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1 Grothe-Hammer, Michael.
Membership and contributorship in organizations: An update of modern systems theory. Systems research and behavioral science 2020 ;Volum 37.(3) s. 482-495
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2 Grothe-Hammer, Michael; Kohl, Sebastian.
The Decline of Organizational Sociology? An empirical analysis of research trends in leading journals across half a century. Current Sociology 2020 ;Volum 68.(4) s. 419-442
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3 Grothe-Hammer, Michael; la Cour, Anders.
Organization and membership: Introduction to the Special Issue. Systems research and behavioral science 2020 ;Volum 37.(3) s. 419-424
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4 Grothe-Hammer, Michael; Roth, Steffen.
Dying is normal, dying with the coronavirus is not: a sociological analysis of the implicit norms behind the criticism of Swedish ‘exceptionalism’. European Societies 2020 ;Volum 23. Suppl. S1 s. S332-S347
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