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1 Gradinger, Rolf; Kinitsch, Erin.
Arctic researchers will lock this ship in ice for a year to study the changing polar region. [Internett] 2019-08-20
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2 Gradinger, Rolf; Loge, Julia.
Verdens største Arktis-ekspedisjon seiler fra Tromsø på fredag. [Internett] 2019-09-18
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3 Hassett, Brandon; Thines, Marco; Buaya, Anthony; Ploch, Sebastian; Gradinger, Rolf.
A glimpse into the biogeography, seasonality, and ecological functions of arctic marine Oomycota. IMA Fungus 2019 ;Volum 10.(1) s. -
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4 Hassett, Brandon Thomas; Borrego, Eli; Vonnahme, Tobias R.; Rämä, Teppo; Kolomiets, M.V.; Gradinger, Rolf.
Arctic marine fungi: biomass, functional genes, and putative ecological roles. The ISME Journal 2019 ;Volum 13.(6) s. 1484-1496
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5 Pitusi, Vanessa; Gradinger, Rolf; Marquardt, Miriam; Søreide, Janne.
Seasonal development and growth of sympagic meiofauna and the role of sea ice for the successful recruitment in the high Arctic. Arctic Frontiers; 2019-01-20 - 2019-01-24
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6 Bluhm, Bodil; Hop, Haakon; Melnikov, Igor A.; Poulin, Michel; Vihtakari, Mikko; Collins, Eric; Gradinger, Rolf; Juul-Petersen, Thomas; von Quillfeldt, Cecilie.
Sea ice Biota on a pan-Arctic scale: Status and Trends – findings from the State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report.. Arctic Frontiers Conference; 2018-01-21 - 2018-01-26
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7 Bluhm, Bodil; Hop, Haakon; Vihtakari, Mikko; Gradinger, Rolf; Iken, Katrin; Melnikov, Igor A.; Søreide, Janne.
Sea ice meiofauna distribution on local to pan-Arctic scales. Ecology and Evolution 2018 ;Volum 8.(4) s. 2350-2364
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8 Hop, Haakon; Bluhm, Bodil; Melnikov, Igor A.; Poulin, Michel; Vihtakari, Mikko; Collins, Eric; Gradinger, Rolf; Juul-Pedersen, Thomas; von Quillfeldt, Cecilie.
Sea ice biota: Excerpts from the State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report by the Sea Ice Biota Expert Network/CBMP. PeerJ Preprints 2018
9 Hassett, Brandon Thomas; Gradinger, Rolf.
New Species of Saprobic Labyrinthulea (=Labyrinthulomycota) and the Erection of a Gen. Nov. to Resolve Molecular Polyphyly within the Aplanochytrids. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 2018 ;Volum 65.(4) s. 475-483
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10 Kunisch, Erin; Drivdal, Magnus; Berge, Jørgen; Bluhm, Bodil; Daase, Malin; Gradinger, Rolf; Melnikov, Igor A.; Varpe, Øystein; Vihtakari, Mikko.
Exploring life-cycle adaptations in a declining sea-ice environment: are sympagic amphipods truly sympagic?. POLAR 2018; 2018-06-19 - 2018-06-23
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11 Kunisch, Erin; Bluhm, Bodil; Gradinger, Rolf; Hop, Haakon; Varpe, Øystein; Berge, Jørgen; Daase, Malin; Melnikov, Igor; Vihtakari, Mikko.
Pan-Arctic distribution of the sympagic amphipod Apherusa glacialis elucidates life-cycle characteristics. ESSAS - Ecosystem Studies of Sub-Arctic and Arctic Seas Open Science Meeting; 2017-06-12 - 2017-06-15
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12 Bluhm, Bodil; Swadling, K; Gradinger, Rolf.
Sea ice as habitat for macrograzers. I: Sea Ice, 3rd Edition. Wiley-Blackwell 2017 ISBN 978-1-118-77838-8.
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13 Frey, Karen E.; Comiso, Josefino C.; Cooper, Lee W.; Eisner, Lisa B; Gradinger, Rolf; Grebmeier, Jacqueline M.; Trembley, Jean Eric.
Arctic Ocean Primary Productivity. : NOAA, USA 2017 7 s.
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14 Gradinger, Rolf.
Blog: In Nacht und Eis. Internet blog: [Internett] 2017-11-27
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15 Gradinger, Rolf.
Ecosystem study plans during the MOSAIC project.. Arctic Frontiers; 2017-01-24 - 2017-01-24
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16 Gradinger, Rolf.
Impressionen aus dem Eismeer. Wormser Zeitung [Avis] 2017-07-09
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17 Gradinger, Rolf.
In Nacht und Eis – Eine Forschungsfahrt in der Polarnacht. Swiss Public radio [Internett] 2017-12-29
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18 Gradinger, Rolf.
Interview of Rolf Gradinger for the UiT Polarmuseum exhibition in Tromsoe. [Internett] 2017-09-25
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19 Gradinger, Rolf.
MOSAIC: Team Ecosystem. Arctic Science Summit Week; 2017-04-04 - 2017-04-07
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20 Gradinger, Rolf.
Was ist bloss in der Arktis los?. Swiss Public radio [Radio] 2017-10-26
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21 Gradinger, Rolf; Bluhm, Bodil.
Das Leben im Eispalast: Flora und Fauna des arktischen Meereises. I: Faszination Meeresforschung: Ein ökologisches Lesebuch. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-662-49713-5. s. 51-62
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22 Hassett, Brandon; Ducluzeau, A.L.L.; Collins, R.E.; Gradinger, Rolf.
Spatial distribution of aquatic marine fungi across the western Arctic and sub‐arctic. Environmental Microbiology 2017 ;Volum 19. s. 475-484
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23 Hassett, Brandon T.; Ducluzeau, A.L.L.; Collins, R.E.; Gradinger, Rolf.
Spatial distribution of aquatic marine fungi across the western Arctic and sub-Arctic. Environmental Microbiology 2017 ;Volum 19.(2) s. 475-484
24 Hassett, Brandon Thomas; Gradinger, Rolf.
Eukaryotic microbial richness increases with latitude and decreasing temperature in the Pacific Subarctic domain in late winter. Polar Biology 2017 ;Volum 40.(11) s. 2161-2169
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25 Reigstad, Marit; Wassmann, Paul; Bluhm, Bodil; Gradinger, Rolf; Berge, Jørgen.
Living Ice/ Levende is. [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] Living Ice. Polarmuseet; Tromsø. 2017-01-22 - 2017-12-31
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26 Dilliplaine, Kyle; Collins, Eric; Bluhm, Bodil; Gradinger, Rolf.
Biological influence and impact of oil spills in ice covered waters. Alaska Marine Science Symposium; 2016-01-25 - 2016-01-29
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27 Gradinger, Rolf; Frey, Karen; Comiso, Josefino C.; Cooper, Lee; Grebmeier, Jacqueline; Trembley, Jean Eric.
Arctic Ocean Primary Productivity.
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28 Hassett, Brandon T.; Gradinger, Rolf.
Chytrids dominate arctic marine fungal communities. Environmental Microbiology 2016 ;Volum 18.(6) s. 2001-2009
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29 Søreide, Janne E.; Gradinger, Rolf; Niehoff, Barbara; Bluhm, Bodil; Gabrielsen, Tove M.; Peeken, Ilka; Johnsen, Geir; Berge, Jørgen.
Arctic Ocean winter ecology – the Big Black Box. 3rd Arctic Observing Summit; 2016-03-12 - 2016-03-18
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30 Leu, Eva; Mundy, Christopher John; Assmy, Philipp; Campbell, Karley; Gabrielsen, Tove M.; Gosselin, Michel; Juul-Pedersen, Thomas; Gradinger, Rolf.
Arctic spring awakening - Steering principles behind the phenology of vernal ice algal blooms. Progress in Oceanography 2015 ;Volum 139. s. 151-170
31 Grebmeier, Jacqueline M.; Bluhm, Bodil; Cooper, Lee W.; Danielson, Seth L.; Arrigo, Kevin R.; Blanchard, Arny L.; Clarke, Janet T.; Day, Robert H.; Frey, Karen E.; Gradinger, Rolf; Kędra, Monika; Konar, Brenda; Kuletz, Kathy J.; Lee, Sang H.; Lovvorn, James R.; Norcross, Brenda L.; Okkonen, Stephen R..
Ecosystem characteristics and processes facilitating persistent macrobenthic biomass hotspots and associated benthivory in the Pacific Arctic. Progress in Oceanography 2015 ;Volum 136. s. 92-114
32 Hassett, Brandon T.; Lopez, J. Andres; Gradinger, Rolf.
Two new species of marine saprotrophic sphaeroformids in the mesomycetozoea isolated from the sub-arctic Bering Sea. Protist 2015 ;Volum 166.(3) s. 310-322
33 Ingvaldsen, Randi; Bogstad, Bjarte; Dolgov, Andrey V.; Ellingsen, Kari Elsa; Gjøsæter, Harald; Gradinger, Rolf; Johannesen, Edda; Tveraa, Torkild; Yoccoz, Nigel Gilles.
Sources of uncertainties in cod distribution models. Nature Climate Change 2015 ;Volum 5.(9) s. 788-789
34 Szymanski, Anna; Gradinger, Rolf.
The diversity, abundance and fate of ice algae and phytoplankton in the Bering Sea. Polar Biology 2015 ;Volum Published ahead of print. s. -
35 Eicken, H.; Bluhm, Bodil; Collins, R.E.; Gradinger, Rolf; Haas, C; Ingham, M; Mahoney, A; Nicolaus, M.; Perovich, D.
Field techniques in sea ice research. I: Cold Regions Science and Marine Technolog. Eolss Publishing CO. Ltd. 2014 ISBN 9781780215358.
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36 Nelson, R. John; Ashjian, Carin; Bluhm, Bodil; Conlan, Kathleen E.; Gradinger, Rolf; Grebmeier, Jacqueline M.; Hill, Victoria J.; Hopcroft, Russell R.; Hunt, Brian P.V.; Joo, Hyoung M.; Kirchman, David; Kosobokova, Ksenia N.; Lee, Sang H.; Li, W; Lovejoy, Connie; Poulin, Michel; Sherr, Evelyn; Young, Kelly W..
Biodiversity and Biogeography of the Lower Trophic Taxa of the Pacifi c Arctic Region: Sensitivities to Climate Change. I: The Pacific Arctic Region: Ecosystem Status and Trends in a Rapidly Changing Environment. Springer 2014 ISBN 978-94-017-8862-5. s. 269-336
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37 Hop, Haakon; Bluhm, Bodil; Daase, Malin; Gradinger, Rolf; Poulin, M.
Arctic Sea Ice Biota. I: Arctic Report Card 2013. USA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2013 s. 51-57
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38 Bluhm, Bodil; Michel, C; Gallucci, V.; Gaston, A. J.; Gordillo, F; Gradinger, Rolf; Hopcroft, R; Jensen, N.; Mustonen, T; Niemi, A.; Nielsen, T.G..
Biodiversity of Arctic marine ecosystems and responses to climate change. Biodiversity 2012 s. 200-214
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39 McConnell, Brenna; Gradinger, Rolf; Iken, Katrin; Bluhm, Bodil.
Growth rates of arctic juvenile Scolelepis squamata (Polychaeta: Spionidae) isolated from Chukchi Sea fast ice. Polar Biology 2012 ;Volum 35.(10) s. 1487-1494
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40 Bluhm, Bodil; Gebruk, A; Gradinger, Rolf; Hopcroft, Russell R.; Huettmann, Falk; Kosobokova, Ksenia N.; Sirenko, Boris; Weslawski, Jan Marcin.
Arctic Marine Biodiversity: An Update of Species Richness and Examples of Biodiversity Change. Oceanography 2011 ;Volum 24.(3) s. 232-248
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41 Bluhm, Bodil; Gradinger, Rolf; Hopcroft, Russell R..
Arctic Ocean Diversity: synthesis. Marine Biodiversity 2011 ;Volum 41. s. 1-4
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42 Gradinger, Rolf; Bluhm, Bodil.
Timing of Ice Algal Grazing by the Arctic Nearshore Benthic Amphipod Onisimus litoralis. Arctic 2010 ;Volum 63.(3) s. 355-358
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43 Gradinger, Rolf; Bluhm, Bodil; Hopcroft, Russell R.; Gebruk, Andrey; Kosobokova, Ksenia N.; Sirenko, Boris; Weslawski, Jan Marcin.
Marine life in the Arctic. I: Life in the world’s ocean: diversity, distribution, abundance. Wiley-Blackwell 2010 ISBN 978-1-4051-9297-2. s. 183-202
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44 Gradinger, Rolf; Bluhm, Bodil; Iken, Katrin.
Arctic sea-ice ridges—Safe heavens for sea-ice fauna during periods of extreme ice melt?. Deep-sea research. Part II, Topical studies in oceanography 2010 ;Volum 57.(1-2) s. 86-95
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