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1 Buns, Melina Antonia.
Review of Wenkel, Christian; Bussière, Eric; Grisoni, Anahita; Miard-Delacroix, Hélène, eds. The Environment and the European Public Sphere: Perceptions, Actors, Policies.. H-Net Reviews 2021
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2 Buns, Melina Antonia.
The emergence of Nordic environmental cooperation, 1967-1974. 2021
UiO Untitled
3 Buns, Melina Antonia.
The 1974 Nordic Environmental Protection Convention. 2021
UiO Untitled
4 Buns, Melina Antonia.
Green Internationalists: Nordic Environmental Cooperation, 1967-1988. Oslo: University of Oslo, Faculty of Humanities 2020 370 p.
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5 Buns, Melina Antonia.
Klimaaktivisterne skal lære af deres historiske forgængere og kræve et opgør med systemet. Dagbladet Information 2020 p. 12-13
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6 Buns, Melina Antonia.
Marching Activists: Transnational Lessons for Danish Anti-Nuclear Protest. Arcadia 2017 (Summer 18)
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