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1 Baho, Didier Ludovic; Leu, Eva; Pomati, Francesco; Hessen, Dag Olav; Nordberg, Jon; Moe, S. Jannicke; Skjelbred, Birger; Nizzetto, Luca.
Resilience of Natural Phytoplankton Communities to Pulse Disturbances from Micropollutant Exposure and Vertical Mixing. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 38.(10) s. 2197-2208
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2 Baho, Didier Ludovic; Pomati, Francesco; Leu, Eva; Hessen, Dag Olav; Moe, S. Jannicke; Norberg, Jon; Nizzetto, Luca.
A single pulse of diffuse contaminants alters the size distribution of natural phytoplankton communities. Science of the Total Environment 2019 ;Volum 683. s. 578-588
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3 Chakraborty, Paromita; Sampath, Srimurali; Mukhopadhyay, Moitraiyee; Selvaraj, Sakthivel; Bharat, Girija K.; Nizzetto, Luca.
Baseline investigation on plasticizers, bisphenol A, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals in the surface soil of the informal electronic waste recycling workshops and nearby open dumpsites in Indian metropolitan cities. Environmental Pollution (1987) 2019 ;Volum 248. s. 1036-1045
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4 Galafassi, Silvia; Nizzetto, Luca; Volta, Pietro.
Plastic sources: A survey across scientific and grey literature for their inventory and relative contribution to microplastics pollution in natural environments, with an emphasis on surface water. Science of the Total Environment 2019 ;Volum 693:133499. s. 1-14
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5 Lin, Yan; Couture, Raoul-Marie; Klein, Heiko; Ytre-Eide, Martin; Dyve, Jan Erik; Lind, Ole Christian; Bartnicki, Jerzy; Nizzetto, Luca; Butterfield, Daniel; Larssen, Thorjørn; Salbu, Brit.
Modelling environmental impacts of Cesium-137 under a hypothetical release of radioactive waste. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 2019 ;Volum 103.(1) s. 69-74
6 Sharma, Brij Mohan; Bečanová, Jitka; Scheringer, Martin; Sharma, Anežka; Bharat, Girija K.; Whitehead, Paul G.; Klanova, Jana; Nizzetto, Luca.
Health and ecological risk assessment of emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and artificial sweeteners) in surface and groundwater (drinking water) in the Ganges River Basin, India. Science of the Total Environment 2019 ;Volum 646. s. 1459-1467
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7 Silvani, Ludovica; Hjartardottir, Sigurbjørg; Bielská, Lucie; Škulcová, Lucia; Cornelissen, Gerard; Nizzetto, Luca; Hale, Sarah.
Can polyethylene passive samplers predict polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) uptake by earthworms and turnips in a biochar amended soil?. Science of the Total Environment 2019 ;Volum 662. s. 873-880
8 Zhang, Hui; Nizzetto, Luca; Feng, Xinbin; Borgå, Katrine; Sommar, Jonas; Fu, Xuewu; Zhang, Hua; Zhang, Gan; Larssen, Thorjørn.
Assessing Air–Surface Exchange and Fate of Mercury in a Subtropical Forest Using a Novel Passive Exchange-Meter Device. Environmental Science and Technology 2019 ;Volum 53.(9) s. 4869-4879
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9 Brumovský, Miroslav; Bečanová, Jitka; Karásková, Pavlína; Nizzetto, Luca.
Retention performance of three widely used SPE sorbents for the extraction of perfluoroalkyl substances from seawater. Chemosphere 2018 ;Volum 193. s. 259-269
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10 Hurley, Rachel; Nizzetto, Luca.
Fate and occurrence of micro(nano)plastics in soils: Knowledge gaps and possible risks. Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health 2018 ;Volum 1. s. 6-11
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11 Hurley, Rachel R; Lusher, Amy L; Olsen, Marianne; Nizzetto, Luca.
Validation of a Method for Extracting Microplastics from Complex, Organic-Rich, Environmental Matrices. Environmental Science and Technology 2018 ;Volum 52.(13) s. 7409-7417
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12 Sanka, Ondrej; Kalina, Jiří; Lin, Yan; Deutscher, Jan; Futter, Martyn; Butterfield, Dan; Melymuk, Lisa; Brabec, Karel; Nizzetto, Luca.
Estimation of p,p’-DDT degradation in soil by modeling and constraining hydrological and biogeochemical controls. Environmental Pollution (1987) 2018 ;Volum 239. s. 179-188
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13 Sharma, Brij Mohan; Melymuk, Lisa; Bharat, Girija K; Přibylová, Petra; Sáňka, Ondřej; Klánová, Jana; Nizzetto, Luca.
Spatial gradients of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in air, atmospheric deposition, and surface water of the Ganges River basin. Science of the Total Environment 2018 ;Volum 627. s. 1495-1504
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14 Brumovský, Miroslav; Bečanová, Jitka; Kohoutek, Jiří; Borghini, Mireno; Nizzetto, Luca.
Contaminants of emerging concern in the open sea waters of the Western Mediterranean. Environmental Pollution (1987) 2017 ;Volum 229. s. 976-983
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15 Lu, Q.; Whitehead, Paul G.; Bussi, G.; Futter, M.N.; Nizzetto, Luca.
Modelling metaldehyde in catchments: a River Thames case-study. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 2017 ;Volum 19.(4) s. 586-595
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16 Lusher, Amy; Hurley, Rachel; Vogelsang, Christian; Nizzetto, Luca; Olsen, Marianne.
Mapping microplastics in sludge. Oslo: Norsk institutt for vannforskning 2017 (ISBN 978-82-577-6950-5) 55 s. NIVA-rapport(7215)
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17 Pomati, Francesco; Jokela, Jukka; Castiglioni, Sara; Thomas, Mridul K; Nizzetto, Luca.
Water-borne pharmaceuticals reduce phenotypic diversity and response capacity of natural phytoplankton communities. PLOS ONE 2017 ;Volum 12.(3) s. -
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18 Avset, Liv Mildrid Melkild; Nizzetto, Luca.
– Kan være mer mikroplast i landbruksjord enn i havet. Nationen [Avis] 2016-11-14
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19 Brumovsky, Miroslav; Bečanová, Jitka; Kohoutek, Jiri; Thomas, Henrike; Petersen, Wilhelm; Sørensen, Kai; Sanka, Ondrej; Nizzetto, Luca.
Exploring the occurrence and distribution of contaminants of emerging concern through unmanned sampling from ships of opportunity in the North Sea. Journal of Marine Systems 2016 ;Volum 162. s. 47-56
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20 Brumovsky, Miroslav; Karásková, Pavlína; Borghini, Mireno; Nizzetto, Luca.
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the Western Mediterranean Sea waters. Chemosphere 2016 ;Volum 159. s. 308-316
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21 Komprdova, Klara; Komprda, Jiri; Mensik, Ladislav; Vankova, Lenka; Kulhavy, Jiri; Nizzetto, Luca.
The influence of tree species composition on the storage and mobility of semivolatile organic compounds in forest soils. Science of the Total Environment 2016 ;Volum 553. s. 532-540
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22 Lin, Tian; Nizzetto, Luca; Guo, Zhigang; Li, Yuanyuan; Li, Jun; Zhang, Gan.
DDTs and HCHs in sediment cores from the coastal East China Sea. Science of the Total Environment 2016 ;Volum 539. s. 388-394
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23 Lu, Q; Futter, Martyn N.; Nizzetto, Luca; Bussi, G; Jürgens, MD; Whitehead, Paul G..
Fate and transport of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the River Thames catchment – Insights from a coupled multimedia fate and hydrobiogeochemical transport model. Science of the Total Environment 2016 ;Volum 572. s. 1461-1470
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24 Nizzetto, Luca; Avset, Liv Mildrid Melkild; Borchgrevink, Harald Bonaventura.
Microplastics in agricultural soils: A reason to worry?. ScienceDaily [Internett] 2016-10-28
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25 Nizzetto, Luca; Avset, Liv Mildrid Melkild; Borchgrevink, Harald Bonaventura.
Mikroplast spres på åkeren og kan havne i maten. [Internett] 2016-11-14
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26 Nizzetto, Luca; Borchgrevink, Harald Bonaventura.
Nytt verktøy kan simulere og forutsi forurensning. [Internett] 2016-02-19
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27 Nizzetto, Luca; Borchgrevink, Harald Bonaventura; Avset, Liv Mildrid Melkild.
Microplastics in the earth: A reason to worry?. [Internett] 2016-11-02
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28 Nizzetto, Luca; Bussi, Gianbattista; Futter, Martyn N.; Butterfield, Dan; Whitehead, Paul G..
A theoretical assessment of microplastic transport in river catchments and their retention by soils and river sediments. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 2016 ;Volum 18.(8) s. 1050-1059
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29 Nizzetto, Luca; Butterfield, Dan; Futter, Martyn N.; Lin, Yan; Allan, Ian; Larssen, Thorjørn.
Assessment of contaminant fate in catchments using a novel integrated hydrobiogeochemical-multimedia fate model. Science of the Total Environment 2016 ;Volum 544. s. 553-563
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30 Nizzetto, Luca; Futter, Martyn N.; Langaas, Sindre.
Are Agricultural Soil Dumps for Microplastics of Urban Origin?. Environmental Science and Technology 2016 ;Volum 50.(20) s. 10777-10779
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31 Nizzetto, Luca; Langaas, Sindre; Futter, Martyn N..
Pollution: Do microplastics spill on to farm soils?. Nature 2016 ;Volum 537.(7621) s. 488-488
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32 Sharma, Brij Mohan; Bharat, Girija K.; Tayal, Shresth; Larssen, Thorjørn; Bečanová, Jitka; Karásková, Pavlína; Whitehead, Paul G.; Futter, Martyn N.; Butterfield, Dan; Nizzetto, Luca.
Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in river and ground/drinking water of the Ganges River basin: Emissions and implications for human exposure. Environmental Pollution (1987) 2016 ;Volum 208.(B) s. 704-713
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33 Borchgrevink, Harald Bonaventura; Nizzetto, Luca.
Miljøgifter våkner når Himalayas isbreer smelter. [Internett] 2015-11-25
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34 Lin, Tian; Guo, Zhigang; Li, Yuanyuan; Nizzetto, Luca; Ma, Chuanliang; Chen, Yingjun.
Air-seawater exchange of organochlorine pesticides along the sediment plume of a large contaminated river. Environmental Science and Technology 2015 ;Volum 49.(9) s. 5354-5362
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35 Sharma, Brij Mohan; Nizzetto, Luca; Bharat, Girija K.; Tayal, Shresth; Melymuk, Lisa; Sáňkac, Ondřej; Přibylovác, Petra; Audyc, Ondřej; Larssen, Thorjørn.
Melting Himalayan glaciers contaminated by legacy atmospheric depositions are important sources of PCBs and high-molecular-weight PAHs for the Ganges floodplain during dry periods : the authors dedicate this paper to the memory of their dear friend and colleague, Maneesh Manjunath.. Environmental Pollution (1987) 2015 ;Volum 206. s. 588-596
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36 Xu, Yue; Li, Jun; Zheng, Qian; Pan, Suhong; Luo, Chunling; Zhu, Haolin; Nizzetto, Luca; Zhang, Gan.
Polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs) in Chinese forest soil: Will combustion become a major source?. Environmental Pollution (1987) 2015 ;Volum 204. s. 124-132
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37 Zheng, Qian; Nizzetto, Luca; Li, Jun; Mulder, Marie D.; Sáňka, Ondřej; Lammel, Gerhard; Bing, Haijian; Liu, Xin; Jiang, Yishan; Luo, Chunling; Zhang, Gan.
Spatial distribution of old and emerging flame retardants in chinese forest soils: Sources, trends and processes.. Environmental Science and Technology 2015 ;Volum 49.(5) s. 2904-2911
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38 Zheng, Qian; Nizzetto, Luca; Liu, Xiang; Borgå, Katrine; Starrfelt, Jostein; Li, Jun; Jiang, Yishan; Liu, Xin; Jones, Kevin C.; Zhang, Gan.
Elevated mobility of persistent organic pollutants in the soil of a tropical rainforest. Environmental Science and Technology 2015 ;Volum 49.(7) s. 4302-4309
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39 Gioia, Rosalinda; MacLeod, Matthew; Castro-Jiménez, Javier; Nizzetto, Luca; Dachs, Jordi; Lohmann, Rainer; Jones, Kevin C..
Diurnal variability of persistent organic pollutants in the atmosphere over the remote Southern Atlantic Ocean. Atmosphere 2014 ;Volum 5.(3) s. 622-634
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40 Nizzetto, Luca; Liu, Xiang; Zhang, Gan; Komprdova, Klara; Komprda, Jiri.
Accumulation kinetics and equilibrium partitioning coefficients for semivolatile organic pollutants in forest litter. Environmental Science and Technology 2014 ;Volum 48.(1) s. 420-428
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41 Sharma, Brij Mohan; Bharat, Girija K.; Tayal, Shresth; Nizzetto, Luca; Čupr, Pavel; Larssen, Thorjørn.
Environment and human exposure to persistent organic pollutants(POPs) in India: a systematic review of recent and historical data. Environment International 2014 ;Volum 66. s. 48-64
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42 Sharma, Brij Mohan; Bharat, Girija K.; Tayal, Shresth; Nizzetto, Luca; Larssen, Thorjørn.
The legal framework to manage chemical pollution in India and the lesson from the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Science of the Total Environment 2014 ;Volum 490. s. 733-747
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43 Thomas, Kevin V; Araújo da Silva, Felipe M.; Langford, Katherine; de Souza, Afonso D. Leão; Nizzetto, Luca; Waichman, Andrea Viviana.
Screening for selected human pharmaceuticals and cocaine in the urban streams of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 2014 ;Volum 50.(2) s. 302-308
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44 Zheng, Qian; Nizzetto, Luca; Mulder, Marie D.; Sanka, Ondrej; Lammel, Gerhard; Li, Jun; Bing, Haijian; Liu, Xin; Jiang, Yishan; Luo, Chunling; Zhang, Gan.
Does an analysis of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) distribution in mountain soils across China reveal a latitudinal fractionation paradox?. Environmental Pollution (1987) 2014 ;Volum 195. s. 115-122
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45 Gioia, Rosalinda; Dachs, Jordi; Nizzetto, Luca; Lohmann, Rainer; Jones, Kevin C..
Atmospheric transport, cycling and dynamics of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) from source regions to remote oceanic areas. I: Occurrence, fate and impact of atmospheric pollutants on environmental and human health. American Chemical Society (ACS) 2013 ISBN 9780841228900. s. -
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46 Komprda, Jiri; Komprdova, Klara; Sanka, Milan; Mozny, Martin; Nizzetto, Luca.
Influence of climate and land use change on spatially resolved volatilization of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from background soils. Environmental Science and Technology 2013 ;Volum 47.(13) s. 7052-7059
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47 Liu, Xiang; Ming, Li-Li; Nizzetto, Luca; Borgå, Katrine; Larssen, Thorjørn; Zheng, Qian; Li, Jun; Zhang, Gan.
Critical evaluation of a new passive exchange-meter for assessing multimedia fate of persistent organic pollutants at the air-soil interface. Environmental Pollution 2013 ;Volum 181. s. 144-150
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48 Pomati, Francesco; Nizzetto, Luca.
Assessing triclosan-induced ecological and trans-generational effects in natural phytoplankton communities: a trait-based field method. Ecotoxicology 2013 ;Volum 22.(5) s. 779-794
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49 Farkas, Julia; Nizzetto, Luca; Thomas, Kevin V.
The binding of phenanthrene to engineered silver and gold nanoparticles. Science of the Total Environment 2012 ;Volum 425. s. 283-288
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50 Nizzetto, Luca; Gioia, Rosalinda; Li, Jun; Borgå, Katrine; Pomati, Francesco; Bettinetti, Roberta; Dachs, Jordi; Jones, Kevin C..
Biological Pump Control of the Fate and Distribution of Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants in Water and Plankton. Environmental Science and Technology 2012 ;Volum 46.(6) s. 3204-3211
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