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1 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Book review of: The steppe tradition in international relations: Russians, Turks and European state building 4000 BCE–2018 CE. By Iver B. Neumann and Einar Wigen. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2018. International Affairs 2019 ;Volum 95.(2) s. 496-497
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2 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Cassotta, Sandra; Sidortsov, Roman; Goodsite, Michael E..
Cyber Threats, Harsh Environment and the European High North (EHN) in a Human Security and Multi-level Regulatory Global Dimension: Which Framework Applicable to Critical Infrastructures under "Exceptionally Critical Infrastructure Conditions (ECIC)?. Beijing Law Review 2019 ;Volum 10. s. 317-360
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3 Lange, David; Rosenquist, Hannah; Rød, Bjarte; Tantanasi, Ioanna; Bram, Staffan; Sjøstrøm, Johan; Erikson, Kerstin; Honfi, Daniel; Almeida, Rafael; Carreira, Elisabete; Vigh, Geri; Theocharidou, Marianthi; Salmon, Romuald; Bouffier, Christian; Reitan, Nina Kristine; Storesund, Karolina; Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Project report: operationalisation of resilience to critical infrastructure. : IMPROVER project report 2018 51 s.
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4 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Critical infrastructure resilience: A Nordic model in the making?. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 2018 ;Volum 27. s. 632-641
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5 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Lauluja järjestelmästä [Songs about the System; in Finnish]. Kulttuurivihkot 2018 (6) s. 48-52
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6 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Forsberg, Tuomas.
The principle of territorial integrity in Russian international law doctrine: The case of Crimea. I: Russian Discourses on International Law. Sociological and Philosophical Phenomenon. Routledge 2018 ISBN 9781138566705.
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7 Forsberg, Tuomas; Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
The Psychological Dimension of Russian Foreign Policy: Putin and the Annexation of Crimea. Global Society 2017 ;Volum 31.(2) s. 220-244
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8 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
[Emanuel and Frederick. The Court Cembalist and his King; in Finnish] Emanuel ja Fredrik. Hovikuningas ja hänen kuninkaansa. Jyväskylä: Docendo Oy 2017 (ISBN 978-952291409-5) 333 s.
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9 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
The Crisis Management Cycle. Routledge 2017 (ISBN 9781138643871) 186 s.
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10 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Rød, Bjarte; Baker, Greg; Honfi, Daniel; Lange, David J.
Critical Infrastructure Resilience Index. I: Risk, Reliability and Safety: Innovating Theory and Practice : Proceedings of ESREL 2016 (Glasgow, Scotland, 25-29 September 2016). CRC Press 2017 ISBN 9781138029972. s. 2183-2189
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11 Rød, Bjarte; Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Reitan, Nina Kristine; Storesund, Karolina; Lange, David; Mira da Silva, Miguel.
Evaluation of resilience assessment methodologies. I: Safety & Reliability, Theory and Applications. CRC Press 2017 ISBN 978-1138629370. s. 1039-1051
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12 Gattinesi, Peter et al.; Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
The European reference network for critical infrastructure protection - Project first phase (2011-2014): from concept to implementation. Luxemburg: Publications Office of the European Union 2016 (ISBN 9789279444029) 64 s.
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13 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Matveeva, Angelica.
Initiating Trust in High Politics: The Gorbachev-Reagan Summit in Geneva 1985. International Negotiation 2016 ;Volum 21.(1) s. 104-134
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14 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Rød, Bjarte.
Evaluation of Maintenance as a Resilience Indicator. ICEFA VII: Seventh International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis; 2016-07-03 - 2016-07-06
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15 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Rød, Bjarte.
Report on criteria for evaluating resilience. : IMPROVER H2020 project 2016 37 s.
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16 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Rød, Bjarte; Lange, David; Honfi, Daniel.
On the contribution of technological concepts to the resilience of bridges as critical infrastructure assets. . IABSE Congress Stockholm, 2016: Challenges in Design and Construction of an Innovative and Sustainable Built Environment. ISBN 9781510835900; 2016-09-21 - 2016-09-23
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17 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
["Independent Art -- for Revolution!" Trotsky and Culture; in Finnish] "Riippumaton taide -- vallankumouksen puolesta!" Trotski ja kulttuuri. Kulttuurivihkot 2015 (2) s. 58-65
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18 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Regional councils and the EU-Russian crisis. Baltic Rim Economies 2015
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19 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Forsberg, Tuomas.
[Foreign Policy from the Ivory Tower; in Finnish] Ulkopolitiikkaa norsunluutornista. Tampere: Chan Puma House Oy 2015 (ISBN 978-952-68048-2-8) 442 s.
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20 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Gattinesi, Peter.
Towards Testing Critical Infrastructure Resilience. : Publications Office of the European Union 2014 (ISBN 978-92-79-36632-1) 34 s.
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21 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
[Russia's Politics is a Theme, but where are the Researchers?; in Finnish] Venäjän politiikka puhuttaa, missä ovat politiikan tutkijat?. I: Vie osaaminen yhteiskuntaan. Venäjän ja itäisen Euroopan tuntemuksen uudet suuntaviivat. : Helsingin yliopisto 2013 ISBN 9789521086083. s. 38-45
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22 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; De Groeve et al., Tom.
Overview of Disaster Risks that the EU faces: Internal assessment based on JRC databases. : Publications Office of the European Union 2013 (ISBN 978-92-79-28742-8) 42 s.
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23 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Gattinesi, Peter.
European CIP-related Testing Capabilities: Gaps and Challenges. : Publication office of the European union 2013 (ISBN 978-92-79-33760-4) 55 s. EUR(JRC85192)
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24 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Gattinesi, Peter.
European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection: Thematic Areas. State of the Art.. : Publications Office of the European Union 2013 (ISBN 978-92-79-30841-3) 45 s.
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25 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
At the Crossroads of Post-Communist Modernisation. Russia and China in Comparative Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan 2012 (ISBN 9780230363922) 236 s.
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26 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Russia: Democracy with Adjectives. I: Between utopia and apocalypse: essays on social theory and Russia. : Kikimora 2011 ISBN 9521065680. s. 179-211
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27 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
[Trotsky; in Finnish] Trotski. Gummerus Kirjapaino Oy 2011 (ISBN 9789512085040) 448 s.
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28 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Baltic Sea Cooperation within an Intergovernmental Framework: Marine Environment and Maritime Safety. I: Towards new solutions in managing environmental crisis. : Helsinki University Printing House 2010 ISBN 9789521061332. s. 37-40
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29 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
The challenge of military conversion. Journal of Nordregio 2009 ;Volum 9.
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30 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
The Challenges for European Critical Infrastructure Protection. Journal of European Integration 2009 ;Volum 31/6. s. 721-739
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31 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Bo, Löwendahl.
Multilateral Cooperation and Spatial Development. Informationen zur Raumentwicklung 2009 ;Volum 8.(9)
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32 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Early Warning and Civil Protection: a Framework for Analysis and Action. I: Early Warning and Civil Protection: When Does it Work and Why Does it Fail?. : Nordregio 2008 ISBN 9189332679. s. 23-56
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33 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Theories of Integration and the Limits of EU-Russian Relations. I: Russia's European Choices. Palgrave Macmillan 2008 ISBN 9780230605862. s. 149-185
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34 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Francke, Per.
Early Warning and Civil Protection: When Does it Work and Why Does it Fail?. : Nordregio 2008 (ISBN 9189332679) 173 s.
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35 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Baltic Sea Region. I: Towards a Baltic Sea Region Strategy in Critical Infrastructure Protection. : Nordregio 2007 ISBN 978-91-89332-66-9. s. 1-54
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36 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Does your community have an injury prevention programme? Eurobaltic Guidelines for Safety Promotion in the Baltic States Region [Also in Finnish, German, Russian and Swedish].
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37 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
How to improve the EU’s economic and trade strategies towards Russia?. Baltic Rim Economies 2007
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38 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Russia between integration and protectionism : international road transport, ports, and the forestry sector. : Nordregio 2007 79 s.
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39 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
[Russia plays with the well-known cards; in Finnish] Venäjä iskee pöytään vanhat valtit. Ulkopolitiikka 2007 (3) s. 12-16
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40 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Towards a Baltic Sea Region Strategy in Critical Infrastructure Protection. : Nordregio 2007 (ISBN 978-91-89332-66-9) 278 s.
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41 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Who is afraid of the NEGP -- and why?. Journal of Nordregio 2007 (2) s. 22-23
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42 Hellenberg, Timo; Hedin, Sigrid; Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
The EUROBALTIC I (2003-2006) Project on Civil Protection in the Baltic Sea Region: Best Practices and Lessons Learned.
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43 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Civil protection in the Baltic sea Region. Journal of Nordregio 2006 ;Volum 9.(3)
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44 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
EU-Russian Cooperation – Challenges for the EU. I: Russia and the New Europe: Borderlands and Integration. : Swedish Institute of International Affairs 2006 ISBN 978-9171834980. s. 100-115
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45 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Leaving the camps: The challenge of military conversion. Journal of Nordregio 2006 ;Volum 9.(2) s. 23-26
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46 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Regional Action Plan for Conversion in the Baltic Sea Region. Interreg III Project final report (60 pages, member of the editorial board).
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47 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Tuomas, Forsberg.
Crisis Decision-Making in Finland: Cognition, Institutions, and Rationality. Cooperation and Conflict 2006 ;Volum 41.(3) s. 235-260
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48 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
[From Words to Action: The Theories of Integration and the EU-Russia Relations; in Russian] Ot slov k delu: Teorii integratsii i otnoshenija EC-RF. Sovremennaja Evropa 2005 (2)
UiT Untitled
49 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik.
Nuclear Safety and Environmental Risks in Northwest Russia: A Source of Cooperation and Conflict. I: Russia as a Great Power. Dimensions of Security under Putin. Routledge 2005 ISBN 978-0415651578.
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50 Pursiainen, Christer Henrik; Hellenberg, Timo; Hedin, Sigrid.
Civil protection systems in the Baltic Sea region : towards integration in civil protection training. : Aleksanteri Institute 2005 (ISBN 952-10-2599-9) 40 s.
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