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1 Mills, Kristen.
'Murnan on Mode': Grief in Early Medieval England. I: Sense and Feeling in Daily Living in the Early Medieval English World. Liverpool University Press 2020 ISBN 9781789621440. s. 158-176
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2 Mills, Kristen.
Death, women, and power: theme and structure in Reicne Fothaid Canainne. Ériu 2019 ;Volum 68. s. 65-98
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3 Mills, Kristen.
Glossing the Glosses: The Right Marginal Notes on Glaidomuin and Gudomhuin in TCD MS 1337. Studia Celtica Fennica 2019 ;Volum 15. s. 65-82
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4 Mills, Kristen.
The Corpse and the Conqueror: The Curious Afterlife of Ívarr inn beinlausi. Journal of English and Germanic Philology (JEGP) 2019 ;Volum 118.(4) s. 544-570
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5 Mills, Kristen.
Fet, gol, and éigem. Studia Celtica 2018 ;Volum 52.(1) s. 53-65
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6 Mills, Kristen; Hill, Thomas.
The (Pregnant) Mouse Freed from the Gallows: A Ballad Parallel for the Conclusion of Manawydan fab Llŷr. Folklore 2018 ;Volum 129.(3) s. 302-315
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7 Mills, Kristen.
“Celts, Theorists and Other ‘Others’”. Medieval Feminist Forum (MFF) 2017 s. 73-88
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8 Mills, Kristen.
“Does _Heilagt Tafn_ in _Húsdrápa_ mean ‘Holy Sacrifice’? Reassessing the Evidence”. Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 2017 ;Volum 13. s. 145-164
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9 Mills, Kristen.
“An Irish Motif in Guta saga”. Folklore 2015 ;Volum 126. s. 1-17
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10 Mills, Kristen.
"Emotion and Gesture in Hroðgar’s Farewell to Beowulf". I: Anglo-Saxon Emotions: Reading the Heart in Old English Language, Literature and Culture. Ashgate 2015 ISBN 978-1-4724-2169-2. s. 163-175
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11 Mills, Kristen.
“Grief, Gender, and Genre: Male Weeping in Snorri’s Account of Baldr’s Death, Kings’ Sagas, and _Gesta Danorum_”. Journal of English and Germanic Philology (JEGP) 2014 ;Volum 113. s. 472-496
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12 Mills, Kristen.
"Sorrow and Conversion in _Acallam na Senórach_". Éigse: A Journal of Irish Studies 2013 ;Volum 38. s. 1-19
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