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1 D'Annunzio, Anna; Mardan, Mohammed; Russo, Antonio.
Multi‐part tariffs and differentiated commodity taxation. RAND Journal of Economics 2020 ;Volum 51.(3) s. 786-804
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2 Mardan, Mohammed; Stimmelmayr, Michael.
Tax competition between developed, emerging, and developing countries - Same same but different?. Journal of Development Economics 2020 ;Volum 146.
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3 Agrawal, David R.; Mardan, Mohammed.
Will destination-based taxes be fully exploited when available? An application to the U.S. commodity tax system. Journal of Public Economics 2019 ;Volum 169. s. 128-143
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4 Kothenburger, Marko; Mardan, Mohammed; Stimmelmayr, Michael.
Profit shifting and investment effects: The implications of zero-taxable profits. Journal of Public Economics 2019 ;Volum 173. s. 96-112
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5 Haufler, Andreas; Mardan, Mohammed; Schindler, Dirk.
Double tax discrimination to attract FDI and fight profit shifting: The role of CFC rules. Journal of International Economics 2018 ;Volum 114. s. 25-43
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6 Mardan, Mohammed; Stimmelmayr, Michael.
Tax revenue losses through cross-border loss offset: An insurmountable hurdle for formula apportionment?. European Economic Review 2018 ;Volum 102. s. 188-210
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7 Mardan, Mohammed.
Why countries differ in thin capitalization rules: The role of financial development. European Economic Review 2017 ;Volum 91. s. 1-14
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8 Hopland, Arnt Ove; Lisowsky, Petro; Schindler, Dirk; Mardan, Mohammed.
Flexibility in Income Shifting under Losses. Accounting Review 2017 ;Volum 93.(3) s. 163-183
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9 Haufler, Andreas; Mardan, Mohammed.
Cross-border loss offset can fuel tax competition. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2014 ;Volum 106. s. 42-61