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1 Lund, Ivar; Reis, Diana B.; Tomkiewicz, Jonna; Benini, Elisa; Pérez, José; Kottmann, Johanna; Politis, Sebastian N.; Rodríguez, Covadonga.
Assessment of lipid uptake and fatty acid metabolism of European eel larvae (Anguilla anguilla) determined by 14C in vivo incubation. Aquaculture 2021 ;Volume 531.
2 Kottmann, Johanna; Jørgensen, Michelle G.P.; Bertolini, Francesca; Loh, Adrian; Tomkiewicz, Jonna.
Differential impacts of carp and salmon pituitary extracts on induced oogenesis, egg quality, molecular ontogeny and embryonic developmental competence in European eel. PLOS ONE 2020 ;Volume 15.(7) p. -
3 Kottmann, Johanna; Tomkiewicz, Jonna; Butts, Ian Anthony Ernest; Lund, Ivar; Jacobsen, Charlotte; Støttrup, Josianne G.; Holst, Lars.
Effects of essential fatty acids and feeding regimes on egg and offspring quality of European eel: Comparing reproductive success of farm-raised and wild-caught broodstock. Aquaculture 2020 ;Volume 529.
4 Benini, Elisa; Politis, Sebastian N.; Kottmann, Johanna; Butts, Ian A.E.; Sørensen, Sune R.; Tomkiewicz, Jonna.
Effect of parental origin on early life history traits of European eel. Reproduction in domestic animals (1990) 2018 ;Volume 53. p. 1149-1158
5 Ismar, Stefanie M. H.; Kottmann, Johanna; Sommer, Ulrich.
First genetic quantification of sex- and stage-specific feeding in the ubiquitous copepod Acartia tonsa. Marine Biology 2018 ;Volume 165. p. -
6 Kottmann, Johanna; Kihara, Terue Cristina; Glatzel, Thomas; Veit-Köhler, Gritta.
A new species of Wellsopsyllus (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Paramesochridae) from the deep Southern Ocean and remarks on its biogeography. Helgoland Marine Research 2013 ;Volume 67. p. 33-48-