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1 Geissler, Paul Wenzel; Kelly, Ann H.; Gerrets, René; Mangesho, Peter E.; Okwaro, Ferdinand Moyi; Poleykett, Branwyn.
Remembering Africanization: two conversations among elderly science workers about the perpetually promissory. Africa 2020 ;Volum 90.(1) Suppl. S s. 17-35
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2 Okwaro, Ferdinand Moyi.
The making of science and scientists in post-austerity Africa. Scientific Subjectivities in Contemporary Africa; 2019-12-10 - 2019-12-10
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3 Okwaro, Ferdinand Moyi; Tette, Edem M. A..
Priorities for infectious disease research in Ghana and Kenya. Southampton: University of Southampton 2019 24 s.
4 Okwaro, Ferdinand Moyi.
Collaborations and the question of agenda setting for health research in Africa.. Priorities for infectious disease research in Ghana and Kenya; 2018-08-14 - 2018-08-15
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5 Okwaro, Ferdinand Moyi.
'Scientific lives, ethos and morality in transnational medical research collaborations in Africa'. Mapping Morality in Global health; 2018-06-26
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6 Okwaro, Ferdinand Moyi.
Scientific lives in the post-austerity South: Scientists biographies in collaborative global health research in Africa. African Anthropology seminar series; 2018-03-14 - 2018-03-14
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7 Okwaro, Ferdinand Moyi.
Collaborations, Postcolonial legacies and patterns of scholarly mobilities in East Africa.. Postcolonial legacies, scholarly mobilities and research capacity building.; 2017-06-14 - 2017-06-15
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8 Okwaro, Ferdinand Moyi.
Whose priorities count? Empowering scientific capacities for locally relevant and sustainable solutions.. Uppsala Health summit; 2017-10-10 - 2017-10-11
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