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1 Leidig, Eviane.
From cyber-Hindutva to Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar: (Trans) national entanglements of Hindu diaspora political integration. I: Political Integration in Indian Diaspora Societies. Routledge 2021 ISBN 9781003092155. s. 127-152
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2 Jupskås, Anders Ravik; Leidig, Eviane.
Knowing what’s (far) right. A compendium. Oslo: C-REX Center for Research on Extremism, UiO 2020 100 s.
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3 Leidig, Eviane.
'#CoronaJihad': How the Far-right in India is Responding to the Pandemic. Global Network on Extremism and Technology Insights 2020
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4 Leidig, Eviane.
Dr Eviane Leidig on Hindutva & the Global Far-right, Yeah Nah Pasaran! podcast, 3CR Community Radio. Australia [Radio] 2020-04-30
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5 Leidig, Eviane.
Global trends of the far right with focus on Central and Eastern Europe. RadPol conference; 2020-06-25 - 2020-06-25
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6 Leidig, Eviane.
Hindutva as a variant of right-wing extremism. Patterns of Prejudice 2020 ;Volum 54.(3) s. 215-237
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7 Leidig, Eviane.
Mainstreaming the Global Radical Right: CARR Yearbook 2019/20. Ibidem-Verlag 2020 (ISBN 9783838214467) 466 s.
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8 Leidig, Eviane.
Reconfiguring nationalism: Transnational entanglements of Hindutva and radical right ideology. : University of Oslo 2020 225 s.
UiO Untitled
9 Leidig, Eviane.
The Extreme Right in India and its Ties to a Global Online Network. Extreme Right Responses in Times of Global Crises; 2020-06-11 - 2020-06-11
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10 Leidig, Eviane.
Understanding the Global Far Right: Lessons from India. Consortium for Research on Terrorism and International Crime webinar; 2020-04-29 - 2020-04-29
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11 Leidig, Eviane.
Immigrant, Nationalist and Proud: A Twitter Analysis of Indian Diaspora Supporters for Brexit and Trump. Media and Communication 2019 ;Volum 7.(1) s. 77-89
UiO Untitled
12 Leidig, Eviane.
Republic or Death! Travels in Search of National Anthems by Alex Marshall. Nations and Nationalism 2017 ;Volum 23.(2) s. 427-428
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