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1 Jerjes, Waseem; Hamdoon, Zaid; Berg, Kristian; Høgset, Anders; Hopper, Colin.
Apparent Complete Response of a Treatment Refractory and Recurrent Squamous Cell Carcinoma Lesion to Photochemical Internalization: A Clinical Case Study. Photochemistry and Photobiology 2020
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2 Olsen, Kristine Løkke; Johansen, Harald Thidemann; Nilsen, Hilde; Solberg, Rigmor; Berg, Kristian.
Effekt av cysteinproteasen legumain på celleviabilitet etter fotodynamisk terapi. NSFT-vintermøte; 2020-01-23 - 2020-01-26
UiO Untitled
3 Grigalavicius, Mantas; Mastrangelopoulou, Maria; Berg, Kristian; Arous, Delmon; Ménard, Mathilde; Henriksen-Raabe, Tine Therese; Brondz, Efim; Siem, Sunniva; Görgen, Andreas; Edin, Nina Frederike J; Malinen, Eirik; Theodossiou, Theodossis.
Proton-dynamic therapy following photosensitiser activation by accelerated protons demonstrated through fluorescence and singlet oxygen production. Nature Communications 2019 ;Volum 10.(1)
OUS UiO Untitled
4 Jerjes, Waseem; Hamdoon, Zaid; Berg, Kristian; Høgset, Anders; Hopper, Colin.
Recurrent chondroblastic osteosarcoma of the right mandible subjected to photochemical internalization. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 2019 ;Volum 27. s. 288-290
OUS Untitled
5 Olsen, Cathrine Elisabeth; Chung, Lawrence H.; Weyergang, Anette; Berg, Kristian; Vallera, Daniel A.; Rosenblum, Michael G.; Selbo, Pål Kristian.
Design, Characterization, and Evaluation of scFvCD133/rGelonin: A CD133-Targeting Recombinant Immunotoxin for Use in Combination with Photochemical Internalization. Journal of Clinical Medicine 2019 ;Volum 9.(1)
OUS Untitled
6 Shin, Diane; Nguyen, Lina; T Le, Mai; Ju, David; N Le, Jimmy; Berg, Kristian; Hirschberg, Henry.
The effects of low irradiance long duration photochemical internalization on glioma spheroids. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 2019 ;Volum 26. s. 442-447
OUS Untitled
7 Sun, Chung-Ho; Berg, Kristian; Hirschberg, Henry.
Photochemical Internalization Enhanced Nonviral Suicide Gene Therapy. Methods in molecular biology 2019 ;Volum 1895. s. 165-176
OUS Untitled
8 Theodossiou, Theodossis; Ali, Muhammad; Grigalavicius, Mantas; Grallert, Beata; Dillard, Pierre; Schink, Kay Oliver; Olsen, Cathrine Elisabeth; Wälchli, Sébastien; Inderberg, Else Marit; Kubin, Andreas; Qian, Peng; Berg, Kristian.
Simultaneous defeat of MCF7 and MDA-MB-231 resistances by a hypericin PDT-tamoxifen hybrid therapy. NPJ breast cancer 2019
OUS Untitled
9 Eng, Marius Strømbo; Kaur, Jagdip; Prasmickaite, Lina; Engesæter, Birgit Øvstebø; Weyergang, Anette; Skarpen, Ellen; Berg, Kristian; Rosenblum, Michael G.; Mælandsmo, Gunhild Mari; Høgset, Anders; Ferrone, Soldano; Selbo, Pål Kristian.
Enhanced targeting of triple-negative breast carcinoma and malignant melanoma by photochemical internalization of CSPG4-targeting immunotoxins. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2018 ;Volum 17.(5) s. 539-551
OUS Untitled
10 Mastrangelopoulou, Maria; Grigalavicius, Mantas; Berg, Kristian; Ménard, Mathilde; Theodossiou, Theodossis.
Cytotoxic and Photocytotoxic Effects of Cercosporin on Human Tumor Cell Lines. Photochemistry and Photobiology 2018 s. 1-10
OUS Untitled
11 Nair, Rohit Kumar; Christie, Catherine; Ju, David; Shin, Diane; Pomeroy, Aftin; Berg, Kristian; Qian, Peng; Hirschberg, Henry.
Enhancing the effects of chemotherapy by combined macrophage-mediated photothermal therapy (PTT) and photochemical internalization (PCI). Lasers in Medical Science 2018 ;Volum 33.(8) s. 1747-1755
OUS UiO Untitled
12 Shin, Diane; Christie, Catherine; Ju, David; Nair, Rohit Kumar; Molina, Stephanie; Berg, Kristian; Krasieva, Tatiana B.; Madsen, Steen J.; Hirschberg, Henry.
Photochemical internalization enhanced macrophage delivered chemotherapy. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 2018 ;Volum 21. s. 156-162
OUS Untitled
13 Weyergang, Anette; Fremstedal, Ane Sofie Viset; Skarpen, Ellen; Qian, Peng; Mohamedali, Khalid A.; Eng, Marius Strømbo; Cheung, Lawrence H.; Rosenblum, Michael G.; Waltenberger, Johannes; Berg, Kristian.
Light-enhanced VEGF121/rGel: A tumor targeted modality with vascular and immune-mediated efficacy. Journal of Controlled Release 2018 ;Volum 288. s. 161-172
OUS Untitled
14 Christie, Catherine; Pomeroy, Aftin; Nair, Rohit; Berg, Kristian; Hirschberg, Henry.
Photodynamic therapy enhances the efficacy of gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 2017 ;Volum 18. s. 140-148
OUS Untitled
15 Gaware, Vivek S.; Håkerud, Monika; Juzeniene, Asta; Høgset, Anders; Berg, Kristian; Másson, Már.
Endosome Targeting meso-Tetraphenylchlorin-Chitosan Nanoconjugates for Photochemical Internalization. Biomacromolecules 2017 ;Volum 18.(4) s. 1108-1126
OUS Untitled
16 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Johnsson, Anders Carl G.; Berg, Kristian; Manandhar, Rojlina; Shrestha, Chetana; Skåre, Daniel; Ekroll, Ingvild Kinn; Høgset, Anders; Hjelde, Astrid.
Photochemical internalization in bladder cancer-development of an orthotopic in vivo model. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2017 ;Volum 16.(11) s. 1664-1676
NTNU OUS Untitled
17 Norum, Ole-Jacob Anderssen; Fremstedal, Ane Sofie Viset; Weyergang, Anette; Golab, Jakub; Berg, Kristian.
Photochemical delivery of bleomycin induces T-cell activation of importance for curative effect and systemic anti-tumor immunity. Journal of Controlled Release 2017 ;Volum 268. s. 120-127
OUS Untitled
18 Olsen, Cathrine Elisabeth; Sellevold, Simen; Theodossiou, Theodossis; Patzke, Sebastian; Berg, Kristian.
Impact of genotypic and phenotypic differences in sarcoma models on the outcome of photochemical internalization (PCI) of bleomycin. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 2017 ;Volum 20. s. 35-47
OUS Untitled
19 Olsen, Cathrine Elisabeth; Weyergang, Anette; Edwards, Victoria Tudor; Berg, Kristian; Brech, Andreas; Weisheit, Sabine; Høgset, Anders; Selbo, Pål Kristian.
Development of resistance to photodynamic therapy (PDT) in human breast cancer cells is photosensitizer-dependent: Possible mechanisms and approaches for overcoming PDT-resistance. Biochemical Pharmacology 2017 ;Volum 144. s. 63-77
OUS Untitled
20 Sellevold, Simen; Qian, Peng; Fremstedal, Ane Sofie Viset; Berg, Kristian.
Photochemical internalization (PCI) of bleomycin is equally effective in two dissimilar leiomyosarcoma xenografts in athymic mice. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 2017 ;Volum 20. s. 95-106
OUS Untitled
21 Theodossiou, Theodossis; Olsen, Cathrine Elisabeth; Jonsson, Marte; Kubin, Andreas; Hothersall, John S.; Berg, Kristian.
The diverse roles of glutathione-associated cell resistance against hypericin photodynamic therapy. Redox Biology 2017 ;Volum 12. s. 191-197
OUS Untitled
22 Berg, Kristian; Selbo, Pål Kristian.
Photochemical Internalization (PCI) — A Technology for Intracellular Drug Delivery. I: Handbook of Porphyrin Science: With Applications to Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Engineering, Biology and Medicine. World Scientific 2016 ISBN 978-981-3149-63-2. s. 245-300
OUS Untitled
23 Christie, Catherine; Molina, Stephanie; Gonzales, Jonathan; Berg, Kristian; Nair, Rohit Kumar; Huynh, Khoi; Madsen, Steen J.; Hirschberg, Henry.
Synergistic chemotherapy by combined moderate hyperthermia and photochemical internalization. Biomedical Optics Express 2016 ;Volum 7.(4) s. 1240-1250
OUS Untitled
24 Madsen, Steen J.; Gonzales, Jonathan; Zamora, Genesis; Berg, Kristian; Nair, Rohit Kumar; Hirschberga, Henry.
Comparing the effects of light-or sonic-activated drug delivery: Photochemical/sonochemical internalization. Journal of Environmental Pathology And Toxicology 2016 ;Volum 35.(1) s. 91-98
OUS Untitled
25 Reichrath, Jörg; Berg, Kristian; Emmert, Steffen; Lademann, Jürgen; Seckmeyer, Gunther; Zastrow, Leonhard; Vogt, Thomas; Holick, Michael F..
Biologic effects of light: An enlighting prospective. Anticancer Research 2016 ;Volum 36.(3) s. 1339-1344
OUS Untitled
26 Sultan, Ahmed A.; Jerjes, Waseem; Berg, Kristian; Høgset, Anders; Mosse, Charles A.; Hamoudi, Rifat; Hamdoon, Zaid; Simeon, Celia; Carnell, Dawn; Forster, Martin; Hopper, Colin.
Disulfonated tetraphenyl chlorin (TPCS2a)-induced photochemical internalisation of bleomycin in patients with solid malignancies: a phase 1, dose-escalation, first-in-man trial. The Lancet Oncology 2016 ;Volum 17.(9) s. 1217-1229
OUS Untitled
27 Theodossiou, Theodossis; Waelchli, Sebastien; Olsen, Cathrine Elisabeth; Skarpen, Ellen; Berg, Kristian.
Deciphering the nongenomic, mitochondrial toxicity of tamoxifens as determined by cell metabolism and redox activity. ACS Chemical Biology 2016 ;Volum 11.(1) s. 251-262
OUS Untitled
28 Weyergang, Anette; Berg, Kristian; Selbo, Pål Kristian.
Photochemical Internalization-Enhanced Targeting of Vasculature and Cancer Stem Cells - Present and Future Perspectives. Comprehensive Series in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2016 ;Volum 15. s. 161-180
OUS Untitled
29 Baglo, Yan; Qian, Peng; Hagen, Lars; Berg, Kristian; Høgset, Anders; Drabløs, Finn; Gederaas, Odrun Arna.
Studies of the photosensitizer disulfonated meso-tetraphenyl chlorin in an orthotopic rat bladder tumor model. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 2015 ;Volum 12.(1) s. 58-66
NTNU OUS Untitled
30 Berg, Kristian.
Resistance mechanisms in photodynamic therapy. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2015 ;Volum 14.(8) s. 1376-1377
OUS Untitled
31 Berstad, Maria Elisabeth Brandal; Cheung, LH; Berg, Kristian; Qian, Peng; Fremstedal, Ane Sofie Viset; Patzke, Sebastian; Rosenblum, M.G.; Weyergang, Anette.
Design of an EGFR-targeting toxin for photochemical delivery: In vitro and in vivo selectivity and efficacy. Oncogene 2015 ;Volum 34.(44) s. 5582-5592
OUS Untitled
32 Bostad, Monica; Olsen, Cathrine; Qian, Peng; Berg, Kristian; Høgset, Anders; Selbo, Pål Kristian.
Light-controlled endosomal escape of the novel CD133-targeting immunotoxin AC133-saporin by photochemical internalization - A minimally invasive cancer stem cell-targeting strategy. Journal of Controlled Release 2015 ;Volum 206. s. 37-48
OUS Untitled
33 Bull-Hansen, Bente; Berstad, Maria Elisabeth Brandal; Berg, Kristian; Cao, Yu; Skarpen, Ellen; Fremstedal, Ane Sofie Viset; Rosenblum, Michael G.; Qian, Peng; Weyergang, Anette.
Photochemical activation of MH3-B1/rGel: a HER2-targeted treatment approach for ovarian cancer. OncoTarget 2015 ;Volum 6.(14) s. 12436-12451
OUS Untitled
34 Christie, Catherine E.; Zamora, Genesis; Kwon, Young Jik; Berg, Kristian; Madsen, Steen J.; Hirschberg, Henry.
Macrophage mediated PCI enhanced gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy. Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging 2015 ;Volum 9305.
OUS Untitled
35 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Hauge, Anette; Ellingsen, Pål Gunnar; Berg, Kristian; Altin, Dag; Bardal, Tora; Høgset, Anders; Lindgren, Mikael.
Photochemical internalization of bleomycin and temozolomide – in vitro studies on the glioma cell line F98. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2015 ;Volum 14.(7) s. 1357-1366
36 Selbo, Pål Kristian; Bostad, Monica; Olsen, Cathrine; Edwards, Victoria Tudor; Høgset, Anders; Weyergang, Anette; Berg, Kristian.
Photochemical internalisation, a minimally invasive strategy for light-controlled endosomal escape of cancer stem cell-targeting therapeutics. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2015 ;Volum 14.(8) s. 1433-1450
OUS Untitled
37 Theodossiou, Theodossis; Gonçalves, Antonio Ricardo; Yannakopoulou, Konstantina; Skarpen, Ellen; Berg, Kristian.
Photochemical internalization of tamoxifens transported by a "trojan-horse" nanoconjugate into breast-cancer cell lines. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2015 ;Volum 54.(16) s. 4885-4889
OUS Untitled
38 Weyergang, Anette; Berstad, Maria Elisabeth Brandal; Bull-Hansen, Bente; Olsen, Cathrine; Selbo, Pål Kristian; Berg, Kristian.
Photochemical activation of drugs for the treatment of therapy-resistant cancers. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2015 ;Volum 14.(8) s. 1465-1475
OUS Untitled
39 Berg, Kristian; Weyergang, Anette; Vikdal, Marie; Norum, Ole-Jacob; Selbo, Pål Kristian.
Photochemical Internalization: A novel Technology for Targeted Macromolecule Therapy. I: Photodynamic Therapy - From Theory to Application. Springer 2014 ISBN 978-3-642-39629-8. s. 119-130
OUS Untitled
40 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Berg, Kristian; Hauge, Anette.
Glioma rat cancer studies using PCI technology. 10th Symposium on Photodynamic Therapy and Photodiagnosis in Clinical Practice; 2014-10-14 - 2014-10-18
NTNU UiO Untitled
41 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Høgset, Anders; Berg, Kristian; Lindgren, Mikael; Siksjø, Monica.
Intracellular studies on rat glioma cancer cell line using novel chromophores. Faglig møte, Norsk Forening for Fotobiologi og Fotomedisin; 2014-11-07 - 2014-11-07
NTNU UiO Untitled
42 Sobczynski, Jan; Kristensen, Solveig; Berg, Alf Kristian.
The influence of Pluronics nanovehicles on dark cytotoxicity, photocytotoxicity and localization of four model photosensitizers in cancer cells. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2014 ;Volum 13.(1) s. 8-22
OUS UiO Untitled
43 Wang, Frederick; Zamora, Genesis; Sun, Chung-Ho; Trinidad, Anthony; Berg, Kristian; Madsen, Steen; Kwon, Young Jik; Hirschberg, Henry.
Photochemical internalization (PCI) enhanced nonviral transfection of tumor suppressor and pro-drug activating genes; A potential treatment modality for gliomas. Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging 2014 ;Volum 8928:8928OB.
OUS Untitled
44 Sobczynski, Jan; Kristensen, Solveig; Smistad, Gro; Hegge, Anne Bee; Tønnesen, Hanne Hjorth; Berg, Alf Kristian.
The influence of Pluronic block copolymers on solubilization and photocytotoxicity of porphyrin photosensitizers. Applications of Nanodrugs in Photodynamic Therapy; 2013-04-11 - 2013-04-12
UiO Untitled
45 Garaiova, Zuzana; Strand, Sabina P.; Reitan, Nina Kristine; Lelu, Sylvie; Størset, Sigmund Østtveit; Berg, Alf Kristian; Malmo, Jostein; Folasire, Oladayo; Bjørkøy, Astrid; Davies, Catharina De Lange.
Cellular uptake of DNA-chitosan nanoparticles: The role of clathrin- and caveolae-mediated pathways. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2012 ;Volum 51.(5) s. 1043-1051
NTNU OUS Untitled
46 Weyergang, Anette; Selbo, Pål Kristian; Berg, Alf Kristian.
Sustained EKR inhibition by EGFR targeting therapies is a predictive factor for synergistic cytotoxicity with PDT as neoadjuvant therapy. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 2012 ;Volum 1830.(3) s. 2659-2670
OUS Untitled
47 Agostinis, Patrizia; Berg, Alf Kristian; Cengel, Keith A.; Foster, Thomas H.; Girotti, Albert W.; Gollnick, Sandra O.; Hahn, Stephen M.; Hamblin, Michael; Juzeniene, Asta; Kessel, David; Korbelik, Mladen; Moan, Johan Emilian; Mroz, Pawel; Nowis, Dominika; Piette, Jacques; Wilson, Brian C.; Golab, Jakub.
Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer: An Update. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians 2011 ;Volum 61.(4) s. 250-281
OUS UiO Untitled
48 Berg, Alf Kristian; Golab, Jakub; Korbelik, Mladen; Russell, David.
Drug delivery technologies and immunological aspects of photodynamic therapy. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2011 ;Volum 10.(5) s. 647-648
OUS Untitled
49 Berg, Alf Kristian; Nordstrand, Solveig; Selbo, Pål Kristian; Thuy Thi Tran, Diem; Angell-Petersen, Even; Høgset, Anders.
Disulfonated tetraphenyl chlorin (TPCS2a), a novel photosensitizer developed for clinical utilization of photochemical internalization. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2011 ;Volum 10.(10) s. 1637-1651
OUS Untitled
50 Jerjes, Waseem K.; Upile, Tahwinder; Wong, Brian J.; Betz, Christian S.; Sterenborg, Henricus J. C. M.; Witjes, Max J.; Berg, Alf Kristian; van Veen, Robert; Biel, Merrill A.; El-Naggar, Adel; Mosse, Charles A.; Olivo, Malini; Richards-Kortum, Rebecca; Robinson, Dominic J.; Rosen, Jennifer; Yodh, Arjun G.; Kendall, Catherine; Ilgner, Justus; Amelink, Arjen; Bagnato, Vanderlei; Barr, Hugh; Bolotine, Lina; Bigio, Irving; Chen, Zhongping; Choo-Smith, Lin-Ping; D'Cruz, Anil K.; Gillenwater, Ann; Leunig, Andreas; MacRobert, Alexander; McKenzie, Gordon; Sandison, Ann; Soo, Khee C.; Stepp, Herbert; Stone, Nicholas; Svanberg, Katarina; Tan, I. Bing; Wilson, Brian C.; Wolfsen, Herbert; Hopper, Colin.
The future of medical diagnostics: review paper. Head & Neck Oncology 2011 ;Volum 3. s. -
OUS Untitled
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