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1 Ghosh, Abhik.
An Exemplary Gay Scientist and Mentor: Martin Gouterman (1931–2020). Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2021 ;Volum 60.(18) s. 9760-9770
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2 Alemayehu, Abraham; Einrem, Rune Finsås; Mccormick-Mcpherson, Laura J; Settineri, Nicholas S.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Synthesis and molecular structure of perhalogenated rhenium-oxo corroles. Scientific Reports 2020 ;Volum 10. s. -
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3 Alemayehu, Abraham; Teat, Simon J.; Borisov, Sergey M.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Rhenium-Imido Corroles. Inorganic Chemistry 2020 ;Volum 59. s. 6382-6389
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4 Cao, Rui; Kolle Ekaney, Thomas; Ghosh, Abhik; Sarangi, Ritimukta.
X-ray absorption spectroscopy of archetypal chromium porphyrin and corrole derivatives. RSC Advances 2020 ;Volum 10. s. 20572-20578
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5 Einrem, Rune F.; Alemayehu, Abraham; Borisov, Sergey M.; Ghosh, Abhik; Gederaas, Odrun Arna.
Amphiphilic rhenium-oxo corroles as a new class of sensitizers for photodynamic therapy. ACS Omega 2020 ;Volum 5.(18) s. 10596-10601
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6 Foroutan-Nejad, Cina; Vicha, Jan; Ghosh, Abhik.
Relativity or aromaticity? A first-principles perspective of chemical shifts in osmabenzene and osmapentalene derivatives. Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP 2020 ;Volum 22.(19) s. 10863-10869
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7 Ghosh, Abhik.
Martin Gouterman: the gay man behind the four-orbital model. Chemistry World 2020
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8 Ghosh, Abhik; Ruud, Kenneth.
Skandale i kjemitidsskrift: Et varsko for norsk akademia?. 2020
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9 Higashino, Tomohiro; Kurumisawa, Yuma; Alemayehu, Abraham; Einrem, Rune Finsås; Sahu, Debashis; Packwood, Daniel; Kato, Kosaku; Yamakata, Akira; Ghosh, Abhik; Imahori, Hiroshi.
Heavy Metal Effects on the Photovoltaic Properties of Metallocorroles in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. ACS Applied Energy Materials 2020 ;Volum 3. s. 12460-12467
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10 Hough, Michael A.; Conradie, Jeanet; Strange, Richard W.; Antonyuk, Svetlana V.; Eady, Robert R.; Ghosh, Abhik; Hasnain, Samar S..
Nature of the copper-nitrosyl intermediates of copper nitrite reductases during catalysis. Chemical Science 2020 ;Volum 11. s. 12485-12492
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11 Kolle Ekaney, Thomas; Conradie, Jeanet; Beavers, Christine M.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Free-Base Porphyrins with Localized NH Protons. Can Substituents Alone Stabilize the Elusive Cis Tautomer?. Organic and biomolecular chemistry 2020 ;Volum 18. s. 2861-2865
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12 Kolle, Ekaney Thomas; Desbois, Nicolas; Conradie, Jeanet; Teat, Simon J.; Gros, Claude P; Ghosh, Abhik.
Gold dipyrrin-bisphenolates: A combined experimental and DFT study of metal-ligand interactions. RSC Advances 2020 ;Volum 10.(1) s. 533-540
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13 Kolle Ekaney, Thomas; Settineri, Nicholas S.; Teat, Simon J.; Steene, Erik; Ghosh, Abhik.
Molecular Structure of Copper and μ-Oxodiiron Octafluorocorrole Derivatives: Insights into Ligand Noninnocence. ACS Omega 2020 ;Volum 5. s. 10176-10182
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14 Kolle Ekaney, Thomas; Slebodnick, Carla; Ghosh, Abhik.
Facile Supramolecular Engineering of Porphyrin cis Tautomers: The Case of β-Octabromo-meso-tetraarylporphyrins. ACS Omega 2020 ;Volum 5. s. 8893-8901
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15 Krzystek, J.; Schnegg, Alexander; Aliabadi, Azar; Holldack, Karsten; Stoian, Sebastian A.; Ozarowski, Andrew; Hicks, Scott D.; Abu-Omar, Mahdi M.; Kolle Ekaney, Thomas; Ghosh, Abhik; Caulfield, Kenneth P.; Tonzetich, Zachary J.; Telser, Joshua.
Advanced Paramagnetic Resonance Studies on Manganese and Iron Corroles with a Formal d4 Electron Count. Inorganic Chemistry 2020 ;Volum 59.(2) s. 1075-1090
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16 Pierloot, Kristine; Phung, Quan Manh; Ghosh, Abhik.
Electronic Structure of Neutral and Anionic Iron–Nitrosyl Corrole. A Multiconfigurational and Density Matrix Renormalization Group Investigation. Inorganic Chemistry 2020 ;Volum 59. s. 11493-11502
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17 Rahman, Md. Hafizur; Ryan, Michael D.; Vazquez-Lima, Hugo; Alemayehu, Abraham; Ghosh, Abhik.
Infrared Spectroelectrochemistry of Iron-Nitrosyl Triarylcorroles. Implications for Ligand Noninnocence. Inorganic Chemistry 2020 ;Volum 59. s. 3232-3238
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18 Reinholdt, Anders; Alemayehu, Abraham; Gagnon, Kevin J.; Bendix, Jesper; Ghosh, Abhik.
Electrophilic Activation of Osmium-Nitrido Corroles: The OsN Triple Bond as a π-Acceptor Metallaligand in a Heterobimetallic OsVIN–PtII Complex. Inorganic Chemistry 2020 ;Volum 59. s. 5276-5280
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19 Thomassen, Ivar Kristian; Ghosh, Abhik.
Protonation-Induced Hyperporphyrin Spectra of meso-Aminophenylcorroles. ACS Omega 2020 ;Volum 5. s. 9023-9030
UiT Untitled
20 Thomassen, Ivar Kristian; Mccormick-Mcpherson, Laura J; Borisov, Sergey M.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Iridium Corroles Exhibit Weak Near-Infrared Phosphorescence but Efficiently Sensitize Singlet Oxygen Formation. Scientific Reports 2020 ;Volum 10. s. -
UiT Untitled
21 Alemayehu, Abraham; McCormick, Laura J; Vazquez Lima, Hugo; Ghosh, Abhik.
Relativistic Effects on a Metal-Metal Bond: Osmium Corrole Dimers. Inorganic Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 58.(4) s. 2798-2806
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22 Alemayehu, Abraham; Vazquez-Lima, Hugo; Teat, Simon J.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Unexpected Molecular Structure of a Putative Rhenium-Dioxo-Benzocarbaporphyrin Complex. Implications for the Highest Transition Metal Valence in a Porphyrin-Type Ligand Environment. ChemistryOpen 2019 ;Volum 8.(10) s. 1298-1302
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23 Borisov, Sergey M.; Einrem, Rune Finsås; Alemayehu, Abraham; Ghosh, Abhik.
Ambient-temperature near-IR phosphorescence and potential applications of rhenium-oxo corroles. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2019 ;Volum 18.(5) s. 1166-1170
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24 Caulfield, Kenneth P; Conradie, Jeanet; Arman, Hadi D; Ghosh, Abhik; Tonzetich, Zachary.
Iron(II) Corrole Anions. Inorganic Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 58.(22) s. 15225-15235
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25 Conradie, Jeanet; Brothers, Penelope Jane; Ghosh, Abhik.
Main-Group-Element Isophlorin Complexes Revisited: The Question of a Subvalent Central Atom. Inorganic Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 58.(7) s. 4634-4640
UiT Untitled
26 Conradie, Jeanet; Foroutan-Nejad, Cina; Ghosh, Abhik.
Norcorrole as a Delocalized, Antiaromatic System. Scientific Reports 2019 ;Volum 9. s. -
UiT Untitled
27 Conradie, Jeanet; Ghosh, Abhik.
Theoretical Search for the Highest Valence States of the Coinage Metals: Roentgenium Heptafluoride May Exist. Inorganic Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 58.(13) s. 8735-8738
UiT Untitled
28 Ganguly, Sumit; Ghosh, Abhik.
Seven Clues to Ligand Noninnocence: The Metallocorrole Paradigm. Accounts of Chemical Research 2019 ;Volum 52.(7) s. 2003-2014
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29 Ghosh, Abhik; Conradie, Jeanet.
Stereochemistry of Transition-Metal Dinitrosyl Complexes. A Molecular Orbital Rationale for the Attracto and Repulso Conformations. Inorganic Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 58.(9) s. 5943-5948
UiT Untitled
30 Ghosh, Abhik; Kiparsky, Paul.
The Grammar of the Elements. Did the Sanskrit alphabet influence Mendeleev’s periodic table?. American Scientist 2019 ;Volum 107.(6) s. 350-355
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31 Larsen, Simon; McCormick, Laura J; Ghosh, Abhik.
Rapid one-pot synthesis of pyrrole-appended isocorroles. Organic and biomolecular chemistry 2019 ;Volum 17.(12) s. 3159-3166
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32 Larsen, Simon; Mccormick-Mcpherson, Laura J; Teat, Simon J.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Azulicorrole. ACS Omega 2019 ;Volum 4.(4) s. 6737-6745
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33 Lim, Hyeongtaek; Kolle, Ekaney Thomas; Hedman, Britt; Hodgson, Keith O; Ghosh, Abhik; Solomon, Edward I..
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy as a Probe of Ligand Noninnocence in Metallocorroles: The Case of Copper Corroles. Inorganic Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 58.(10) s. 6722-6730
UiT Untitled
34 Shan, Wenqian; Desbois, Nicolas; Pacquelet, Sandrine; Brandes, Stephane; Rousselin, Yoann; Conradie, Jeanet; Ghosh, Abhik; Gros, Claude P; Kadish, Karl M.
Ligand Noninnocence in Cobalt Dipyrrin-Bisphenols: Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, and Theoretical Insights Indicating an Emerging Analogy with Corroles. Inorganic Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 58.(12) s. 7677-7689
UiT Untitled
35 Alemayehu, Abraham; McCormick, Laura J; Gagnon, Kevin J.; Borisov, Sergey M.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Stable Platinum(IV) Corroles: Synthesis, Molecular Structure, and Room-Temperature Near-IR Phosphorescence. ACS Omega 2018 ;Volum 3.(8) s. 9360-9368
UiT Untitled
36 Demissie, Taye Beyene; Conradie, Jeanet; Vazquez-Lima, Hugo; Ruud, Kenneth; Ghosh, Abhik.
Rare and Nonexistent Nitrosyls: Periodic Trends and Relativistic Effects in Ruthenium and Osmium Porphyrin-Based {MNO}7 Complexes. ACS Omega 2018 ;Volum 3.(9) s. 10513-10516
UiT Untitled
37 Foroutan-Nejad, Cina; Ghosh, Abhik.
Magnetic Diversity in Heteroisocorroles: Aromatic Pathways in 10-Heteroatom-Substituted Isocorroles. ACS Omega 2018 ;Volum 3.(11) s. 15865-15869
UiT Untitled
38 Foroutan-Nejad, Cina; Larsen, Simon; Conradie, Jeanet; Ghosh, Abhik.
Isocorroles as Homoaromatic NIR-Absorbing Chromophores: A First Quantum Chemical Study. Scientific Reports 2018 ;Volum 8. s. -
UiT Untitled
39 Ganguly, Sumit; McCormick, Laura J; Conradie, Jeanet; Gagnon, Kevin J.; Sarangi, Ritimukta; Ghosh, Abhik.
Electronic Structure of Manganese Corroles Revisited: X-ray Structures, Optical and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopies, and Electrochemistry as Probes of Ligand Noninnocence. Inorganic Chemistry 2018 ;Volum 57.(16) s. 9656-9669
UiT Untitled
40 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Einrem, Rune Finsås; Alemayehu, Abraham; Bogoeva, Vanya; Ghosh, Abhik; Lindgren, Mikael.
Photodynamic therapy using corroles and ruthenium porphyrins. European Cooperation_COST Action. Program: BioBrillouin; 2018-09-12 - 2018-09-14
NTNU UiT Untitled
41 Ghosh, Abhik; Larsen, Simon; Conradie, Jeanet; Foroutan-Nejad, Cina.
Local versus global aromaticity in azuliporphyrin and benziporphyrin derivatives. Organic and biomolecular chemistry 2018 ;Volum 16.(42) s. 7964-7970
UiT Untitled
42 Kolle, Ekaney Thomas; Gagnon, Kevin J.; McCormick, Laura J; Ghosh, Abhik.
Molecular structure of gold 2,3,7,8,12,13,17,18-octabromo-5,10,15-tris(4'-pentafluorosulfanylphenyl)corrole: Potential insights into the insolubility of gold octabromocorroles. Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines 2018 ;Volum 22.(7) s. 596-601
UiT Untitled
43 Kolle, Ekaney Thomas; McCormick, Laura J; Carrie, Daniel; Vazquez Lima, Hugo; Simonneaux, Gerard; Ghosh, Abhik.
Halterman Corroles and Their Use as a Probe of the Conformational Dynamics of the Inherently Chiral Copper Corrole Chromophore. Inorganic Chemistry 2018 ;Volum 57.(8) s. 4270-4276
UiT Untitled
44 Tay, Aaron Chin Yit; Frogley, Benjamin J; Ware, David; Conradie, Jeanet; Ghosh, Abhik; Brothers, Penelope Jane.
Tetrahedral Pegs in Square Holes: Stereochemistry of Diboron Porphyrazines and Phthalocyanines. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2018 ;Volum 57. s. -
UiT Untitled
45 Thomassen, Ivar Kristian; McCormick, Laura J.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Synthesis and Molecular Structure of a Copper Octaiodocorrole. ACS Omega 2018 ;Volum 3.(5) s. 5106-5110
UiT Untitled
46 Thomassen, Ivar Kristian; McCormick, Laura J; Ghosh, Abhik.
Molecular Structure of a Free-Base β-Octaiodo-meso-tetraarylporphyrin. A Rational Route to cis Porphyrin Tautomers?. Crystal Growth & Design 2018 ;Volum 18.(8) s. 4257-4259
UiT Untitled
47 Alemayehu, Abraham; Vazquez Lima, Hugo; Gagnon, Kevin J.; Ghosh, Abhik.
Stepwise Deoxygenation of Nitrite as a Route to Two Families of Ruthenium Corroles: Group 8 Periodic Trends and Relativistic Effects. Inorganic Chemistry 2017 ;Volum 56.(9) s. 5285-5294
UiT Untitled
48 Alemayehu, Abraham; Vazquez Lima, Hugo; McCormick, Laura J; Ghosh, Abhik.
Relativistic effects in metallocorroles: Comparison of molybdenum and tungsten biscorroles. Chemical Communications 2017 ;Volum 53.(43) s. 5830-5833
UiT Untitled
49 Conradie, Jeanet; Ghosh, Abhik.
Energetics of saddling versus ruffling in metalloporphyrins: Unusual ruffled dodecasubstituted porphyrins. ACS Omega 2017 ;Volum 2.(10) s. 6708-6714
UiT Untitled
50 Conradie, Jeanet; Ghosh, Abhik.
The blue–violet color of Pentamethylbismuth: a visible spin-orbit effect. ChemistryOpen 2017 ;Volum 6. s. 15-17
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