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1 Scherz, Antoinette; Adams, N.P.; Schmelzle, Cord.
Legitimacy Beyond the State: Institutional Purposes and Contextual Constraints. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP) 2020 ;Volume 23.(3)
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2 Adams, N.P.; Scherz, Antoinette; Schmelzle, Cord.
Legitimacy beyond the state: institutional purposes and contextual constraints. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP) 2019 p. 1-11
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3 Scherz, Antoinette.
Does Transnational Voting Increase National Sovereignty or Democracy?. EUI Working Papers, Robert schuman Centre for Advanced Studies 2019 ;Volume 25. p. 27-30
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4 Scherz, Antoinette.
Tying legitimacy to political power: Graded legitimacy standards for international institutions. European Journal of Political Theory 2019 p. 1-23
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5 Scherz, Antoinette; Zysset, Alain.
The UN Security Council, Normative Legitimacy and the Challenge of Specificity. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP) 2019 ;Volume 23.(3)
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6 Scherz, Antoinette.
Representation in Multilateral Democracy: How to Represent Individuals in the EU While Guaranteeing the Mutual Recognition of Peoples. European Law Journal 2018 ;Volume 23.(6) p. 495-508
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7 Scherz, Antoinette; Welge, Rebecca.
Union Citizenship Revisited: Multilateral Democracy as Normative Standard for European Citizenship. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2015 ;Volume 41.(8) p. 1254-1275
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8 Scherz, Antoinette.
Multilateral Democracy as Democratic Federalism beyond the State: Institutional Design in a Multilevel System. NCCR Democracy Working Papers 2014 ;Volume 78.
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9 Scherz, Antoinette.
The Legitimacy of the Demos: Who Should Be Included in the Demos and on What Grounds?. Living Reviews in Democracy 2013 ;Volume 4. p. 1-14
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