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1 Olsen, Stian; Krause, Kirsten.
A rapid preparation procedure for laser microdissection‑mediated harvest of plant tissues for gene expression analysis. Plant Methods 2019
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2 Schwacke, Rainer; Ponce-Soto, Gabriel Y.; Krause, Kirsten; Bolger, Anthony; Arsova, Borjana; Hallab, Asis; Gruden, Kristina; Stitt, Mark; Bolger, Marie; Usadel, Björn.
MapMan4: a refined protein classification and annotation framework applicable to multi-omics data analysis.. Molecular Plant 2019
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3 Avetisyan, Anna; Panosyan, Anush; Paponov, Martina; Paponov, Ivan; Martinussen, Inger; Krause, Kirsten; Harutyunyan, Zara; Vardanian, Irina; Melikyan, Andreas; Badalyan, Manvel; Aloyan, Tatevik; Vardanyan, Alla; Shoukourian, Samvel; Jaakola, Laura.
Teaching plant biology brings together Norway and Armenia as platform for international collaboration. Norwegian Plant Biology 2018; 2018-05-30 - 2018-05-31
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4 Hamann, Thorsten; Karkonen, Anna; Krause, Kirsten.
From plant cell wall metabolism and plasticity to cell wall biotechnology. Physiologia Plantarum : An International Journal for Plant Biology 2018 ;Volum 164.(1) s. 2-4
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5 Krause, Kirsten; Risan Johnsen, Hanne; Pielach, Anna; Lund, leidulf; Fischer, Karsten; Rose, Jocelyn KC.
Identification of tomato introgression lines with enhanced susceptibility or resistance to infection by parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa). Physiologia Plantarum : An International Journal for Plant Biology 2018 ;Volum 162.(2) s. 205-218
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6 Martinez, German; Krause, Kirsten.
The parasitic plant haustorium: a trojan horse releasing microRNAs that take control of the defense responses of the host. Non-coding RNA Investigation 2018 ;Volum 2.(44) s. -
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7 Vogel, Alexander; Schwacke, Rainer; Denton, Alisandra; Usadel, Björn; Hollmann, Julien; Fischer, Karsten; Bolger, Anthony; Schmidt, Maximilian; Bolger, Marie; Grundlach, Heidrun; Mayer, Klaus F.X.; Weiss-Schneeweiss, Hanna; Temsch, Eva M.; Krause, Kirsten.
Footprints of parasitism in the genome of the parasitic flowering plant Cuscuta campestris. Nature Communications 2018 ;Volum 9.(1) Suppl. 2515 s. -
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8 Krause, Kirsten.
Plant endosymbionts and parasites. SPPS meeting; 2017-08-15 - 2017-08-18
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9 Krupinska, Karin; Krause, Kirsten.
The transcriptionally active chromosomes (TAC) of plastids revisited. Endocytobiosis and cell research 2017 ;Volum 28. s. 54-61
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10 Lund, leidulf; Cooper, Marie; Hollmann, Julien; Krause, Kirsten.
Red light control of dodder infection. Norwegian Plant Biology Meeting; 2017-06-21 - 2017-06-24
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11 Olsen, Stian; Krause, Kirsten.
Activity of xyloglucan endotransglucosylases/hydrolases suggests a role during host invasion by the parasitic plant Cuscuta reflexa. PLoS ONE 2017 ;Volum 12.(4)
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12 Striberny, Bernd; Melton, Anthony; Schwacke, Rainer; Krause, Kirsten; Fischer, Karsten; Goertzen, Leslie R.; Rashotte, Aaron M..
Cytokinin Response Factor 5 has transcriptional activity governed by its C-terminal domain.. Plant Signalling & Behavior 2017 ;Volum 12.(2) s. -
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13 Krause, Kirsten.
Learning "plant language". From intracellular to inter-plant communication. 3rd SPPS ECPI Meeting; 2016-11-21 - 2016-11-23
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14 Olsen, Stian; Ketelsen Striberny, Bernd; Hollmann, Julien; Schwacke, Rainer; Popper, Zoe A.; Krause, Kirsten.
Getting ready for host invasion: Elevated expression and action of xyloglucan endotransglucosylases/hydrolases in developing haustoria of the holoparasitic angiosperm Cuscuta. Journal of Experimental Botany 2016 ;Volum 67.(3) s. 695-708
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15 Olsen, Stian; Popper, Zoe A.; Krause, Kirsten.
Two sides of the same coin: xyloglucan endotransglucosylases/hydrolases in host infection by the parasitic plant Cuscuta. Plant Signalling & Behavior 2016 ;Volum 11.(3:e1145336)
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16 Olsen, Stian; Popper, Zoe A.; Krause, Kirsten.
Xyloglucan-modifying enzymes of the parasitic plant Cuscuta: putative functions in host plant infection. NorPlantBio 2016; 2016-06-15 - 2016-06-17
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17 Popper, Zoe A.; Pielach, Anna; Olsen, Stian; Krause, Kirsten.
Wall stories: the role of plant cell walls in parasitic interactions.. 3rd Annual meeting on plant ecology and evolution; 2016-02-05 - 2016-02-05
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18 Teubner, Marlene; Fuss, Janina; Kühn, Kristina; Krause, Kirsten; Schmitz-Linneweber, Christian.
The RRM protein CP33A is a global ligand of chloroplast mRNAs and is essential for plastid biogenesis and plant development. The Plant Journal 2016 ;Volum 89.(3) s. 472-485
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19 Ketelsen Striberny, Bernd; Krause, Kirsten.
Cell wall glycoproteins at interaction sites between parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa) and its host Pelargonium zonale. Plant Signalling & Behavior 2015 ;Volum 10.(11) s. 1-5
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20 Krause, Kirsten.
Grand-scale theft: Kleptoplasty in parasitic plants?. Trends in Plant Science 2015 ;Volum 20.(4) s. 196-198
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21 Risan Johnsen, Hanne; Ketelsen, Bernd; Olsen, Stian; Vidal-Melgosa, Silvia; Fangel, Jonatan U; Willats, William GT; Rose, Jocelyn KC; Krause, Kirsten.
Cell wall composition profiling of parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa) and its hosts: a priori differences and induced changes. New Phytologist 2015 ;Volum 207.(3) s. 805-816
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22 Jain, Kanika; Krause, Kirsten; Grewe, Felix; Nelson, Gaven F; Weber, Andreas PM; Christensen, Alan C; Mower, Jeffrey P.
Extreme Features of the Galdieria sulphuraria Organellar Genomes: A Consequence of Polyextremophily?. Genome Biology and Evolution 2014 ;Volum 7.(1) s. 367-380
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23 Krause, Kirsten.
"Devils guts" or "Angel hair"? The genus Cuscuta and its many faces. Seminar Plant Biology & Horticulture; 2014-11-07 - 2014-11-07
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24 Risan Johnsen, Hanne; Krause, Kirsten.
Cellulase activity screening using pure carboxymethylcellulose: Application to soluble cellulolytic samples and to plant tissue prints. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2014 ;Volum 15.(1) s. 830-838
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25 Fuss, Janina; Liegmann, Oliver; Krause, Kirsten; Rensing, Stefan A..
Green Targeting Predictor and Ambiguous Targeting Predictor 2: the pitfalls of plant protein targeting prediction and of transient protein expression in heterologous systems. New Phytologist 2013 s. -
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26 Herrmann, Ullrich; Krupinska, Karin; Krause, Kirsten.
Association of translation elongation factor EF-Tu with chloroplast transcriptionally active chromosomes. Endocytobiosis and cell research 2013 ;Volum 24. s. 27-34
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27 Krause, Kirsten.
Forschen in der Fremde - Am nördlichen Zipfel. Tyskland [Avis] 2013-08-07
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28 Krause, Kirsten.
Geruchssinn bei Schmarotzerplanzen?. Biologie in unserer Zeit 2013 ;Volum 3.(43) s. 144-
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29 Krause, Kirsten.
Obligate and facultative heterotrophy in the plant kingdom: How (differently) did it affect plastid genomes and plastid gene expression?. ISE-XII 2013; 2013-08-18 - 2013-08-22
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30 Krause, Kirsten; Scharff, Lars.
Reduced genomes from parasitic plant plastids: templates for minimal plastomes?. Progress in Botany 2013 ;Volum 75. s. 97-115
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31 Krupinska, Karin; Melonek, Joanna; Krause, Kirsten.
New insights into plastid nucleoid structure and functionality. Planta 2013 ;Volum 237.(3) s. 653-664
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32 Olsen, Stian; Krause, Kirsten.
Artificial induction of haustoria in the parasitic angiosperm Cuscuta: A molecular study of haustoriogenesis. Black Forest Summer School on Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists; 2013-09-10 - 2013-09-13
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33 Fuss, Janina.
Plant regulatory networks: RNA binding proteins as mediators of communication between DNA containing compartments by dual targeting. Tromso: University of Tromso - Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics 2012 (ISBN 978-82-8266-029-7) 197 s.
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34 Isemer, Rena; Krause, Kirsten; Grabe, Nils; Kitahata, Nobutaka; Asami, Tadao; Krupinska, Karin.
Plastid located WHIRLY1 enhances the responsiveness of Arabidopsis seedlings toward abscisic acid. Frontiers in Plant Science 2012 ;Volum 3.(283) s. -
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35 Ketelsen, Bernd; Olsen, Stian; Fischer, Karsten; Krause, Kirsten.
Correlation between 16S/18S rDNA ratio and chloroplast copy numbers in cotyledons of Arabidopsis thaliana: use for assessment of the impact of cytokinin response factor 5 on chloroplast development. Endocytobiosis and cell research 2012 ;Volum 22. s. 43-47
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36 Krause, Kirsten.
Plastid Genomes of Parasitic Plants: A Trail of Reductions and Losses. I: Organelle Genetics. Springer Publishing Company 2012 ISBN 978-3-642-22379-2. s. 79-103
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37 Krause, Kirsten; Lund, leidulf; Olsen, Bjørn Runar.
Snylteplanters bevegelse. Youtube ( Online 2012
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38 Krause, Kirsten; Oetke, Svenja; Krupinska, Karin.
Dual Targeting and Retrograde Translocation: Regulators of Plant Nuclear Gene Expression Can Be Sequestered by Plastids. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2012 ;Volum 13.(9) s. 11085-11101
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39 Olsen, Stian; Yin, Lan; Krause, Kirsten.
The dually targeted transcription factor TF1 and its role in the expression of plastid- and nuclear-encoded photosynthesis genes. PlantBio 2012; 2012-10-17 - 2012-10-18
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40 Fuss, Janina; Krause, Kirsten.
Localization and interaction of plastid localized RNA-binding proteins. 10th Norwegian Arabidopsis Meeting; 2011-12-01 - 2011-12-01
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41 Fuss, Janina; Liegmann, Oliver; Rensing, Stefan A.; Krause, Kirsten.
Protein targeting in the moss Physcomitrella patens and the angiosperm Arabidopsis thaliana - how compatible are transport systems after 450 Ma of divergent evolution?. The Norwegian Biochemical Society 47th Contact Meeting; 2011-02-03 - 2011-02-06
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42 Herrmann, Ullrich; Schwacke, Rainer; Fischer, Karsten; Krause, Kirsten.
Crosstalk between nucleus and organelles by dually targeted transcription factors?. 47th Contact Meeting; 2011-02-03 - 2011-02-06
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43 Krause, Kirsten.
Piecing together the puzzle of parasitic plant plastome evolution. Planta 2011 ;Volum 234.(4) s. 647-656
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44 Krause, Kirsten.
Slik kan ugress bli nyttig. Dagavisen Nordlys 2011
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45 Risan Johnsen, Hanne; Krause, Kirsten.
Analysis of plant cell wall degrading enzymes of the parasitic plant Cuscuta spp. 47th Contact Meeting; 2011-02-03 - 2011-02-06
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46 Svenning, Steingrim; Lamark, Trond; Krause, Kirsten; Johansen, Terje.
Plant NBR1 is a selective autophagy substrate and a functional hybrid of the mammalian autophagic adapters NBR1 and p62/SQSTM1. Autophagy 2011 ;Volum 7.(9) s. 993-1010
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47 Yin, Lan; Krause, Kirsten.
Dual targeting of a eukaryotic transcription factor, At2g44940. XXIV SPPS Congress; 2011-08-21 - 2011-08-25
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48 Krause, Kirsten.
Plastid Genome Variation and Selective Constraint in Species of the Parasitic Plant Genus Cuscuta. : Nova Publishers 2010 (ISBN 978-1-61761-485-9) 15 s.
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49 Thangaraj, Balakumar; Ryan, Christopher M.; Souda, Puneet; Krause, Kirsten; Faull, Kym F.; Weber, Andreas P.M.; Fromme, Petra; Whitelegge, Julian P..
Data-directed top-down Fourier-transform mass spectrometry of a large integral membrane protein complex: Photosystem II from Galdieria sulphuraria. Proteomics 2010 ;Volum 10.(20) s. 3644-3656
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50 Tillich, Michael; Krause, Kirsten.
The ins and outs of editing and splicing of plastid RNAs: lessons from parasitic plants. New Biotechnology 2010 ;Volum 27.(3) s. 256-266
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