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1 Goral, Mira; Lerman, Aviva.
Variables and mechanisms affecting response to language treatment in multilingual people with aphasia. Behavioral Sciences 2020 ;Volume 10.(144) p. 1-17
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2 Lerman, Aviva; Goral, Mira; Edmonds, L.A.; Obler, L.K..
Measuring treatment outcome in severe Wernicke’s aphasia. Aphasiology 2020 ;Volume 34.(12) p. 1487-1505
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3 Lerman, Aviva; Goral, Mira; Obler, Loraine.
The complex relationship between pre-stroke and post-stroke language abilities in multilingual individuals with aphasia. Aphasiology 2020 ;Volume 34.(11) p. 1319-1340
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4 Goral, Mira; Norvik, Monica I..
Picture-based language assessment in multilingual aphasia. Visual prompts and visual methods; 2019-06-17 - 2019-06-19
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5 Goral, Mira; Norvik, Monica I.; Jensen, Bård Uri.
Variation in language mixing in multilingual aphasia. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics 2019 ;Volume 33.(10-11) p. 915-929
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6 Kuzmina, Ekaterina; Goral, Mira; Norvik, Monica I.; Weekes, Brendan.
What influences language impairment in bilingual aphasia? A meta-analytic review. Frontiers in Psychology 2019 ;Volume 10:445. p. 1-22
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7 Norvik, Monica I.; Goral, Mira; Kuzmina, Ekaterina; Røste, Ingvild; Simonsen, Hanne Gram.
Within and between language treatment effects in severe aphasia in multilingual speakers. Frontiers in Neuroscience 2019
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8 Segal, Dorit; Gollan, Tamar H.; Kavé, Gitit; Goral, Mira.
Multilingualism and Cognitive Benefits in Aging. I: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Multilingualism: The Fundamentals. Mouton de Gruyter 2019 ISBN 978-1-5015-0798-4. p. 351-374
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9 Conner, Peggy S.; Goral, Mira; Anema, Inge; Borodkin, Katy; Haendler, Yair; Knoph, Monica I. Norvik; Mustelier, Carmen; Paluska, Elizabeth; Melnikova, Yana; Moeyaert, Mariola.
The role of language proficiency and linguistic distance in cross-linguistic treatment effects in aphasia. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics 2018 ;Volume 32.(8) p. 739-757
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10 Goral, Mira.
Language and Older Bilinguals. I: The Cambridge Handbook of Bilingualism. Cambridge University Press 2018 ISBN 9781316831922. p. 101-116
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11 Goral, Mira; Galletta, Elizabeth E.; Conner, Peggy S..
Aphasia rehabilitation. I: Stroke Rehabilitation. Elsevier 2018 ISBN 978-0-323-66208-6.
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12 Lerman, Aviva; Pazuelo, Lia; Kizner, Lian; Borodkin, Katy; Goral, Mira.
Language mixing patterns in a bilingual individual with non-fluent aphasia. Aphasiology 2018
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13 Norvik, Monica I.; Goral, Mira.
Language mixing in multilingual aphasia - Strength or weakness?. 17th International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association Conference (ICPLA); 2018-10-23 - 2019-10-25
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