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1 Magnani, Matthew Walker; Magnani, Natalia; Venovcevs, Anatolijs; Farstadvoll, Stein.
A contemporary archaeology of pandemic. Journal of Social Archaeology 2021 s. 1-34
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2 Magnani, Matthew Walker; Venovcevs, Anatolijs; Farstadvoll, Stein; Magnani, Natalia.
Digital Methods for Arcaheological Currents. Cambridge Core Blog 2021
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3 Magnani, Matthew Walker; Venovcevs, Anatolijs; Farstadvoll, Stein; Magnani, Natalia.
How to Record Current Events like an Archaeologist. Advances in Archaeological Practice 2021
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4 Magnani, Natalia; Magnani, Matthew.
Decolonizing Production: Healing, Representation, and Social Change in Sápmi. Current Anthropology 2021
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5 Venovcevs, Anatolijs; Magnani, Matthew; Magnani, Natalia; Farstadvoll, Stein.
“Hold Avstand”: The Archaeology of and in the COVID-19 Pandemic in Tromsø, Norway. Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology; 2021-01-08
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6 Magnani, Natalia.
Borders in Sápmi. Citizenship and Borders Seminar; 2020-11-06 - 2020-11-06
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7 Magnani, Natalia.
Reindeer, Railways, and the Embodied Limits of Cultural Politics in Sámiland. Northern Roads and Railways: Social and Environmental Effects of Transport Infrastructure; 2020-12-07 - 2020-12-10
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8 Magnani, Natalia.
Technologies of Belonging: Crafting Life Beyond State Borders in Sápmi. Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future; 2020-09-14 - 2020-09-18
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9 Magnani, Natalia; Magnani, Matthew.
Material Methods for a Rapid-Response Anthropology. Social Anthropology 2020 ;Volum 28.(2) s. 312-314
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10 Magnani, Natalia; Magnani, Matthew.
The Dance of Craft and Colony. [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] Phini Chair Exhibit. ; . 2020-08-08 - 2020-08-23
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11 Magnani, Natalia; Magnani, Matthew; Venovcevs, Anatolijs; Farstadvoll, Stein.
Material Transformations of Memory. American Anthropologist 2020
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12 Magnani, Matthew; Magnani, Natalia; Guttorm, Anni.
Accessibility, Authenticity, and the Ethics of Digital Representation: A Reply to Galeazzi.. Current Anthropology 2019 ;Volum 60.(2) s. 262-263
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13 Magnani, Natalia.
Beyond Practice. Social Anthropology Research Seminar; 2019-09-20 - 2019-09-20
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14 Magnani, Natalia.
Breaking Categories of Ecological Knowledge. Nature and Society (Social Anthropology Course); 2019-10-28 - 2019-10-28
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15 Magnani, Natalia; Magnani, Matthew.
Archaeological ethnography of an indigenous movement: Revitalization and production in a Skolt Sámi community. Journal of Social Archaeology 2018 ;Volum 18.(1) s. 3-29
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16 Magnani, Natalia; Magnani, Matthew; Guttorm, Anni.
Three-Dimensional Community-Based Heritage Management of Indigenous Museum Collections: Archaeological Ethnography, Revitalization, and Repatriation at Sámi Museum Siida. Journal of Cultural Heritage 2018
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