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1 Moustrou, Philippe; Riener, Cordian; Verdure, Hugues.
Symmetric ideals, Specht polynomials and solutions to symmetric systems of equations. Journal of symbolic computation 2021 ;Volum 107. s. 106-121
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2 Blekherman, Grigoriy; Kummer, Mario; Riener, Cordian; Schweighofer, Markus; Vinzant, Cynthia.
Generalized eigenvalue methods for Gaussian quadrature rules. Annales Henri Lebesgue (AHL) 2020 ;Volum 3. s. 1327-1341
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3 Blekherman, Grigoriy; Riener, Cordian.
Symmetric Non-Negative Forms and Sums of Squares. Discrete & Computational Geometry 2020 ;Volum 65. s. 764-799
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4 Riener, Cordian.
Efficiently computing Betti numbers of symmetric semi algebraic sets. DMV Annual Meeting 2020; 2020-09-14 - 2020-09-18
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5 Riener, Cordian.
Symmetries in algorithmic questions in real algebraic geometry. POEMA Online Learning Weeks; 2020-07-08 - 2020-07-22
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6 Riener, Cordian; Basu, Saugata; Roy, Marie Françoise.
Foreword to the Special Issue dedicated to the Arctic Applied Algebra conference 2019 in Tromsø. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 2020
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7 Riener, Cordian.
Algorithms to compute topological invariants of symmetric semi algebraic sets. Geometry of Real Polynomials, Convexity and Optimization; 2019-05-26 - 2019-05-31
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8 Riener, Cordian.
Geometry of quadrature rules. Métodos Efectivos en Geometría Algebraica Real; 2019-06-21 - 2019-06-22
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9 Riener, Cordian.
Stand på forskningstorg (Matematiske spill og gåter) under Utforsk UiT, Forskningsdagene 2019. Utforsk UiT 19. september, Forskningsdagene 2019; 2019-09-19 - 2019-09-19
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10 Riener, Cordian.
Vandermonde varieties, mirror spaces, and the cohomology of symmetric semi-algebraic sets. Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry; 2019-06-17 - 2019-06-21
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11 Basu, Saugata; Riener, Cordian.
On the equivariant Betti numbers of symmetric definable sets: vanishing, bounds and algorithms. Selecta Mathematica, New Series 2018 ;Volum 24.(4) s. 3241-3281
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12 Basu, Saugata; Riener, Cordian.
On the Isotypic Decomposition of Cohomology Modules of Symmetric Semi-algebraic Sets: Polynomial Bounds on Multiplicities. International mathematics research notices 2018 ;Volum 2020.(7) s. 2054-2113
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13 Friedl, Tobias; Riener, Cordian; Sanyal, Raman.
Reflection groups, arrangements, and invariant real varieties. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 2018 ;Volum 146.(3) s. 1031-1045
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14 Riener, Cordian.
Computing the homology of symmetric semi-algebraic sets. Symmetry and Computation - Symétries dans les méthodes de calcul; 2018-04-03 - 2018-04-07
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15 Riener, Cordian.
Efficiently computing the Betti numbers of symmetric semi-algebraic sets. Séminaire de géométrie et singularités; 2018-07-09 - 2018-07-09
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16 Riener, Cordian.
Semidefinite optimization and arithmetic progressions. International Symposium on Mathematical Programming (ISMP); 2018-07-01 - 2018-07-06
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17 Riener, Cordian; Safey el Din, Mohab.
Real Root Finding for Equivariant Semi-algebraic Systems. International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation 2018; 2018-07-16 - 2018-07-19
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18 Riener, Cordian; Schweighofer, Markus.
Optimization approaches to quadrature: new characterizations of Gaussian quadrature on the line and quadrature with few nodes on plane algebraic curves, on the plane and in higher dimensions. Journal of Complexity 2018 ;Volum 45. s. 22-54
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19 Basu, Saugata; Riener, Cordian.
Bounding the equivariant Betti numbers of symmetric semi-algebraic sets. Advances in Mathematics 2017 ;Volum 305. s. 803-855
20 Basu, Saugata; Riener, Cordian.
Efficient algorithms for computing the Euler-Poincaré characteristic of symmetric semi-algebraic sets. Contemporary Mathematics 2017 ;Volum 697. s. 53-81
21 Riener, Cordian; Vorobjov, Nicolai.
On Irreducible Components of Real Exponential Hypersurfaces. Arnold Mathematical Journal 2017 ;Volum 3.(3) s. 423-443
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22 Riener, Cordian.
Symmetric semi-algebraic sets and non-negativity of symmetric polynomials polynomials. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 2016 ;Volum 220.(4) s. 2809-2815
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23 Riener, Cordian; Görlach, Paul; Weißer, Tillmann.
Deciding positivity of multisymmetric polynomials. Journal of symbolic computation 2016 ;Volum 74. s. 603-616
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24 Riener, Cordian; Theobald, Thorsten; Lasserre, Jean Bernard; Andrén, Lina Jansson.
Exploiting Symmetries in SDP-Relaxations for Polynomial Optimization. Mathematics of Operations Research 2013 ;Volum 38.(1) s. 122-141
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25 Riener, Cordian.
On the degree and half-degree principle for symmetric polynomials. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 2012 ;Volum 216.(4) s. 850-854
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26 Riener, Cordian; Alexander, Kovacec; Salma, Kuhlmann.
A Note on Extrema of Linear Combinations of Elementary Symmetric Functions. Linear and multilinear algebra 2012 ;Volum 60.(2) s. 219-224
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27 Riener, Cordian; Theobald, Thorsten.
Positive Polynome und semidefinite Optimierung. Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung (Teubner) 2008 ;Volum 110.(2) s. 57-74
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28 Riener, Cordian.
On extreme forms in dimension 8. Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 2006 ;Volum 18.(3) s. 677-682
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