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1 Stenseth, Tonje.
How and what students read. A study of evaluation and document selection processes in task-oriented reading.. Oslo: Reprosentralen 2019 114 s.
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2 Stenseth, Tonje.
Utvikling av elevers digitale lesestrategier og leseprosesser. Lærerstudenter som forskere på sin egen praksis.. Seminar for grunnskolelærerutdanningen (GLU); 2019-09-19
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3 Stenseth, Tonje; Jensen, Henning.
Hva kjennetegner god lesekompetanse i digitale omgivelser?. Grenlandskonferansen; 2019-11-07 - 2019-11-08
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4 Stenseth, Tonje; Strømsø, Helge Ivar.
To read or not to read: A qualitative study of students' justifications for document selection in task-oriented reading. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research 2018 ;Volum 63. s. 771-788
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5 Strømsø, Helge Ivar; Bråten, Ivar; Stenseth, Tonje.
The role of students' prior beliefs in recall and evaluation of information from texts on socio-scientific issues. Nordic Psychology 2017 ;Volum 69.(3) s. 127-142
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6 McCrudden, Matthew; Stenseth, Tonje; Bråten, Ivar; Strømsø, Helge Ivar.
The Effects of Topic Familiarity, Author Expertise, and Content Relevance on Norwegian Students' Document Selection: A Mixed Methods Study.. Journal of Educational Psychology 2016 ;Volum 108.(2) s. 147-162
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7 Stenseth, Tonje.
Who and what to trust when selecting between different sources of information?. EARLI SIG; 2016-07-11 - 2016-07-13
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8 Stenseth, Tonje; Bråten, Ivar; Strømsø, Helge Ivar.
Investigating interest and knowledge as predictors of students' attitudes towards socio-scientific issues. Learning and Individual Differences 2016 ;Volum 47. s. 274-280
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9 Stenseth, Tonje; Strømsø, Helge Ivar; Bråten, Ivar.
"I remember what the text says but don't really think it's true (when it disagrees with me).". Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association; 2014-04-03 - 2014-04-07
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