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1 Bayliss, Matthew B.; McDonald, M.; Sharon, Keren; Gladders, Michael D.; Florian, M.; Chisholm, J.; Dahle, Håkon; Mahler, G.; Paterno-Mahler, Rachel; Rigby, Jane R.; Rivera-Thorsen, Thøger Emil Juul; Whitaker, Katherine E.; Allen, S.; Benson, B. A.; Bleem, Lindsey E.; Brodwin, M.; Canning, R. E. A.; Chiu, I.; Hlavacek-Larrondo, J.; Khullar, G.; Reichardt, C.; Vieira, Joaquin D..
An X-ray detection of star formation in a highly magnified giant arc. Nature Astronomy 2019 ;Volum 4. s. 159-166
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2 Lopez, S.; Tejos, N.; Barrientos, L. F.; Ledoux, C.; Sharon, Keren; Katsianis, A.; Florian, M. K.; Rivera-Thorsen, Thøger Emil Juul; Bayliss, Matthew B.; Dahle, Håkon; Fernandez-Figueroa, A.; Gladders, Michael D.; Gronke, Max Balthasar; Hamel, M.; Pessa, I.; Rigby, Jane R..
Slicing the cool circumgalactic medium along the major axis of a star-forming galaxy at z = 0.7. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2019 ;Volum 491.(3) s. 4442-4461
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3 Rivera-Thorsen, Thøger Emil Juul; Dahle, Håkon; Chisholm, John; Florian, Michael K.; Gronke, Max Balthasar; Rigby, Jane R.; Gladders, Michael D.; Mahler, Guillaume; Sharon, Keren; Bayliss, Matthew B..
Gravitational lensing reveals ionizing ultraviolet photons escaping from a distant galaxy. Science 2019 ;Volum 366.(6466) s. 738-741
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4 Rivera-Thorsen, Thøger Emil Juul; Dahle, Håkon; Gronke, Max Balthasar; Bayliss, M; Rigby, J. R.; Simcoe, R; Bordoloi, Rongmon; Turner, M.; Furesz, G.
The Sunburst Arc: Direct Lyman α escape observed in the brightest known lensed galaxy. Astronomy and Astrophysics (A & A) 2017 ;Volum 608. s. -
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