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1 Bösl, Korbinian; Fossum-Raunehaug, Solveig.
Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects. Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects; 2020-03-11 - 2020-03-11
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2 Pedersen, Ida Benedikte; Helgesen, Emily; Flåtten, Ingvild; Fossum-Raunehaug, Solveig; Skarstad, Kirsten Jane.
SeqA structures behind Escherichia coli replication forks affect replication elongation and restart mechanisms. Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) 2017 ;Volum 45.(11) s. 6471-6485
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3 Helgesen, Emily; Fossum-Raunehaug, Solveig; Skarstad, Kirsten Jane.
Lack of the H-NS protein results in extended and aberrantly positioned DNA during chromosome replication and segregation in Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology 2016 ;Volum 198.(8) s. 1305-1316
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4 Flåtten, Ingvild; Fossum-Raunehaug, Solveig; Taipale, Riikka; Martinsen, Silje; Skarstad, Kirsten Jane.
The DnaA Protein Is Not the Limiting Factor for Initiation of Replication in Escherichia coli. PLoS Genetics 2015 ;Volum 11.(6)
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5 Helgesen, Emily; Fossum-Raunehaug, Solveig; Sætre, Frank; Schink, Kay Oliver; Skarstad, Kirsten Jane.
Dynamic Escherichia coli SeqA complexes organize the newly replicated DNA at a considerable distance from the replisome. Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) 2015 ;Volum 43.(5) s. 2730-2743
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6 Fossum - Raunehaug, Solveig; Helgesen, Emily; Stokke, Caroline; Skarstad, Kirsten Jane.
Escherichia coli SeqA structures relocalize abruptly upon termination of origin sequestration during multifork DNA replication. PLOS ONE 2014 ;Volum 9.(10)
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7 Fingland, Nicholas; Flåtten, Ingvild; Downey, Christopher D; Fossum - Raunehaug, Solveig; Skarstad, Kirsten; Crooke, Elliott.
Depletion of acidic phospholipids influences chromosomal replication in Escherichia coli. MicrobiologyOpen 2012 ;Volum 1.(4) s. 450-466
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8 Boeneman, K; Fossum, Solveig; Yang, Yanhua; Fingland, Nicholas; Skarstad, Kirsten; Crooke, Elliott.
Escherichia coli DnaA forms helical structures along the longitudinal cell axis distinct from MreB filaments. Molecular Microbiology 2009 ;Volum 72.(3) s. 645-657
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9 Fossum, Solveig; De Pascale, G; Weigel, C; Messer, W; Donadio, S; Skarstad, Kirsten.
A robust screen for novel antibiotics: specific knockout of the initiator of bacterial DNA replication. FEMS Microbiology Letters 2008 ;Volum 281. s. 210-214
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10 Fossum, Solveig; Crooke, Elliott; Skarstad, Kirsten Jane.
Organization of sister origins and replisomes during multifork DNA replication in Escherichia coli.. EMBO Journal 2007 ;Volum 26.(21) s. 4514-4522
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11 Fossum, Solveig.
Timing and coordination of DNA replication in Escherichia coli. Unipub forlag 2007 (ISBN 978-82-8072-441-0) 62 s.
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12 Odsbu, Ingvild; Klungsøyr, Hege; Fossum, Solveig; Skarstad, Kirsten Jane.
Specific N-terminal interactions of the Escherichia coli SeqA protein are required to form multimers that restrain negative supercoils and form foci.. Genes to Cells 2005 ;Volum 10.(11) s. 1039-1049
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13 Bach, Trond; Fossum, Solveig; Skarstad, Kirsten.
Inactivation of E. coli origins by SeqA protein binding is necessary for precise once-per-cell-cycle replication and stable coexistence of minichromosomes. 40th Anniversary of the replicon theory; 2003-01-18 - 2003-01-22
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14 Fossum, Solveig; Søreide, Sølvi; Skarstad, Kirsten.
Lack of SeqA focus formation, specific DNA binding and proper protein multimerization in the Escherichia coli sequestration mutant seqA2. Molecular Microbiology 2003 ;Volum 47.(3) s. 619-632
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15 Skarstad, Kirsten Jane; Torheim, Norunn K.; Wold, Sture; Lurz, Rudi; Messer, Walter; Fossum, Solveig; Bach, Trond.
The Escherichia coli SeqA protein binds specifically to two sites in fully and hemimethylated oriC and has the capacity to inhibit DNA replication and affect chromosome topology.. Biochimie 2001 ;Volum 83.(1) s. 49-51
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