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1 Borch, Trude Kristin; Platjouw, Froukje Maria; Steindal, Eirik Hovland.
The scientific road towards international environmental policy. Fram Forum 2019
NIVA NMBU UiO Untitled
2 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Dimensions of transboundary legal coherence needed to foster ecosystem-based governance in the Arctic. Marine Policy 2019
NIVA UiO Untitled
3 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Folkerettslig rammeverk for havbruk til havs. Havbruk og havinstallasjoner; 2019-03-27
NIVA UiO Untitled
4 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Green Financing of Ecosystem Restoration. I: Ecological Restoration Law - Concepts and case studies. Routledge 2019 ISBN 9781138605015.
NIVA UiO Untitled
5 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Law of the sea and environmental protection. Lecture; 2019-03-06
UiO Untitled
6 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The potential of legal coherence to foster marine ecosystem-based governance. The Rule of Law for Oceans; 2019-11-04 - 2019-11-05
NIVA UiO Untitled
7 Platjouw, Froukje Maria; Moore, Harriet; Wuijts, Susanne; Boekhold, Sandra; Klages, Susanne; Wright, Isobel; Graversgaard, Morten; Velthof, Gerard.
Coherence in EU law for the protection of drinking water resources. : H2020 FAIRWAY 2019 190 s.
NIVA Untitled
8 Platjouw, Froukje Maria; Soininen, Niko.
Reconciling the rule of law with adaptive regulation of marine ecosystems – Challenges and opportunities for the Arctic and beyond. Marine Policy 2019 ;Volum 110.
NIVA UiO Untitled
9 Soininen, Niko; Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Aquatic Environmental Law in the EU: An Evaluation and Comparison of the WFD, MSFD, and MSPD. I: The Ecosystem Approach in Ocean Planning and Governance: Perspectives from Europe and Beyond. Brill Nijhoff 2019 ISBN 978-90-04-38997-7. s. 17-79
NIVA UiO Untitled
10 de Graaf, Kars Jan; Platjouw, Froukje Maria; Tolsma, Hanna Dürtge.
The future Dutch Environment and Planning Act in light of the ecosystem approach. Ecosystem Services 2018 ;Volum 29. s. 306-315
NIVA Untitled
11 Furuseth, Ingvild Skumlien; Kammler, Karl Jakob; Chen, Wenting; Platjouw, Froukje Maria; Lin, Yan; Jartun, Morten; Larssen, Thorjørn; Larsen, Mathias Lund.
Green Finance Approaches to Soil Remediation: International examples. : International Institute for Sustainable Development 2018 99 s.
NIVA UiO Untitled
12 Hovden, Torunn Slettemark; Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Norsk innsats påverka internasjonal lov om kvikksølv. [Internett] 2018-11-22
NIVA Untitled
13 Hovden, Torunn Slettemark; Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The long road from Arctic science to international law. Science Nordic [Internett] 2018-11-21
NIVA Untitled
14 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Ecosystem-based Governance in the Arctic. Lunch seminar; 2018-11-09
UiO Untitled
15 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Ecosystem-based governance in the Arctic - Does legal coherence really matter?. “Tendencies in Legal Approaches and Instruments for the Protection of Ecological Systems”; 2018-10-25 - 2018-10-26
UiO Untitled
16 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Marine Spatial Planning in the North Sea – Are National Policies and Legal Structures Compatible Enough? The Case of Norway and the Netherlands. The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 2018 ;Volum 33.(1) s. 34-78
NIVA Untitled
17 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Tareskog i Norge: Interesser, Verdier og Forvaltningsutfordringer. Miljørett 2018: Historikk, Trender og Utfordringer; 2018-06-05 - 2018-06-05
NIVA Untitled
18 Platjouw, Froukje Maria; Karlsson, Marianne.
Opportunities and challenges for the adaptive management of kelp forests in Norway. Climate Change and the Oceans: The Promise and Pitfalls of Blue Carbon; 2018-05-03 - 2018-05-04
NIVA NMBU Untitled
19 Platjouw, Froukje Maria; Steindal, Eirik Hovland; Borch, Trude.
From Arctic Science to International Law: The Road towards the Minamata Convention and the Role of the Arctic Council. Arctic Review on Law and Politics 2018 ;Volum 9. s. 226-243
NIVA Untitled
20 Sundnes, Frode; Karlsson, Marianne; Platjouw, Froukje Maria; Valinia, Salar; Clarke, Nicholas; Kaste, Øyvind.
Forestry intensification as climate mitigation: how is surface water safeguarded?. 5th IUFRO Conference on Forests and Water in a Changing Environment/ II Congresso Latinamericano Bosques y Agua; 2018-11-05 - 2018-11-08
21 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Fragmentation of Ocean Governance Regimes - The example of the Arctic. COST Action Ocean Governance for Sustainability - WG 2 'Area Based Management'; 2017-11-15 - 2017-11-17
NIVA Untitled
22 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Producing good water quality for drinking water supplies - Overview of EU Law and Policy requirements relevant to the farming sector. H2020 FAIRWAY project meeting; 2017-11-22
NIVA Untitled
23 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The Legal Aspects of Green Financing. Green Financing of Soil Remediation; 2017-05-08 - 2017-05-09
NIVA Untitled
24 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The role of law for ecosystem-based governance. Ocean Governance for Sustainability - Challenges, Options and the Role of Science; 2017-03-06 - 2017-03-07
NIVA Untitled
25 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The role of law for ecosystem-based governance. Nessling Foundation meeting; 2017-05-18 - 2017-05-18
NIVA Untitled
26 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Towards ecosystem-based governance - Implications for the judiciary. First Postgraduate Colloquium on the Frontiers of International Environmental Law; 2017-09-21 - 2017-09-21
UiO Untitled
27 Nesheim, Ingrid; Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Framework notes and recommendations for Integrated Water Resource Management in Myanmar. Oslo: NIVA 2016 (ISBN 978-82-577-6762-4) 105 s.
NIVA Untitled
28 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
“Bringing the Arctic perspective to global conventions – The role of science in the negotiations towards the adoption of the Minamata Convention”. FRAM centre workshop; 2016-06-03 - 2016-06-03
NIVA Untitled
29 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Environmental Law & The Ecosystem Approach The Need for Consistency and Coherence in Environmental Law for the Maintenance of Ecosystem Integrity. Juristkontakt 2016 ;Volum 2. s. -
NIVA Untitled
30 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Environmental Law and the Ecosystem Approach - Maintaining ecological integrity through consistency in law. Routledge 2016 (ISBN 978-1-138-18313-1) 220 s.
NIVA Untitled
31 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Environmental law and the ecosystem approach- Maintaining ecological integrity through consistency in law. UNESCO/NIVA Seminar The effects of fragmented environmental law on sustainable development - Marine perspectives; 2016-06-20 - 2016-06-20
NIVA Untitled
32 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Marine Spatial Planning in the North Sea- Are national legal frameworks and policies compatible enough? The case of Norway and the Netherlands. The Ecosystem Approach in Ocean Planning and Governance; 2016-11-07 - 2016-11-08
NIVA Untitled
33 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The Ecosystem Approach in the Arctic - Legal Challenges and Opportunities. The Ecosystem Approach in the Arctic; 2016-12-01 - 2016-12-02
NIVA Untitled
34 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Towards the Aichi 2020 biodiversity targets – An assessment of Norway’s Nature Diversity Act in Light of Aichi Biodiversity Target 14. Nordisk miljörättslig tidskrift 2016 (2) s. 19-36
NIVA Untitled
35 Aarseth, Kirsti; Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
For mye skjønn i norsk naturforvaltning. [Internett] 2015-07-07
NIVA UiO Untitled
36 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Comparative Environmental Law - Challenges and its Use. PhD Trial Lecture; 2015-04-17 - 2015-04-17
NIVA Untitled
37 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Environmental Law and the Ecosystem Approach - The Need for Coherence and Consistency in Environmental Law for the Maintainance of Ecosystem Integrity. Oslo: University of Oslo, Faculty of Law 2015 500 s.
NIVA Untitled
38 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The Norwegian Nature Diversity Act 2009 in light of Aichi Biodiversity Target 14. The Global Initiative on Legal Preparedness for Achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets -webinar; 2014-02-13 - 2014-02-13
UiO Untitled
39 Jære, Lisbeth; Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
"Dårlig rettssikkerhet for miljøet i Nordsjøen". Forskningsrådet [Internett] 2013-09-24
UiO Untitled
40 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Conservation on the High Seas. Harmonizing International Regimes for the Sustainable Use of Living Resources. By Simone Borg, Edward Elgar UK, 2012, 313 pages. Environmental Liability 2013 ;Volum 21.(1)
UiO Untitled
41 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
SAMFUNN: Consistency in Environmental Law. Miljø2015 PhD and Post.doc seminar; 2013-09-09 - 2013-09-10
UiO Untitled
42 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The Need to recognize a coherent legal system as an important element of the ecosystem approach. I: Rule of Law for Nature: New Dimensions and Ideas in Environmental Law. Cambridge University Press 2013 ISBN 978-1-107-04326-8. s. 158-174
UiO Untitled
43 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
The Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Are the Challenges too Many to Ensure the Maintenance of Ecosystem Integrity?. IUCN Academy of Environmental Law eJournal 2013 ;Volum 4. s. 5-16
UiO Untitled
44 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Conserving Our Ecosystems: The Need to Recognize a Coherent Legal System as an Important Element of the Ecosystem Approach. 10th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law "Global Environmental Law at a Crossroad"; 2012-07-01 - 2012-07-05
UiO Untitled
45 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Conserving our Ecosystems: The Need to Recognize a Coherent Legal System as an Important Element of the Ecosystem Approach. The Rule of Law for Nature; 2012-05-09 - 2012-05-11
UiO Untitled
46 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
De bescherming van ecosystemen in een gefragmenteerd rechtssysteem. (The protection of ecosystems in a fragmented legal system). Amsterdam Centre of Environmental Law and Sustainability; 2012-11-06 - 2012-11-06
UiO Untitled
47 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Economic Value Judgments on Parts of Ecosystems: Challenges to the Ecosystem Approach. Ecosystem Services, Economic Valuation, and Environmental Equity: Complementary or Contradictory?; 2012-06-30 - 2012-06-30
UiO Untitled
48 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Environmental Law & The Ecosystem Approach: Consistency in the Regulation of Value Judgments on Ecological Systems. PhD Project Evaluation; 2012-01-26 - 2012-01-26
UiO Untitled
49 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Environmental law, Coherence, and the Ecosystem Approach. Milen Research School; 2012-06-15 - 2012-06-15
UiO Untitled
50 Platjouw, Froukje Maria.
Legal challenges to an ecosystem approach in the marine environment. Natural resources law research group lunch seminar; 2012-09-21 - 2012-09-21
UiO Untitled
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