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1 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Icebergs and Light: Modernity and the Artic Sublime in Barry Lopez's Artic Dreams. I: Arctic Modernities. The Environmental, the Exotic and the Everyday. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2017 ISBN 978-1-5275-0290-1. s. 39-63
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2 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Barry Lopez in the Arctic: the poet at the edge of the ice - and Romanticism. ASLE Eleventh Biennial Conference; 2015-06-23 - 2015-06-27
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3 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Gendered landscapes and new Arctic sublimities. Gendered Narratives in the North; 2015-12-14 - 2015-12-14
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4 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Landscape and Vision in Gretel Ehrlich's This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland. Nordlit 2015 ;Volum 35. s. 221-238
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5 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Nye forståelser av Arktis i moderne amerikansk 'nature writing'. Polarhistorisk frokost; 2015-12-04 - 2015-12-04
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6 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Barry Lopez's Relational Arctic. The Postcolonial Arctic; 2014-05-30 - 2014-05-31
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7 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Barry Lopez's Relational Arctic. Ecozona 2014 ;Volum 5.(2) s. 72-87
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8 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Visions from the Dogsled. ASANOR/NACS Conference Alta 2014; 2014-09-19 - 2014-09-21
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9 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
Visions from the Dogsled: Animals and Landscape in Gretel Ehrlich's This Cold Heaven. Arctic Modernities - an international interdisciplinary conference; 2014-09-16 - 2014-09-18
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10 Kjeldaas, Sigfrid.
The Significance of Hunting: What an Awareness of Animals Engenders in Barry Lopez’s Arctic Dreams. ASLE Tenth Biennial Conference; 2013-05-28 - 2013-06-01
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