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1 Pierroux, Palmyre; Bäckström, Mattias; Brenna, Brita; Gowlland, Geoffrey; Ween, Gro Birgit.
Museums as Sites of Participatory Democracy and Design. I: A History of Participation in Museums and Archives. Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities. Routledge 2020 ISBN 9780367186715. s. 27-45
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2 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
The materials of indigeneity: slate and cement in a Taiwanese indigenous (Paiwan) mountain settlement. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 2020 ;Volum 26.(1) s. 126-145
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3 Bjerregaard, Peter; Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Thoughts on "Trapped". I: Tingenes metode: Museene som tingsteder. Oslo: Norsk Teknisk Museum 2018 ISBN 978-82-90115-53-6. s. 147-158
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4 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
The sociality of enskilment. Ethnos 2018
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5 Gowlland, Geoffrey; Ween, Gro Birgit.
Nuts and bolts of Digital Heritage. Bringing the past into the virtual present.. Nordisk Museologi 2018 (2-3) s. 3-14
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6 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Reinventing craft in China: The contemporary politics of Yixing zisha ceramics. Sean Kingston Publishing 2017 (ISBN 978-1-907774-98-0) 188 s.
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7 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
[Book review] Drazin, Adam & Susanne Küchler (eds). The social life of materials: studies in material and society.. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 2016 ;Volum 22.(4) s. 998-998
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8 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Chinese concrete, indigenous slate: ethnicities of building materials in Taiwan. Victoria & Albert Museum/Royal College of Art History of Design Research Seminar; 2016-11-24
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9 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Making Yixing (Zisha) Teapots in 21st Century China: How Artisans Reinvented an Age-Old Craft After Socialism. Norsk Selskap for Orientalsk Keramikk (NSOK); 2016-12-01
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10 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Materials, the nation and the self: division of labor in a Taiwanese craft. I: Critical Craft: Technology, Globalization, and Capitalism. Bloomsbury Academic 2016 ISBN 978-1472594853. s. 199-216
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11 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
The Skilled Viking: displaying crafts and not displaying killing in an exhibition on the Viking age. Primitive tider 2016 ;Volum Spesialutgave. s. 91-101
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12 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Thinking through Materials: Embodied Problem Solving and the Values of Work in Taiwanese Ceramics. I: Craftwork as Problem Solving: Ethnographic Studies of Design and Making. Ashgate 2016 ISBN 9781472442925. s. 183-196
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13 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Discussion: Francophone Approaches to Learning Through Practice. Professional and Practice-based Learning 2015 ;Volum 12. s. 189-198
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14 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Imaging/Imagining Craftwork. Visual Anthropology 2015 ;Volum 28.(4) s. 267-276
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15 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Learning by hand: anthropologies of craft apprenticeship. The Anthropology of Hands; 2015-06-24 - 2015-06-26
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16 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Unpacking Craft Skills: What Can Images Reveal about the Embodied Experience of Craft?. Visual Anthropology 2015 ;Volum 28.(4) s. 286-297
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17 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Apprenticeship as a model for learning in and through professional practice. I: International Handbook of Research in Professional and Practice-based Learning. Springer 2014 ISBN 978-94-017-8902-8. s. 759-779
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18 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Learning Craft Skills in China: Apprenticeship and Social Capital in an Artisan Community of Practice. Anthropology & Education Quarterly 2012 ;Volum 43.(4) s. 358-371
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19 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
The ‘Matière à Penser’ approach to material culture: objects, subjects and the materiality of the self. Journal of material culture 2011 ;Volum 16.(3)
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20 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Learning to See Value: Exchange and the Politics of Vision in a Chinese Craft. Ethnos 2009 ;Volum 74.(2) s. 229-250
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21 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
Style, Skill and Modernity in the Zisha Pottery of China. Journal of Modern Craft 2009 ;Volum 2.(2) s. 129-142
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22 Gowlland, Geoffrey.
The uses of modernity in a Chinese craft tradition. Asiatische Studien - Études Asiatiques 2004 ;Volum 58.(4) s. 849-877
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