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1 Kalstad, Are; Myhre, Peder Langeland; Laake, Kristian; Tveit, Sjur Hansen; Schmidt, Erik Berg; Smith, Pål; Nilsen, Dennis W.T.; Tveit, Arnljot; Fagerland, Morten W; Solheim, Svein; Seljeflot, Ingebjørg; Arnesen, Harald.
Effects of n-3 fatty acid supplementations in elderly patients after myocardial infarction: A randomized controlled trial. Circulation 2020
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2 Opstad, Trine Baur; Kalstad, Are; Holte, Kristine Bech; Berg, Tore Julsrud; Solheim, Svein; Arnesen, Harald; Seljeflot, Ingebjørg.
Shorter leukocyte telomer length in healthy relatives of patients with coronary heart disease. Rejuvenation Research 2020
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3 Kalstad, Are; Tveit, Sjur Hansen; Myhre, Peder Langeland; Laake, Kristian; Opstad, Trine Baur; Tveit, Arnljot; Schmidt, Erik Berg; Solheim, Svein; Arnesen, Harald; Seljeflot, Ingebjørg.
Leukocyte telomere length and serum polyunsaturated fatty acids, dietary habits, cardiovascular risk factors and features of myocardial infarction in elderly patients. BMC Geriatrics 2019 ;Volume 19:376. p. 1-9
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4 Opstad, Trine Baur; Kalstad, Are Annesønn; Pettersen, Alf Åge Reistad; Arnesen, Harald; Seljeflot, Ingebjørg.
Novel biomolecules of ageing, sex differences and potential underlying mechanisms of telomere shortening in coronary artery disease. Experimental Gerontology 2019 ;Volume 119. p. 53-60
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