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1 Barfoed, Signe.
Homer’s Kalydon and the Origin of the Artemis Laphria Sanctuary. The Department of History and Classical Studies, Aarhus University’s research seminar series “Work in Progress”; 2021-02-10
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2 Barfoed, Signe.
Identity Creation in Kalydon, Aitolia: Connecting cult, myth and memory. For the Friday Seminar series at the Archaeology Department, SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen; 2021-11-26
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3 Barfoed, Signe.
The white teeth of a boar of gleaming tusks: Boar-hunt and warrior ethos in Homer's world. The Department of Classics, University of Reading’s seminar series Heroic Beauty: Beautiful Heroism; 2021-02-24
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4 Kristensen, Troels Myrup; Birk Kristensen, Stine; Barfoed, Signe; Handberg, Søren.
”En Arkæolog i et Vildt Land”: Frederik Poulsens undersøgelser af Kalydons Heroon. Frederik Poulsen Collegium Hyperboreum seminar; 2021-09-10
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5 Barfoed, Signe.
Myth and Identity Creation in Kalydon, Aitolia; Boar-hunts, Warrior Ethos, and the Origin of the Pan-Regional Sanctuary of Artemis Laphria. Myths & Politics, Summer Seminars; 2020-08-24
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6 Barfoed, Signe.
Tracing Religious Networks across the Corinthian Gulf through Miniature Pottery. Interpreting the pottery record from Geometric and Archaic sanctuaries in the northern Peloponnese. Cult and votive practices, provenance, and production methods; 2020-11-05 - 2020-11-06
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7 Barfoed, Signe.
Mycenaean Kalydon and the origin of the Artemis Laphria sanctuary. Greek Archaeology Group and Prehistoric and Early Greece Graduate Seminar (GAG/PEGGS) Series; 2019-11-21 - 2019-11-21
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8 Barfoed, Signe.
Water, Myth, and Cult in Nemea. I: Ancient Waterlands. : Aix Marseille Université 2019 ISBN 9791032002391. s. 35-50
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9 Handberg, Søren; Barfoed, Signe.
Frederik Poulsen & Ejnar Dyggve – og udgravninger i den antikke by Kalydon i Vestgrækenland. I: Store danske arkæologer. På jagt efter fortidens byer. Aarhus Universitetsforlag 2019 ISBN 9788771847512. s. 133-161
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10 Vikatou, Olympia; Handberg, Søren; Michaelides, Neoptolemos; Barfoed, Signe.
Topographical Work in Ancient Kalydon, Aitolia (2015-18). Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens 2019 ;Volum 9. s. 161-188
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11 Barfoed, Signe.
The use of miniature pottery in Archaic–Hellenistic Greek sanctuaries. Considerations on terminology and ritual practice. Opuscula: Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome 2018 ;Volum 11. s. 111-126
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12 Barfoed, Signe.
The Cults of Kalydon. Reassessing the Miniaturised Votive Objects. Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens 2017 ;Volum 8. s. 131-148
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13 Barfoed, Signe.
The Rawson Deposit: Evidence of an Archaic Spring Shrine near the Sanctuary of Zeus in Nemea. Hesperia 2017 ;Volum 86.(4) s. 645-722
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14 Barfoed, Signe.
Rediscovering Artemis Laphria at Kalydon. Preliminary results. Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens 2016 ;Volum 9. s. 189-196
15 Barfoed, Signe.
The Significant Few. Miniature Pottery from the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia. World archaeology 2015 ;Volum 47.(1) s. 170-188
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16 Barfoed, Signe.
The Mystery of the Seated Goddess – Archaic Terracotta Figurines of the North-Eastern Peloponnese. Acta Hyperborea 2013 ;Volum 13. s. 85-105
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