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1 Scherr, Rebecca.
Drawing Ground in the Graphic Novel. a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 2020 ;Volum 35.(2) s. 475-480
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2 Scherr, Rebecca.
Representing the Extreme End-point of Sexual Violence: Ethical strategies in Phoebe Gloeckner's La Tristeza. I: The Routledge Companion to Gender and Sexuality in Comic Book Studies. Routledge 2020 ISBN 9780367209414. s. 457-468
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3 Scherr, Rebecca.
Regarding the ruins: ruins and humanitarian witnessing in Satrapi and Sacoo. Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 2019
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4 Scherr, Rebecca.
A Room Beneath the Sea: Sexuality, Race and Space in James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room. Early Modern and Modern Studies 2018 (11) s. 59-72
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5 Scherr, Rebecca; Precup, Mihaela.
Sexual violence in comics. Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 2017 ;Volum 8.(3) s. 225-226
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6 Scherr, Rebecca.
Bleeding through, drawing out: the circumbscribing of Jewish women's bodies in Leela Corman's Unterzakhn. Studies in Comics 2015 ;Volum 6.(2) s. 213-229
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7 Scherr, Rebecca.
Comics in Ruins: Comics art, ruins, and the politics of humanitarian witnessing. Comics and Satire; 2015-10-01 - 2015-10-02
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8 Scherr, Rebecca.
Framing human rights: Comics form and the politics of recognition in Joe Sacco's Footnotes in Gaza. Textual Practice 2015 ;Volum 29.(1) s. 111-131
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9 Scherr, Rebecca.
Joe Sacco's Comics of Performance. I: The Comics of Joe Sacco: Journalism in a Visual World. University Press of Mississippi 2015 ISBN 9781496802217. s. 184-200
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10 Scherr, Rebecca.
Confessional Witnessing: Human Rights Discourse in Mia Kirshner's I Live Here. Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women; 2014-11-12 - 2014-11-12
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11 Scherr, Rebecca.
The Ethics of War and Conflict in Graphic Narrative. European Association of American Studies; 2014-04-03 - 2014-04-06
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12 Scherr, Rebecca.
Constitutions, Declarations, and Humanitarian Witnessing: human rights images in America. American Studies Association of Norway; 2013-10-25 - 2013-10-27
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13 Scherr, Rebecca.
Frames of recognition: Joe Sacco's Footnotes in Gaza. NNCORE International Conference in Comics Studies; 2013-05-23 - 2013-05-25
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14 Scherr, Rebecca.
Joe Sacco's Comics of Performance. Performance Studies International (PSI); 2013-06-26 - 2013-06-30
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15 Scherr, Rebecca.
Shaking Hands with Other Peoples' Pain: Joe Sacco's Palestine. Mosaic 2013 ;Volum 46.(1) s. 19-36
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16 Scherr, Rebecca.
Teaching the auto-graphic novel: autobiographical comics and the ethics of readership. I: Graphic Novels and Comics in the Classroom: Essays on the Educational Power of Sequential Art. McFarland 2013 ISBN 978-0-7864-5913-1. s. 134-144
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17 Scherr, Rebecca.
Teaching Whiteness: American whiteness studies in the Norwegian classroom. False Familiarities: American Image, History and Values in a Global Mediated Context; 2013-05-30 - 2013-05-31
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18 Scherr, Rebecca.
Framing Subjects: the politics of representation in Joe Sacco’s Footnotes in Gaza. Comics Forum 2012; 2012-11-15 - 2012-11-17
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19 Scherr, Rebecca.
Introduksjon til Catherine Breillats 'Helvetets Anatomi'. Cinemateket - Les Feministes; 2012-02-09
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20 Scherr, Rebecca.
Shaking Hands with Other People's Pain: Joe Sacco's Palestine. American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA); 2012-03-28 - 2012-04-01
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21 Scherr, Rebecca.
Tender Buttons - nærlesning av Gertrude Stein. Litteraturhuset; 2012-02-24
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22 Scherr, Rebecca.
Ethics of Vision in 'With Raised Hands'. Short Film Studies 2011 ;Volum 2.(1) s. 25-28
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23 Scherr, Rebecca.
Joe Sacco's Palestine and the Ethics of Representation. First International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels; 2011-11-09 - 2011-11-12
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24 Scherr, Rebecca.
Queering the Family Album: the re-orientation of things in Alison Bechdel's 'Fun Home'. Forum for World Literature Studies 2011 ;Volum 3.(1) s. 40-51
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25 Lothe, Jakob; Grimstad, Knut Andreas; Scherr, Rebecca.
Når livsløgner står for fall [samtale om Abi Morgans "Blendverk"]. Baksnakk; 2010-02-16
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26 Scherr, Rebecca.
J.D. Salinger - A Portrait. Radio Nova [Radio] 2010-02-17
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27 Scherr, Rebecca.
Queer film, global transformations. Voice in Film Translation; 2010-11-11 - 2010-11-12
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28 Scherr, Rebecca.
Queering the Family Album: The Politics of Emotion in Alison Bechdel's Fun Home. Representations of Family; 2010-12-13 - 2010-12-13
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29 Scherr, Rebecca.
Basic Concepts of Cinema. EVU kurs for lærere; 2009-01-15 - 2009-01-16
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30 Scherr, Rebecca.
Queer Citizenship/ Global Queer: the transformation of queer identities in our age of globalization. Skeivt forum; 2009-11-04 - 2009-11-04
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31 Scherr, Rebecca.
Thinking and Re-thinking Whiteness: Todd Haynes' Safe. American Studies in Scandinavia 2009 ;Volum 41.(2) s. 61-78
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32 Scherr, Rebecca.
(Not) Queering White Vision: race, queerness, and intersectionality in Far from Heaven and Transamerica. Jump Cut 2008 ;Volum 50. s. -
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33 Scherr, Rebecca.
Teaching film as film: history, aesthetics, analysis. Fagforum i engelsk; 2008-11-04 - 2008-11-04
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34 Scherr, Rebecca.
Whiteness and Embodiment in Todd Haynes' 'Safe'. American Studies Association of Norway; 2008-10-31 - 2008-11-02
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35 Scherr, Rebecca.
Basic Concepts of Cinema. Etterutdanningskurs for lærere; 2007-11-16 - 2007-11-16
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36 Scherr, Rebecca.
Basic Concepts of Cinema. Etterutdanningskurs for lærere; 2007-11-28 - 2007-11-29
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37 Scherr, Rebecca.
Basic Concepts of Cinema. Etterutdanningskurs for lærere; 2007-01-11 - 2007-01-12
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38 Scherr, Rebecca.
Intersections of Race and Sexuality in American Film. British Association of American Studies; 2007-04-19 - 2007-04-21
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39 Scherr, Rebecca.
On Sylvia Plath. Radio Nova [Radio] 2007-12-02
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40 Scherr, Rebecca.
Redirecting the gaze: examining whiteness and institutional structures. Feminisme og multikulturalisme: Forskar, informant, aktivist - Eit kritisk blikk på relasjonar mellom minoritets- og majoritetsaktørar; 2007-09-03 - 2007-09-03
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41 Scherr, Rebecca.
Tactile Erotics: Gertrude Stein and the Aesthetics of Touch. Lit: Literature Interpretation Theory 2007 ;Volum 18.(3) s. 193-212
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42 Scherr, Rebecca.
White privilege and racial identity development. Integrerings- og mangfoldsdirektoratet; 2007-05-22 - 2007-05-22
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43 Scherr, Rebecca.
Documentary Film: Theory and Aesthetics. Kunstakademiet i Oslo; 2006-10-23 - 2006-12-04
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44 Scherr, Rebecca.
Spaces of travel, race and narration in Far from Heaven and Transamerica. Queering Migrations on Screen; 2006-10-13 - 2006-10-13
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45 Scherr, Rebecca.
Basic Concepts of Cinema. Etterutdanningskurs for engelske lærere; 2006-11-10 - 2006-11-10
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46 Scherr, Rebecca.
Syn/aesthetics: Touch, Sound and Vision in the Works of Gertrude Stein, Djuna Barnes and Muriel Rukeyser. : University of Minnesota 2005 228 s.
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