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1 Dielacher, Andreas; Fragner, Heinz; Moritsch, Michael; Wickert, Jens; Koudelka, Otto; Høeg, Per; Cardellach, Estel; Martin-Niera, Manuel; Semmling, Maximillian; Walker, Roger; Hörmer, Andreas; Wenger, Manuela.
First field-test results of iGNSS-R instrument of the PRETTY payload. EGU General Assembly 2020; 2020-08-04 - 2020-08-08
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2 Dielacher, A; Fragner, H; Koudelka, O; Beck, P; Wickert, J; Cardellach, E; Høeg, Per.
The ESA Passive REflectomeTry and DosimeTrY (PRETTY) mission. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (IGARSS); 2019-07-25 - 2019-08-02
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3 Fragner, H; Dielacher, A; Moritsch, M; Zangerl, F; Beck, P; Koudelka, O; Høeg, Per; Wickert, J; Cardellach, E; Wenger, M.; Hörmer, A; Zeif, R; Teschl, F; Martin-Neira, M; Semmling, M; Walker, R.
Recycling GPS signals and radiation monitoring: the two payloads onboard PRETTY. Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering 2019 ;Volum 11131.
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4 Høeg, Per; Durgonics, Tibor.
A new index for polar cap solar EUV irradiance for forecasting strong and extreme solar events. AGU Chapman Conference; 2019-02-11 - 2019-02-15
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5 Mannucci, Anthony J.; Berger, Thomas; Bortnik, Jacob; Cherniak, Iurii; Gulyaeva, Tamara; Høeg, Per; Horne, Richard; Kilpua, Emilia; Knipp, Dolores; Liemohn, Michael W.; Liu, Huixin; McGranaghan, Ryan; Meng, Xingmin; Oliveira, Denny; Pulkkinen, Tuija; Sharma, Surjalal; Tsurutani, Bruce; Verkhoglyadova, Olga.
Chapman Conference on Scientific Challenges Pertaining to Space Weather Forecasting Including Extremes: Recommendations for the Community. AGU 2019 Chapman Conference; 2019-02-11 - 2019-02-15
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6 Wickert, J; Fragner, H; Cardellach, E; Høeg, Per; Beck, P; Dielacher, A; Koudelka, O; Li, W; Rius, A; Semmling, M; Zangerl, F; Zus, F.
PRETTY: CubeSat for precise altimetry using navigation satellites. ESA Living Planet Symposium; 2019-05-13 - 2019-05-17
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7 Cardellach, E; Wickert, J; Baggen, Rens; Benito, Javier; Camps, Adriano; Catarino, Nuno; Chapron, Bertrand; Dielacher, Andreas; Fabra, Fran; Flato, Greg; Fragner, Heinrich; Gabarró, Carolina; Gommenginger, Christine; Haas, Christian; Healy, Sean; Hernández-Pajares, Manuel; Høeg, Per; Jäggi, Adrian; Kainulainen, Juha; Khan, Shfaqat Abbas; Lemke, Norbert M.K.; Li, Weiqiang; Nghiem, Son V.; Pierdicca, Nazzareno; Portabella, Marcos; Rautiainen, Kimmo; Rius, Antonio; Sasgen, Ingo; Semmling, Maximilian; Shum, Che-Kwan; Soulat, François; Steiner, Andrea K.; Tailhades, Sébastien; Thomas, Maik; Vilaseca, Roger; Zuffada, Cinzia.
GNSS Transpolar Earth Reflectometry exploriNg System (G-TERN): Mission Concept. IEEE Access 2018 ;Volum 6. s. 13980-14018
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8 Durgonics, Tibor; Høeg, Per; Vennerstrøm, Susanne.
Multi-instrument observations of solar EUV irradiance induced ionospheric variations in the Arctic polar cap. European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU2018); 2018-04-08 - 2018-04-13
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9 Høeg, Per.
4DSpace - Research Activities. Birkeland Centre for Space Science (BCSS) Meeting; 2018-04-17 - 2018-04-20
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10 Høeg, Per; Durgonics, Tibor.
Cross-validation of TEC map products from IGS and ESA SWE during quiet and disturbed conditions. COSPAR 2018, 42nd Assembly; 2018-07-14 - 2018-07-22
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11 Høeg, Per; Durgonics, Tibor.
Influence of polar cap patch scintillations on GNSS receiver performance during geomagnetic disturbed conditions. URSI AT-RASC 2018; 2018-05-28 - 2018-06-01
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12 Høeg, Per; Durgonics, Tibor.
Polar cap patch signatures during geomagnetic disturbed conditions. European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU2018); 2018-04-08 - 2018-04-13
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13 Durgonics, T; Komjathy, A; Verkhoglyadova, O; Shume, EB; von Benzon, H-H; Mannucci, AJ; Butala, MD; Høeg, P; Langley, RB.
Multiinstrument observations of a geomagnetic storm and its effects on the Arctic ionosphere: A case study of the 19 February 2014 storm. Radio Science 2017 ;Volum 52. s. 146-165
14 Fragner, H; Dielacher, A; Zangerl, F; Koudelka, O; Høeg, P; Beck, P; Wickert, J.
PRETTY: Grazing altimetry measurements based on the interferometric method. 5th Workshop on Advanced RF Sensors and Remote Sensing Instruments (ARSI17); 2017-09-12 - 2017-09-14
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15 Høeg, P; Nielsen, TS; Olsen, A.
Copenhagen ITS: Forsøg med wifi-baseret positionering på H.C. Andersens Boulevard. Trafik & Veje 2017 ;Volum 94.(8) s. 39-42
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16 Høeg, Per.
Cross-validation of TEC maps from ESA Ionosphere Expert Service Centre. European Space Weather Week 14; 2017-11-27 - 2017-12-01
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17 Høeg, Per.
Disruption of GNSS - Time for Backup. Munich Satellite Summit 2017; 2017-03-14 - 2017-03-17
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18 Høeg, Per.
Space weather and signatures of polar cap patches. Birkeland Symposium; 2017-06-12 - 2017-06-16
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19 Benzon, Hans-Henrik; Høeg, Per.
Wave optics-based LEO-LEO radio occultation retrieval. Radio Science 2016 ;Volum 51. s. 589-602
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20 Benzon, Hans-Henrik; Høeg, Per; Durgonics, Tibor.
Analysis of satellite-based navigation signal reflectometry: Simulations and observations. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 2016 ;Volum 9.(10) s. 4879-4883
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21 Wickert, Jens; Andersen, OB; Bandeiras, J; Bertino, Laurent; Cardellach, Estel; Camps, Adriano; Catarino, N.; Chapron, Bertrand; Foti, Giuseppe; Gommenginger, Christine; Hatton, Jason; Høeg, Per; Jäggi, Adrian; Kern, Michael; Lee, T; Martín-Neira, Manuel; Park, H; Pierdicca, Nazzareno; Rosello, Josep; Semmling, Maximilian; Shum, CK; Zuffada, Cinzia; Soulat, François; Sousa, Ana; Xie, J..
Innovative sea surface monitoring with GNSS-Reflectometry aboard ISS: Overview and recent results from GEROS-ISS. IGARSS; 2016-06-10 - 2016-06-15
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22 Wickert, Jens; Cardellach, Estel; Martín-Neira, Manuel; Bandeiras, Jorge; Bertino, Laurent; Andersen, Ole B; Camps, Adriano; Catarino, Nuno; Chapron, Bertrand; Fabra, Fran; Floury, Nicolas; Foti, Giuseppe; Gommenginger, Christine; Hatton, Jason; Høeg, Per; Jäggi, Adrian; Kern, Michael; Lee, T; Li, Z; Park, H; Pierdicca, Nazzareno; Ressler, Gerhard; Rius, Antonio; Rosello, Josep; Saynisch, Jan; Soulat, François; Shum, CK; Semmling, Maximilian; Sousa, Andrea; Xie, J; Zuffada, Cinzia.
GEROS-ISS: GNSS reflectometry, radio occultation and scatterometry onboard the International Space Station. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 2016 ;Volum 9.(10) s. 4552-4581
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