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1 Hoque, Mohammed Ziaul; Bashar, Mohammad Abul; Akhter, Farzana.
Ambiguity tolerance and confusion avoidance in the intent to purchase farmed fish. Journal of Applied Aquaculture 2021 s. -
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2 Hoque, Mohammed Ziaul.
Sustainability indicators for sustainably-farmed fish in Bangladesh. Sustainable Production and Consumption 2020 ;Volum 27. s. 115-127
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3 Hoque, Mohammed Ziaul; Alam, Md Nurul.
Consumers' knowledge discrepancy and confusion in intent to purchase farmed fish. British Food Journal 2020 ;Volum 122. s. -
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4 Hoque, Mohammed Ziaul; Hossan, Mohammad Akter.
Understanding the Influence of Belief and Belief Revision on Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Liquid Milk. Sage Open 2020 ;Volum 10.(2) s. 1-19
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5 Hoque, Mohammed Ziaul; Alam, Md Nurul.
What Determines the Purchase Intention of Liquid Milk during a Food Security Crisis? The Role of Perceived Trust, Knowledge, and Risk. Sustainability 2018 ;Volum 10.(10) s. 1-22
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6 Hoque, Mohammed Ziaul; Alam, Nurul; Nahid, Kulsuma Akter.
Health Consciousness and Its Effect on Perceived Knowledge, and Belief in the Purchase Intent of Liquid Milk: Consumer Insights from an Emerging Market. Foods 2018 ;Volum 7.(9) s. 1-21
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7 Hoque, Mohammed Ziaul; Xie, Jinghua; Nazneen, Suraiya.
Effect of labelled information and sensory attributes on consumers' intention to purchase milk. South Asian Journal of Business Studies 2018 ;Volum 7.(3) s. 265-286
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