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1 Wagner, Ines; Fjell, Live Kjos; Frisell, Marte Marie; Østbakken, Kjersti Misje.
Likelønn og det kjønnsdelte arbeidsmarkedet: Individuelle preferanser eller strukturelle begrensninger?. Oslo: Institutt for samfunnsforskning 2020 (ISBN 978-82-7763-668-9) 64 p. Rapport – Institutt for samfunnsforskning(2020:4)
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2 Lillie, Nathan; Berntsen, Lisa; Wagner, Ines; Danaj, Sonila.
A comparative analysis of union responses to posted work in four European countries. I: Posted Work in the European Union: The Political Economy of Free Movement. Routledge 2019 ISBN 9780367142711. p. 89-108
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3 Pedersen, Axel West; Grødem, Anne Skevik; Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli; Wagner, Ines.
Inntektssikring for befolkningen i yrkesaktiv alder – en sammenligning av syv nordeuropeiske land. : Institutt for samfunnsforskning 2019 117 p.
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4 Pedersen, Axel West; Grødem, Anne Skevik; Wagner, Ines.
Trygdepolitikk og trygdemottak i åtte nordeuropeiske land. Oslo: Institutt for samfunnsforskning 2019 (ISBN 978-82-7763-640-5) 132 p. Rapport – Institutt for samfunnsforskning(2019:14)
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5 Wagner, Ines; Shire, Karen.
Labour Subcontracting in Cross-Border Labour Markets: A Comparison of Rule Evasion in Germany and Japan. I: Posted Work in the European Union: The Political Economy of Free Movement. Routledge 2019 ISBN 9780367142711.
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6 Refslund, Bjarke; Wagner, Ines.
Cutting to the Bone: Workers' Solidarity in the Danish-German Slaughterhouse Industry. I: Reconstructing Solidarity: Labour Unions, Precarious Work, And the Politics of Institutional Change in Europe. Oxford University Press 2018 ISBN 9780198791843. p. 67-83
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7 Seeliger, Martin; Wagner, Ines.
A socialization paradox: trade union policy cooperation in the case of the enforcement directive of the posting of workers directive. Socio-Economic Review 2018 p. -
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8 Wagner, Ines.
Certified Equality: The Icelandic Equal Pay Standard. Oslo: Institutt for samfunnsforskning 2018 (ISBN 978-82-7763-606-1) 38 p. Rapport – Institutt for samfunnsforskning(2018:11)
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9 Wagner, Ines.
Workers Without Borders: Posted Work and Precarity in the EU. Cornell University Press 2018 (ISBN 9781501729157) 168 p.
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10 Wagner, Ines; Grødem, Anne Skevik.
Sertifisert likestilling: Likelønnsstandarden på Island. Oslo: Institutt for samfunnsforskning 2018 (ISBN 978-82-7763-604-7) 49 p. Rapport – Institutt for samfunnsforskning(2018:10)
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11 Lillie, Nathan; Wagner, Ines.
Practicing European Industrial Citizenship : The Case of Labour Migration to Germany. I: Shaping Citizenship: a Political Concept in Theory, Debate and Practice. Routledge 2017 ISBN 9781138735989. p. -
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12 Wagner, Ines.
Trade unions and migrant workers in Germany: Unions between national and transnational Labour market segmentation. I: Trade Unions and Migrant Workers: New Contexts and Challenges in Europe. Edward Elgar Publishing 2017 ISBN 9781788114073. p. 158-178
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13 Wagner, Ines; Berntsen, Lisa.
Restricted Rights: Obstacles in Enforcing Labour Rights of EU Mobile Workers in the German and Dutch Construction Sectors. Transfer - European Review of Labour and Research 2016 ;Volume 22.(2)
14 Wagner, Ines; Refslund, Bjarke.
Understanding the diverging trajectories of slaughterhouse work in Denmark and Germany: A power resource approach. European journal of industrial relations 2016 ;Volume 22.(4) p. 335-351
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15 Caro, Erka; Berntsen, Lisa; Lillie, Nathan; Wagner, Ines.
Posted Migration and Segregation in the European Construction Sector. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2015 ;Volume 40.(10) p. 1600-1620
16 Wagner, Ines.
EU Posted Work and Transnational Action in the German Meat Industry. Transfer - European Review of Labour and Research 2015 ;Volume 21.(2) p. 201-213
17 Wagner, Ines.
Rule Enactment in a Pan‐European Labour Market: Transnational Posted Work in the German Construction Sector. British Journal of Industrial Relations 2015 ;Volume 53.(4) p. 692-710
18 Wagner, Ines.
The Political Economy of Borders in a 'Borderless' European Labour Market. Journal of Common Market Studies 2015 ;Volume 53.(6) p. 1370-1385
19 Wagner, Ines; Lillie, Nathan.
European Integration and the Disembedding of Labour Market Regulation: Transnational Labour Relations at the European Central Bank Construction Site. Journal of Common Market Studies 2014 ;Volume 52.(2) p. 403-419
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