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1 Brieuc, Marine Servane; Waters, Charles D.; Drinan, Daniel P.; Naish, Kerry A.
A practical introduction to Random Forest for genetic association studies in ecology and evolution. Molecular Ecology Resources 2018 ;Volume 18.(4) p. 755-766
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2 Tørresen, Ole K.; Brieuc, Marine Servane; Solbakken, Monica Hongrø; Sørhus, Elin; Nederbragt, Alexander Johan; Jakobsen, Kjetill Sigurd; Meier, Sonnich; Edvardsen, Rolf; Jentoft, Sissel.
Genomic architecture of haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) shows expansions of innate immune genes and short tandem repeats. BMC Genomics 2018 ;Volume 19.(240) p. 1-17
3 Waters, Charles D.; Hard, Jeffrey J.; Brieuc, Marine Servane; Fast, David E; Warheit, Kenneth; Knudsen, Curtis M.; Bosch, William J.; Naish, Kerry A.
Genomewide association analyses of fitness traits in captive-reared Chinook salmon: Applications in evaluating conservation strategies. Evolutionary Applications 2018 ;Volume 11.(6) p. 853-868
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4 Batts, William; LaPatra, Scott; Katona, Ryan; Leis, Eric; Ng, Terry Fei Fan; Brieuc, Marine Servane; Breyta, Rachel B; Purcell, Maureen K.; Conway, Carla M; Waltzek, Thomas B.; Delwart, Eric; Winton, James.
Molecular characterization of a novel orthomyxovirus from rainbow and steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Virus Research 2017 ;Volume 230. p. 38-49