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1 Wollenburg, JE; Katlein, C; Nehrke, Gernot; Nöthig, E.-M; Matthiessen, J; Wolf-Gladrow, Dieter A.; Nikolopoulos, A.; Gazquez-Sanchez, F; Rossmann, L; Assmy, Philipp; Babin, Marcel; Bruyant, F; Beaulieu, Michaël; Dybwad, Christine; Peeken, Ilka.
Ballasting by cryogenic gypsum enhances carbon export in a Phaeocystis under-ice bloom. Scientific Reports 2018 ;Volum 8.(1)
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2 Dybwad, Christine; Reigstad, Marit.
Fate of the bloom in the Arctic seasonal sea ice zone: suspended biomass, vertical flux and grazer response during a spring bloom north of Svalbard. Arctic Frontiers Conference; 2017-01-23 - 2017-01-27
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3 Kowalczuk, Piotr; Meler, Justyna; Kauko, Hanna Maria; Pavlov, Alexey K.; Zablocka, Monika; Peeken, Ilka; Dybwad, Christine; Castellani, Giulia; Granskog, Mats.
Bio-optical properties of Arctic drift ice and surface waters north of Svalbard from winter to spring. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Biogeosciences 2017 ;Volum 122.(6) s. 4634-4660
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4 Jacquin, Lisa; Dybwad, Christine; Rolshausen, Gregor; Hendry, Andrew P.; Reader, Simon M..
Evolutionary and immediate effects of crude-oil pollution: depression of exploratory behaviour across populations of Trinidadian guppies. Animal Cognition 2016 ;Volum 20.(1) s. 97-108
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