogenesis & Mutagenesis 2015 ;Volum 6.(3)
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3 Reichelt, Yngvar; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Problems with Double Blind in Medicine. Open Journal of Psychiatry 2015 ;Volum 5. s. 204-206
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4 Tveiten, Dag; Finvold, Adrian; Andersson, Marthe; Elgstøen, Katja B. Prestø; Rønning, Per Ola; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Exorphin Peptides in Urine with HPLC-MS/MS Detection. International Journal of Innovative Engineering and Technology 2015 ;Volum 2.(11) s. 57-63
5 Elgjo, Kjeld Magne; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Is there a final common path in malignancies?. Medical Hypotheses 2013 ;Volum 81.(2) s. 357-360
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6 Whiteley, Paul; Shattock, Paul; Knivsberg, Ann-Mari; Seim, Anders; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Todd, Lynda; Carr, Kevin; Hooper, Malcolm.
Gluten- and casein-free dietary intervention for autism spectrum conditions. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 2013 ;Volum 6. s. -
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7 Askim, Merete; Flatabø, Geir; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Desinformasjon i Morgenbladet. Morgenbladet 2011 (23) s. 23-
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8 Napolioni, Valerio; Lombardi, Feferica; Sacco, Roberto; Curatolo, Paolo; Manzi, Barbara; Alessandrelli, Riccardo; Militerni, Roberto; Bravaccio, Carmela; Lenti, Carlo; Saccani, Monica; Schneider, Cindy; Melmed, Raun; Pascucci, Tiziana; Puglisi-Allegra, Stefano; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Rousseau, Francis; Lewin, Patricia; Persico, Antonio M..
Family-based association study of ITGB3 in autism spectrum disorder and its endophenotypes. European Journal of Human Genetics 2011 ;Volum 19.(3) s. 353-359
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9 Nataf, R; Lien, ED; Engedal, Knut Arne; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Urine metabolites in Alzheimer's disease. Preliminary observations. Current Trends in Neurology 2011 (5) s. 23-29
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10 Jensen, D; Brønstad, Gunnar; Thiede, Bernd; Dunstan, H.; Lien, E.B.; Holmoy, T; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Hyper-peptiduria in multiple sclerosis. Current Trends in Immunology 2010 (4) s. 51-60
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11 Palmieri, L; Papaleo, V; Porcelli, V; Scarcia, P; Gaita, L; Sacco, R; Hager, J; Rousseau, F; Curatolo, P; Manzi, B; Militerni, R; Bravaccio, C; Trillo, S; Schneider, C; Melmed, R; Elia, M; Lenti, C; Saccani, M; Pascucci, T; Puglisi-Allegra, S; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Persico, A. M..
Altered calcium homeostasis in autism-spectrum disorders: evidence from biochemical and genetic studies of the mitochondrial aspartate/glutamate carrier AGC1. Molecular Psychiatry 2010 ;Volum 15.(1) s. 38-52
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12 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Tarm - hjerne forbindelsen mulig og sannsynlig - med hovedvekt på autisme. PIF-nytt 2010 ;Volum 20.(4) s. 16-18
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13 Sacco, Roberto; Curatolo, Paolo; Manzi, Barbara; Militerni, Roberto; Bravaccio, Carmela; Frolli, Alessandro; Lenti, Carlo; Saccani, Monica; Elia, Maurizio; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Pascucci, Tiziana; Puglisi-Allegra, Stenafo; Persico, Antonio M..
Principal Pathogenetic Components and Biological Endophenotypes in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism Research 2010 ;Volum 3.(5) s. 237-252
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14 Whiteley, Paul Richard; Haracopos, Demetrious; Knivsberg, Ann-Mari; Reichelt, Karl L.; Parlar, Sarah; Jacobsen, Judith L.; Seim, Anders; Pedersen, Lennart; Schondel, Maja; Shattock, Paul Edward Gilbert.
The ScanBrit randomised, controlled, single-blind study of a gluten- and casein-free dietary intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Nutritional neuroscience 2010 ;Volum 13.(2) s. 87-100
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15 Lintas, C; Sacco, R; Garbett, K; Mirnics, K; Militerni, R; Bravaccio, C; Curatolo, P; Manzi, B; Schneider, C; Melmed, R; Elia, M; Pascucci, T; Puglisi-Allegra, S; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Persico, AM.
Involvement of the PRKCB1 gene in autistic disorder: significant genetic association and reduced neocortical gene expression. Molecular Psychiatry 2009 ;Volum 14.(7) s. 705-718
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16 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Forskning, utredning og industri. Forskningspolitikk 2009 (4) s. 23-24
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17 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Immigrants and nutrition as possible cause for increase in schizophrenia. The Schizophrenia Research Forum web 2009
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18 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Knivsberg, A.M.
The possibility and probability of a gut to brain connection in autism. Annals of Clinical Psychiatry 2009 ;Volum 21.(4) s. 205-211
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19 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Nødland, Magne; Fosse, K.; Knivsberg, A.M.
AD/HD: Possible diagnosis and treatment. Defektološka teorija i praktika 2009 ;Volum 9.
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20 Sacco, R; Rousseau, F; Hager, J; Curatolo, P; Manzi, B; Militerni, R; Bravaccio, C; Lenti, C; Saccani, M; Puglisi-Allegra, S; Pascucci, T; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Persico, A. M..
PRKCB1 Gene Variants Influence Stereotypic Behaviors in Autism-Spectrum Disorders. The 8th Annual International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR); 2009-05-07 - 2009-05-09
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21 Evans, C; Dunstan, RH; Rothkirch, T; Roberts, TK; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Cosford, R; Deed, G; Ellis, LB; Sparkes, DL.
Altered amino acid excretion in children with autism. Nutritional neuroscience 2008 ;Volum 11. s. 9-17
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22 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Eksperters dubiøse rolle. Forskningspolitikk 2008 ;Volum 31.(23)
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23 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Psykiatri og biologi. Dagens medisin 2008 ;Volum 36.(15)
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24 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
The reasons for dietary intervention in autism spectrum disorders and other psychiatric conditions. Awarenes org. On line International Conference; 2008-11-14 - 2008-11-28
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25 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Truly better prognosis in the developing world? One of the dominant differences between the developed world and developing world is food. National Institute of mental health, Rockville, Md. USA. Int [Internett] 2008-02-27
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26 Liu, Ying; Heiberg, T; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Towards a possible aetiology for depressions?. Behavioral and Brain Functions 2007 ;Volum 3.(47) s. -
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27 Nygaard, Egil; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Flere muligheter enn tidligere antatt ved Down Syndrom?. Paidos: Tidsskrift for Norsk barnelegeforening 2007 (4) s. 84-86
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28 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Low Molecular Weight Peptides. I: Amino Acids and Peptides in the Nervous System. Springer 2007 ISBN 9780387303420. s. 401-413
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29 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Lien, E.B..
Is a gut-to-brain connection possible and reasonable in autism?. Autism Awares International Online Conference 2007; 2007-11-26 - 2007-11-26
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30 Sacco, R; Militerni, R; Frolli, A; Bravaccio, C; Gritti, A; Elia, M; Curatolo, P; Manzi, B; Trillo, S; Lenti, C; Saccani, M; Schneider, C; Melmed, R; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Pascucci, T; Puglisi-Allegra, S; Persico, AM.
Clinical, morphological, and biochemical correlates of head circumference in autism. Biological Psychiatry 2007 ;Volum 62. s. 1038-1047
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31 Sacco, R; Papaleo, V; Hager, J; Rousseau, F; Moessner, R; Militerni, R; Bravaccio, C; Trillo, S; Schneider, C; Melmed, R; Elia, M; Curatolo, P; Manzi, B; Pascucci, T; Puglisi-Allegra, S; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Persico, AM.
Case-control and family-based association studies of candidate genes in autistic disorder and its endophenotypes: TPH2 and GLO1. BMC Medical Genetics 2007 ;Volum 8.
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32 Sponheim, Eili; Myhre, Anne Margrethe; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Aalen, Odd Olai.
Peptidmønstre i urin hos barn med mildere former for autisme. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening 2006 ;Volum 126.(11) s. 1475-1477
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33 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Skjeldal, Ola.
IgA antibodies in Rett syndrome. Autism 2006 ;Volum 10.(2) s. 189-197
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34 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Melk og korn kan gi psykisk sykdom. NTB -Norsk Telegrambyrå [Avis] 2005-09-19
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35 Elgjo, Kjeld Magne; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Chalones: from aqueous extracts to oligopeptides. Cell Cycle 2004 ;Volum 3. s. 1208-1211
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36 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Diet is useful in some autistic children. Lisboa: Congresso Internacional Autisme Europe 2004 (ISBN 972-98512-2-0) 400 s.
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37 Conniatori, Monica; Stodgell, Christopher J.; Hyman, Susan L.; O'Bara, Melanie; Militerni, Roberto; Bravaccio, Carmela; Trillo, Simona; Montecchi, Francesco; Schneider, Cindy; Melmed, Raun; Elia, Maurizio; Crawford, Lori; Spence, Sarah J.; Muscarella, Lucianna; Guarnieri, Vito; D'Agruma, Leonardo; Quattrone, Alessandro; Zelente, Leopoldo; Rabinowitz, Daniel; Pascussi, Tiziana; Puglisi-Allegra, Stenafo; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Rodier, Patricia M.; Persico, Antonio M..
Association between the HOXA1 A218G polymorphism and increased head circumference in patients with autism. Biological Psychiatry 2004 ;Volum 55. s. 413-419
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38 Persico, AM; D&apos;Agruma, L; Zelante, L; Militerni, R; Bravaccio, C; Schneider, C; Melmed, R; Trillo, S; Montecchi, F; Elia, M; Palermo, M; Rabinowitz, D; Pascucci, T; Puglisi-Allegra, S; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Muscarella, L; Guarnieri, V; Melgari, JM; Conciatori, M; Keller, F.
Enhanced APOE2 transmission rates in families with autistic probands. Psychiatric Genetics 2004 ;Volum 14. s. 73-82
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39 Persico, AM; Stodgell, C; D&apos;Agruma, L; Zelante, L; Militerni, R; Bravaccio, C; Trillo, S; Montecchi, F; Schneider, C; Melmed, R; Elia, M; Palermo, M; Pascucci, T; Puglisi-Allegra, S; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Muscarella, L; Guarnieri, V; Conciatori, M; Rodier, P.
The HOXA1 G allele may be associated with dysmorphism in autism. Journal of Psychophysiology 2004 ;Volum 18. s. 47-47
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40 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Jensen, Ditlev.
IgA antibodies against gliadin anf gluten in multiple sclerosis. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 2004 ;Volum 110.(4) s. 239-241
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41 Reichelt, Wenche H.; de Angelis, Paula; Knutsen, Helle Katrine; Husøy, Trine; Elgjo, Kjeld Magne; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
The colon mitosis inhibitor pyroglutamyl-histidyl-glycine inhibits growth of non-tumorigenic colonic epithelial cells. Anticancer Research 2004 ;Volum 24. s. 587-591
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42 Reichelt, Wenche H.; Iversen, Jens Gustav; Paulsen, Jan Erik; Elgjo, Kjeld Magne; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Pyroglutamyl-histidyl-glycine, the endogenous colon mitosis inhibitor, regulates cyclic AMP level in non-tumorigenic colonic epithelial cells. Anticancer Research 2004 ;Volum 24. s. 1465-1468
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43 Hellzen, m; Larsson, J.O.; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Rydelius, p.a.
Urinary peptide levels in women with eating disorders. A pilot study. Eating and Weight Disorders 2003 ;Volum 8.(1) s. 55-61
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44 Liu, Y; Reichelt, Wenche H.; Luna, Luisa; Elgjo, Kjeld Magne; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
The effects of a growth-inhibiting tripeptide, acetylGlu-Ser-GlyNH2 (Ac-ESG), on gene expression and cell cycle progression of two lymphoma cell lines. Anticancer Research 2003 ;Volum 23.(4) s. 3159-3165
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45 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Evolusjon, kreativisme og kristendom: besynderlige motsetninger. Inter Medicos 2003 ;Volum 46.(3/4) s. 10-12
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46 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Urinary peptide levels in women with eating disorders. A pilot study. Eating and Weight Disorders 2003 ;Volum 8.(1) s. 55-61
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47 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
Why use the gluten-free and casein-free diet in autism and what the results have shown so far. Peptides and autism. Portland, Oregon: DAN! Conference Syllabus Fall 2003 2003 9 s.
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48 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Knivsberg, Ann-Mari.
Can the pathophysiology of autism be explained by the nature of the discovered urine peptides?. Nutritional neuroscience 2003 ;Volum 6.(1) s. 19-28
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49 Reichelt, Karl Ludvig; Knivsberg, Ann-Mari.
Effect of a dietary intervention on autism behavior. Focus on Autism and other developmental disabilities 2003 ;Volum 18.(4) s. 247-256
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50 Reichelt, Wenche H.; Yndestad, Arne; Wright, Marianne; Elgjo, Kjeld Magne; Haug, Terje; Reichelt, Karl Ludvig.
The colon mitosis-inhibitor pyroglutamyl-histidyl-glycine alters expression of immediate-early cancer-related genes in HT-29 cells. Anticancer Research 2003 ;Volum 23.(2B) s. 1229-1234
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