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1 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
HIOF Untitled
2 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Kraken Skool of Finance. Alliances and Commonalities; 2020-10-22 - 2020-10-24
HIOF Untitled
3 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Spectral Collaborations / Kraken Skool of Finance. [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] Spectral Collaborations / Kraken Skool of Finance. NTA and National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago; Port of Spain. 2020-01-08 - 2020-01-11
HIOF Untitled
4 Arx, Serge Patrick von; Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Workshop at Ruhrtriennale “Speculation, Haunting and Wizardry”.
HIOF Untitled
5 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Drawing the Lines, Public Seminar. Drawing the Lines; 2019-11-13 - 2019-11-13
HIOF Untitled
6 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Spectral Collaborations.
HIOF Untitled
7 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Summer Academy of Artistic Research. Summer Academy of Artistic Research; 2019-08-12 - 2019-08-18
HIOF Untitled
8 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
The Anatomical Theatre in six parts and two voices. I: Black Box Teater Publication #2. Oslo: Black Box Teater 2019 ISBN 978-82-993507-4-7. s. 23-40
HIOF Untitled
9 Seidman, Karmen Lara.
Performance lecture: Potential of radicality.
HIOF Untitled
10 Seidman, Karmen Lara.
Spriten. Ibsen Awards Festival; 2019-10-21 - 2019-10-24
HIOF Untitled
11 Seidman, Karmen Lara.
Sånafest: Performance lecture / food for thought artist talks.
HIOF Untitled
12 Seidman, Karmen Lara; Moore, James Ray.
An Evening with Guillermo Gomez-Pena.
HIOF Untitled
13 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Acts of Love and Octopuses. Ruhtriennale Festival of the Arts; 2018-09-19 - 2018-09-22
HIOF Untitled
14 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Against Cultural Appropriation. I: Black Box Teater 0. Oslo: Black Box Teater 2018 ISBN 9788299350723. s. 25-36
HIOF Untitled
15 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Karmenlara Ely On: Jack Smith. [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] Podcast/Performance Lecture. Dramatikkens Hus; Oslo. 2018-05-15
HIOF Untitled
16 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
New Paths, New Rooms. Göteborg Dans and Teater Festival; 2018-08-21
HIOF Untitled
17 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
On Hospitality and Radical Tenderness. Symposium Chaos and Method; 2018-05-28 - 2018-05-29
HIOF Untitled
18 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Radical Elders. Blind Spot Staring Down the Void: Radical Elders; 2018-11-23 - 2018-11-24
HIOF Untitled
19 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Radical Elders: A gathering of artists. Blind Spot Staring Down the Void: Radical Elders; 2018-11-23 - 2018-11-24
HIOF Untitled
20 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
She did everything we told her to: A Eulogy to the Cassini Spacecraft. I: Thinking Alongside. Oslo: KHIO, Norwegian Artistic Research Program and Kulturrådet 2018 ISBN 978-82-92613-81-8. s. 11-20
HIOF Untitled
21 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
"Against Cultural Appropriation" article in Black Box Teater : Fall Catalogue.
HIOF Untitled
22 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
”Embodied narrative". workshop for master students in psychosocial work; 2017-05-10
HIOF Untitled
23 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Kulturkonferanse Østfold. Kulturkonferanse Østfold; 2017-11-28
HIOF Untitled
24 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Leadership and Collaboration. HiØ Course on Leadership (Pål Ellingsen); 2017-01-25 - 2017-01-25
HIOF Untitled
25 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
On Nausea and Hospitality. Teaching to Transgress Symposium; 2017-05-27
HIOF Untitled
26 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Panel Debate: på felles grunn?. Black Box Teater Oslo; 2017-11-08
HIOF Untitled
27 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
SAAR conference. Summer Academy for Artistic Research; 2017-08-13 - 2017-08-20
HIOF Untitled
28 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara; Eeg-Tverbakk, Camilla.
Childism: Performance Lecture. Fagdag med fokus på incest og seksuelle overgrep; 2017-11-24
HIOF Untitled
29 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara; Lotker, Sodja.
Dramaturgy of the Performer. METEOR Festival; 2017-10-25 - 2017-10-26
HIOF Untitled
30 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara; Lotker, Sodja.
Indentifying practice. Discussion and Rountable; 2017-10-26
HIOF Untitled
31 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara; Schwaegermann, Maria Magdalena.
Infinite Record: Archive, Memory, Performance (Book). Brooklyn Arts Press 2017 (ISBN 9781936767410) 197 s.
HIOF Untitled
32 Ellingsen, Pål; Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Fleksibel læring - Lederseminar HiØ, Fredrikstad. Seminar; 2016-08-10 - 2016-08-12
HIOF Untitled
33 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Conjoined Breathing #2.
HIOF Untitled
34 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
"Det handler ikke om å bygge seg selv, men om å lære å bygge". [Fagblad] 2016-09-22
HIOF Untitled
35 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
"Jobben took henne fra New York til Fredrikstad". Fredrikstad Blad [Avis] 2016-09-22
HIOF Untitled
36 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Moving against/moving toward - Gestures of imminent delay. Sensory Hacking Symposium; 2016-11-11 - 2016-11-11
HIOF Untitled
37 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Rural / Urban Theatre Spaces Part 1. Rural / Urban Theater Spaces; 2016-08-22 - 2016-08-27
HIOF Untitled
38 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
That Ain't Mas'. Trinidad Carnival / Turning Tides Conference; 2016-02-18 - 2016-02-20
HIOF Untitled
39 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
The Gauntlet : The High Line.
HIOF Untitled
40 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Whats on in Norway. 4 + 4 Days in motion; 2016-08-10 - 2016-09-10
HIOF Untitled
41 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Women in Violence II: Material Witness 40 years.
HIOF Untitled
42 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
"Østfolds skjulte teaterskatt". [Fagblad] 2016-12-27
HIOF Untitled
43 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Behind the Mask: Performance, Ritual and Artist. When the Curtain Never Comes Down; 2015-05-07
HIOF Untitled
44 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
"Material Witness".
HIOF Untitled
45 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Yielding to the Unknown: Actor training as intensification of the senses. I: Responsive Listening: Theater Training for Contemporary Spaces. Brooklyn Arts Press 2015 ISBN 978-1-936767-36-6. s. 15-32
HIOF Untitled
46 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara; Eeg-Tverbakk, Camilla.
Introduction. I: Responsive Listening: Theater Training for Contemporary Spaces. Brooklyn Arts Press 2015 ISBN 978-1-936767-36-6. s. 11-14
HIOF Untitled
47 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara; Eeg-Tverbakk, Camilla.
Material Strategies for Performers. Oslo International Acting Festival; 2015-08-24 - 2015-08-30
HIOF Untitled
48 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara; Eeg-Tverbakk, Camilla.
Responsive Listening: Theater Training for Contemporary Spaces. Brooklyn Arts Press 2015 (ISBN 978-1-936767-36-6) 120 s.
HIOF Untitled
49 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Continuous and Living Archive. International Conference / Infinite Record Finale: Continuous and Living Archive; 2014-11-14 - 2014-11-15
HIOF Untitled
50 Ely Seidman, Karmenlara.
Conversations on Indigenous Methodologies and The Doctrine of Discovery. Conversations on Indigenous Methodologies and The Doctrine of Discovery; 2014-04-30 - 2014-04-30
HIOF Untitled
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