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1 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
One Health - Interdisciplinary Research Approach in Global Health. INTHE4019 21H Fundamentals of International Community Health; 2021-08-25 - 2021-08-25
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2 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Water and Food in One Health perspective. INTHE4121 Water and Food in a Global Health Perspective; 2021-05-18 - 2021-05-27
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3 Boriani, Elena; Aragrande, Maurizio; Canali, Massimo; Balzan, Mario V.; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Pragmatic use of Planetary Health and nature based solutions for future pandemics using COVID-19 case scenario. Frontiers In Public Health 2021
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4 Rousham, Emily K; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Mozmader, T.I.M. Amin Uddin; Amin, Mohammed Badrul; Rahman, Mahdia; Hossain, Muhammed Iqbal; Islam, Md. Rayhanul; Mahmud, Zahid Hayat; Unicomb, Leanne; Islam, Mohammad Aminul.
Human Colonization with Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing E. coli in Relation to Animal and Environmental Exposures in Bangladesh: An Observational One Health Study. Environmental Health Perspectives 2021 ;Volum 129.(3)
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5 Sarker, Tanwne; Sarkar, Apurbo; Ghulam Rabbany, Md.; Barmon, Milon; Roy, Rana; Rahman, Md. Ashfikur; Hossain, Kh. Zulfikar; Hoque, Fazlul; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Evaluation of preventive, supportive and awareness building measures among international students in China in response to COVID-19: a structural equation modeling approach. Global health research and policy 2021 ;Volum 6.
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6 Al masud, Abdullah; Rousham, Emily Kate; Islam, Mohammad Aminul; Alam, Mahbub-Ul; Rahman, Mahbubur; Al Mamun, Abdullah; Sarker, Supta; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Unicomb, Leanne.
Drivers of Antibiotic Use in Poultry Production in Bangladesh: Dependencies and Dynamics of a Patron-Client Relationship. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2020
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7 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Think About Climate Change and Pandemics While Washing Your Hands. Medium 2020
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8 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Murshid, Munzur-E-.
Climate Change and Vulnerability to Emerging Infections: Nature’s Revenge or Our Fate!. Medium 2020
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9 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Rousham, Emily K; Zaman, Farzana.
Antibiotic consumption may be linked to exaggeration of COVID-19. Medical Hypotheses 2020 ;Volum 143.
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10 Alam, Mahbub-Ul; Rahman, Mahbubur; Masud, Abdullah-Al-; Islam, Mohammad Aminul; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Sarker, Supta; Rousham, Emily K; Unicomb, Leanne.
Human exposure to antimicrobial resistance from poultry production: Assessing hygiene and waste-disposal practices in Bangladesh. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health 2019 ;Volum 222.(8) s. 1068-1076
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11 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Antimicrobial Resistance – The value of Global One Health Studies. IBA Course: One health approach to bacterial zoonoses of public health interest; 2019-10-21 - 2019-10-23
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12 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Muhammed, Iqbal Hossain; Saha, Sumita Rani; Islam, Rayhanu; Ahmed, Niyaz; Islam, Mohammad Aminul.
Quantification of Airborne Resistant Organisms With Temporal and Spatial Diversity in Bangladesh: Protocol for a Cross-Sectional Study. JMIR Research Protocols 2019 ;Volum 8.(12)
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13 Islam, Mohammad Aminul; Amin, Mohammed Badrul; Roy, Subarna; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Islam, Md.Rayhanul; Navab-Daneshmand, Tala; Mattioli, Mia Catharine; Kile, Molly L.; Levy, Karen; Julian, Timothy R..
Fecal Colonization With Multidrug-Resistant E. coli Among Healthy Infants in Rural Bangladesh. Frontiers in Microbiology 2019
14 Storeng, Katerini Tagmatarchi; Roalkvam, Sidsel; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Action to protect the independence and integrity of global health research. BMJ Global Health 2019 ;Volum 4.
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15 Ali, Nausad; Sultana, Marufa; Sheikh, Nurnabi; Akram, Raisul; Mahumud, Rashidul Alam; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Sarker, Abdur Razzaque.
Predictors of Optimal Antenatal Care Service Utilization Among Adolescents and Adult Women in Bangladesh. Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology 2018 ;Volum 5.(1) Suppl. 8
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16 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Antimicrobial resistance: an urgent need for a planetary and ecosystem approach.. The Lancet Planetary Health 2018 ;Volum 2.(3) s. e99-e100
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17 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Ahmed, Niyaz.
F1000 Prime Recommendation of "A poor-quality generic drug for the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis: a case report and appeal". F1000Prime 2018
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18 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Chowdhury, Shahanaz; Shahed, Jahid Hossen; Kafi, Mohammad Abdullah Heel; Uzzaman, Md. Nazim; Flowra, Mahfuza Talukder; Ahmed, MSA Mansur.
Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Among Urban Bihari Communities in Dhaka, Bangladesh: A Cross-sectional Study in a Minor Ethnic Group. The Cureus Journal of Medical Science 2018
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19 Flowra, Mahfuza Talukder; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Resurgence of infectious diseases due to forced migration: is planetary health and One Health action synergistic?. The Lancet Planetary Health 2018 ;Volum 2.(10) s. e419-e420
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20 Islam, Mohammad Zahirul; Rutherford, Shannon; Phung, Dung; Uzzaman, Md. Nazim; Baum, Scott; Huda, M. Mamun; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Talukder, Mohammad Radwanur Rahman; Chu, Cordia.
Correlates of Climate Variability and Dengue Fever in Two Metropolitan Cities in Bangladesh. The Cureus Journal of Medical Science 2018 ;Volum 10.(10) Suppl. e3398
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21 Qadri, Firdausi; Ali, Mohammad; Lynch, Julia; Chowdhury, Fahima; Khan, Ashraful Islam; Wierzba, Thomas F; Excler, Jean-Louis; Saha, Amit; Islam, Md Taufiqul; Begum, Yasmin A; Bhuiyan, Taufiqur R; Khanam, Farhana; Chowdhury, Mohiul I; Khan, Iqbal Ansary; Kabir, Alamgir; Riaz, Prof Baizid Khoorshid; Akter, Afroza; Khan, Arifuzzaman; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Kim, Deok Ryun; Siddik, Ashraf U; Saha, Nirod C; Cravioto, Prof Alejandro; Singh, Ajit P; Clemens, Prof John D.
Efficacy of a single-dose regimen of inactivated whole-cell oral cholera vaccine: results from 2 years of follow-up of a randomised trial. The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2018
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22 Rousham, Emily K; Unicomb, Leanne; Wood, Paul; Smith, Michael; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Islam, Mohammad Aminul.
Spatial and temporal variation in the community prevalence of antibiotic resistance in Bangladesh: an integrated surveillance study protocol. BMJ Open 2018 ;Volum 8.
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23 Sheikh, Nurnabi; Sultana, Marufa; Ali, Nausad; Akram, Raisul; Mahumud, Rashidul Alam; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Sarker, Abdur Razzaque.
Coverage, Timelines, and Determinants of Incomplete Immunization in Bangladesh. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease 2018 ;Volum 3.(72)
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24 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
Living in the era of Superbugs: Curse and Remedy.
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25 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Ahmed, Niyaz.
F1000 Prime recommendation of "Evolution of antibiotic resistance is linked to any genetic mechanism affecting bacterial duration of carriage". F1000Prime 2017
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26 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Ahmed, Niyaz.
F1000 Prime Recommendation of "Interconnected microbiomes and resistomes in low-income human habitats". F1000Prime 2017
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27 Khan, Ashraful Islam; Ali, Mohammad; Chowdhury, Fahima; Saha, Amit; Khan, Iqbal Ansary; Khan, Arifuzzaman; Akter, Afroza; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Islam, Md Taufiqul; Kabir, Alamgir; You, Young Ae; Saha, Nirod Chandra; Cravioto, Alejandro; Clemens, John D.; Qadri, Firdausi.
Safety of the oral cholera vaccine in pregnancy: Retrospective findings from a subgroup following mass vaccination campaign in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Vaccine 2017
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28 Al‐Mamun, Md Mahfuz; Sarker, Suprovath Kumar; Qadri, Syeda Kashfi; Shirin, Tahmina; Mohammad, Quazi Deen; LaRocque, Regina; Karlsson, Elinor K.; Saha, Narayan; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Qadri, Firdausi; Mannoor, Md Kaiissar.
Examination of Huntington's disease with atypical clinical features in a Bangladeshi family tree. Clinical Case Reports 2016 ;Volum 4.(12) s. 1191-1194
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29 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Mahmood, Sultan.
Epidemiology, impact, prevention and control of nipah encephalitis in Bangladesh: a systematic review of one health issue. Health—exploring complexity: an interdisciplinary systems approach HEC2016; 2016-08-28 - 2016-09-02
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30 Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Mahmood, Sultan.
Epidemiology, impact, prevention and control of nipah encephalitis in Bangladesh: a systematic review of one health issue. European Journal of Epidemiology (EJE) 2016 ;Volum 31. Suppl. 1 s. -
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31 Flowra, Mahfuza Talukder; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad.
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32 Qadri, Dr Firdausi; Wierzba, Thomas F.; Ali, Mohammad; Chowdhury, Fahima; Khan, Ashraful Islam; Saha, Amit; Khan, Iqbal A.; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Akter, Afroza; Khan, Arifuzzaman; Begum, Yasmin A; Bhuiyan, Taufiqur R; Khanam, Farhana; Chowdhury, Mohiul I.; Islam, Taufiqul; Chowdhury, Atique I.; Rahman, Anisur; Siddique, Shah A.; You, Young A.; Kim, Deok R.; Siddik, Ashraf U.; Saha, Nirod C.; Kabir, Alamgir; Cravioto, Alejandro; Desai, Sachin N.; Singh, Ajit P.; Clemens, John D..
Efficacy of a Single-Dose, Inactivated Oral Cholera Vaccine in Bangladesh. New England Journal of Medicine 2016 ;Volum 374. s. 1723-1732
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33 Chowdhury, Fahima; Mather, Alison E.; Begum, Yasmin Ara; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Baby, Nabilah; Sharmin, Salma; Biswas, Rajib; Uddin, Muhammad Ikhtear; LaRocque, Regina C.; Harris, Jason B.; Calderwood, Stephen B.; Ryan, Edward T.; Clemens, John D.; Thomson, Nicholas R.; Qadri, Firdausi.
Vibrio cholerae Serogroup O139: Isolation from Cholera Patients and Asymptomatic Household Family Members in Bangladesh between 2013 and 2014. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2015 ;Volum 9.(11)
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34 Qadri, Dr Firdausi; Ali, Mohammad; Chowdhury, Fahima; Khan, Ashraful Islam; Saha, Amit; Khan, Iqbal Ansary; Begum, Yasmin A; Bhuiyan, Taufiqur R; Chowdhury, Mohiul Islam; Uddin, Md Jasim; Khan, Jahangir A M; Chowdhury, Atique Iqbal; Rahman, Anisur; Siddique, Shah Alam; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Akter, Afroza; Khan, Arifuzzaman; You, Young Ae; Siddik, Ashraf Uddin; Saha, Nirod Chandra; Kabir, Alamgir; Riaz, Baizid Khoorshid; Biswas, Shwapon Kumar; Begum, Farzana; Unicomb, Leanne; Luby, Prof Stephen P; Cravioto, Prof Alejandro; Clemens, Prof John D.
Feasibility and effectiveness of oral cholera vaccine in an urban endemic setting in Bangladesh: a cluster randomised open-label trial. The Lancet 2015 ;Volum 386.(10001) s. 1362-1371
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