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1 Mouhat, Mathieu; Stangvaltaite-Mouhat, Lina; Mercer, James; Nilsen, Bo Wold; Örtengren, Ulf.
Light-curing units used in dentistry: Effect of their characteristics on temperature development in teeth. Dental materials journal 2021 ;Volum 40.(5) s. 1177-1188
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2 Mouhat, Mathieu; Moorehead, Robert; Murdoch, Craig.
In vitro Candida albicans biofilm formation on different titanium surface topographies. Biomaterial Investigations in Dentistry 2020 ;Volum 7.(1) s. 146-157
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3 Nilsen, Bo Wold; Mouhat, Mathieu; Haukland, Torbjørn; Ørtengren, Ulf Thore; Mercer, James.
Heat Development in the Pulp Chamber During Curing Process of Resin-Based Composite Using Multi-Wave LED Light Curing Unit. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry 2020 ;Volum 12. s. 271-280
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4 Nilsen, Bo Wold; Mouhat, Mathieu; Jokstad, Asbjørn.
Quantification of porosity in composite resins delivered by injectable syringes using X-ray microtomography. Biomaterial Investigations in Dentistry 2020 ;Volum 7. s. 86-95
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5 Mouhat, Mathieu; Stangvaltaite, Lina; Mercer, James B.; Örtengren, Ulf Tore.
Pulp chamber temperature development in a natural tooth when using different LED light curing units. The 65th Congress of the European Organisation for Caries Research; 2018-07-04 - 2018-07-07
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6 Mouhat, Mathieu; Stangvaltaite, Lina; Mercer, James; Õrtengren, Ulf.
Comparison of temperature development in teeth using different LED Light Curing Units. AIC 19th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS and CONSEURO; 2017-05-11 - 2017-05-13
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7 Stangvaltaite, Lina; Mouhat, Mathieu; Kscenaviciute, Vaiva; Puriene, Alina.
Diagnoses of dental disease in regions with low and high numbers of dentists. 22nd Congress of the European Association of Dental Public Health; 2017-06-08 - 2017-06-10
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8 Mouhat, Mathieu; Mercer, James; Hakeberg, Magnus; Örtengren, Ulf Tore.
Light curing devices used in dentistry – heat development – a risk for patients?. Fellesmøtet for kariologi (Oslo, Bergen og Tromsø); 2016-01-29 - 2016-01-30
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9 Mouhat, Mathieu; Mercer, James; Stangvaltaite, Lina; Ørtengren, Ulf Thore.
Light-curing units used in dentistry: factors associated with heat development – potential risk for patients. Clinical Oral Investigations 2016 ;Volum Published ahead of print. s. 1-10
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10 Nakamura, Keisuke; Mouhat, Mathieu; Nergård, John Magnus; Lægreid, Solveig Jenssen; Kanno, Taro; Milleding, Percy; Ørtengren, Ulf Thore.
Effect of cements on fracture resistance of monolithic zirconia crowns. Acta Biomaterialia Odontologica Scandinavica 2016 ;Volum 2.(1) s. 12-19
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11 Mouhat, Mathieu; Mercer, James; Hakeberg, Magnus; Ørtengren, Ulf Thore.
LED curing devices –Temperature distribution on natural teeth correlated to intensity and distances. 47th Meeting of Continental European Division of the International Association for Dental Research (CED-IADR); 2015-10-15 - 2015-10-17
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12 Mouhat, Mathieu; Mercer, James; Ørtengren, Ulf Thore.
Temperature distribution on natural teeth subjected to light curing with different LED curing devices –preliminary results. Oral presentation.. 19th National Congress of the Polish Association of Thermology; 2015-03-21 - 2015-03-23
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