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1 Berntzen, Marthe; Wong, Sut I.
Marthe Berntzen & Sut I Wong (2021) Autonomous but Interdependent: The Roles of Initiated and Received Task Interdependence in Distributed Team Coordination, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 25:1, 7-28. International Journal of Electronic Commerce 2021
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2 Berntzen, Marthe.
Coordination in large-scale agile software development. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 2019 ;Volume 364. p. 123-133
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3 Berntzen, Marthe.
PO-rollen: Koordinering gjennom relasjoner i stor-skala smidig. Kantega Oslo sin fagdag; 2019-09-17 - 2019-09-17
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4 Berntzen, Marthe.
Product Owners and Coordination in Large-Scale Agile. Temadag smidig lederskap; 2019-11-20 - 2019-11-20
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5 Berntzen, Marthe.
Stor-skala smidig. Fagsamling hos Solidsquare; 2019-10-30 - 2019-10-30
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6 Berntzen, Marthe; Moe, Nils Brede; Stray, Viktoria.
The product owner in large-scale agile: An empirical study through the lens of relational coordination theory. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 2019 ;Volume 355. p. 121-136
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7 Berntzen, Marthe; Wong, Sut I.
Coordination in distributed, self-managing work teams: The roles of initiated and received task interdependence. Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2019 p. 973-982
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8 Hukkelberg, Ivar; Berntzen, Marthe.
Exploring the challenges of integrating data science roles in agile autonomous teams. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 2019 ;Volume 364. p. 37-45
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9 Moe, Nils Brede; Berntzen, Marthe.
Organisering og styring i storskala agile: produkteierrollen i Entur. Styremøte Entur; 2019-02-27 - 2019-02-27
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10 Wong, Sut I; Berntzen, Marthe.
Transformational leadership and leader–member exchange in distributed teams: The roles of electronic dependence and team task interdependence. Computers in Human Behavior 2019 ;Volume 92. p. 381-392
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11 Berntzen, Marthe Nordengen; Wong, Sut I; Steen, Fredrik Hopen.
When the favor is not seen as genuine – the moderating roles of social- and economic LMX on the relationship between empowering leadership and OCB. 3rd Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium; 2018-05-10 - 2018-05-12
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12 Bjugstad, Therese; Berntzen, Marthe Nordengen; Wong, Sut I.
Lederkommunikasjon: En nøkkel for medarbeiderengasjement. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2018 ;Volume 21.(4) p. 40-48
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13 Wong, Sut I; Berntzen, Marthe Nordengen.
Leading virtually - When transformation get lost in virtual translation. 5th International Conference on Management and Organization; 2018-06-14 - 2018-06-15
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14 Wong, Sut I; Berntzen, Marthe Nordengen.
Transformational Leadership and Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) in Virtual Teams: The Roles of Electronic Dependence and Team Task Interdependence. Academy of Management Annual Meeting; 2018-08-10 - 2018-08-14
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