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1 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Women's silence and jewish influence: The problematic origins of the conjectural emendation on 1 Cor 14.33b-35. New Testament Studies 2019 ;Volume 65.(4) p. 477-495
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2 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Comments by Karin B. Neutel. Religion and Society (RS) 2018 ;Volume 9.(01) p. 185-186
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3 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Das Fleisch oder das Herz? Religion, Glaube und die Legitimität männlicher Beschneidung. Jalta: Positionen zur jüdischen Gegenwart 2018 ;Volume 1.(03) p. 158-161
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4 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Een antiek ideaal: Geen Jood of Griek, slaaf of vrij, man en vrouw. Schrift: tijdschrift over de Bijbel 2018 (292) p. 43-49
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5 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Faith in the Foreskin: Rethinking the Male Anatomy of Paul’s Circumcision Language. Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting; 2018-11-17 - 2018-11-21
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6 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Making Sense of the Past: Paul in the Recent German Debate on Male Circumcision. Oslo-Aarhus New Testament Research Meeting; 2018-12-13 - 2018-12-14
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7 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Male Circumcision at the Beginning and End of Christianity. RELIGIOUS STUDIES RESEARCH & WORK IN PROGRESS SEMINARS; 2018-11-07 - 2018-11-07
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8 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Neither Jew nor Greek, Slave nor Free, Male and Female. Biblical Archeology Review 2018 ;Volume 44.(01) p. 60-68
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9 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Not in the body. The Immanent Frame [blog] 2018
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10 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Response: Om skjæring – hva handler omskjæringsdebatten «egentlig» om?. Om skjæring – hva handler omskjæringsdebatten «egentlig» om?; 2018-02-28 - 2018-02-28
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11 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Ritual Disruption: Circumcision as a Rite of Exclusion and Inclusion at the Beginning and End of Christianity. Interpreting Rituals: Historiographical Perspectives and Pluralistic Contexts; 2018-10-29 - 2018-10-31
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12 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Taking the Pain Away: Paul, Circumcision and the Success of the Gentile Mission. ISBL-EABS Annual Meeting; 2018-07-30 - 2018-08-03
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13 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Constructions of the Past in Recent Debates on Male Circumcision: How Paul Makes Circumcision History. Max Weber Centre Colloquium; 2017-01-23 - 2017-01-23
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14 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Good News for the Foreskin: The Male Anatomy of Paul's Circumcision Language. Oslo-Aarhus NT meeting; 2017-12-14 - 2017-12-15
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15 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Gustav Vigeland's Post-Reformation Bodies. Reformasjonsbloggen - Det teologiske fakultet (UiO) 2017
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16 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Male Circumcision as an Obstacle to Religious Conversion? The Problematic Origins of the Concept of Religion in Legal Criticism of Circumcision. American Academy of Religion annual meeting; 2017-11-17 - 2017-11-20
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17 Neutel, Karin Berber.
review Karen Armstrong, St Paul: The Misunderstood Apostle. NTT Journal for Theology and The Study of Religion 2017 ;Volume 71.(4) p. 372-373
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18 Neutel, Karin Berber.
The Letter, the Spirit and the Foreskin: Perceptions of Paul in the Contemporary Debate on Male Circumcision. TFF; 2017-05-10 - 2017-05-10
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19 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Zij moeten het hen in alles naar de zin maken: De boodschap van de Pastorale brieven over slavernij. Schrift: tijdschrift over de Bijbel 2017 ;Volume 49.(288) p. 53-59
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20 Neutel, Karin Berber; Boyarin, Daniel.
Male circumcision and the concept of religion. public conversation Male circumcision and the concept of religion; 2017-01-23 - 2017-01-23
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21 Neutel, Karin Berber.
Circumcision Gone Wrong: Paul's Message as a Case of Ritual Disruption. Neotestamentica 2016 ;Volume 50.(2) p. 373-396
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