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1 Bilal, Taylan; Gözen, Irep.
Formation and dynamics of endoplasmic reticulum-like lipid nanotube networks. Biomaterials Science 2017 ;Volume 5.(7) p. 1256-1264
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2 Balaban, Theodor Silviu; Gözen, Irep; Jesorka, Aldo.
The Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2016 highlights tiny synthetic machines. NBS-nytt 2016 (4) p. 11-11
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3 Taylor, Michael; Gözen, Irep; Patel, Samir; Jesorka, Aldo; Bertoldi, Katia.
Peridynamic Modeling of Ruptures in Biomembranes. PLoS ONE 2016
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4 Gözen, Irep; Dommersnes, Paul Gunnar; Jesorka, Aldo.
Lipid Self-Spreading on Solid Substrates. INTECH 2015 (ISBN 978-953-51-2216-6) 36 p.
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5 Gözen, Irep; Jesorka, Aldo.
Lipid nanotube networks: Biomimetic Cell-to-Cell Communication and Soft-Matter Technology. Nanofabrication 2015 ;Volume 2. p. 27-31
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6 Luo, ZhengYuan; Güven, Sinan; Gözen, Irep; Chen, Pu; Tasoglu, Savas; Anchan, Raymond M; Bai, BoFeng; Demirci, Utkan.
Deformation of a single mouse oocyte in a constricted microfluidic channel. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 2015 ;Volume 19. p. 883-890
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7 El Assal, Rami; Güven, Sinan; Gürkan, Umut Atakan; Gözen, Irep; Shafiee, Hadi; Dalbeyler, Sedef; Abdalla, Noor; Thomas, Gawain; Fuld, Wendy; Illigens, Ben M. W.; Estanislau, Jessica; Khoory, Joseph; Kaufman, Richard; Zylberberg, Claudia; Lindeman, Neal; Wen, Qi; Ghiran, Ionita; Demirci, Utkan.
Bio-Inspired Cryo-Ink Preserves Red Blood Cell Phenotype and Function During Nanoliter Vitrification. Advanced Materials 2014 ;Volume 26. p. 5815-5822
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8 Gözen, Irep; Dommersnes, Paul Gunnar.
Pore dynamics in lipid membranes. The European Physical Journal Special Topics 2014 ;Volume 223. p. 1813-1829
NTNU UiO Untitled
9 Ainla, Alar; Gözen, Irep; Hakonen, Bodil; Jesorka, Aldo.
Lab on a Biomembrane: Rapid prototyping and manipulation of 2D fluidic lipid bilayer circuits. Scientific Reports 2013 ;Volume 3.
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10 Gözen, Irep.
The self–spreading double bilayer/Advances in Lipid Membrane Nanotechnology. : Chalmers University of Technology 2013 (ISBN 978-91-7385-813-7) 110 p.
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11 Gözen, Irep; Örtmen, Bahanur; Põldsalu, Inga; Dommersnes, Paul Gunnar; Orwar, Owe; Jesorka, Aldo.
Repair of large area pores in supported double bilayers. Soft Matter 2013 ;Volume 9. p. 2787-2792
NTNU UiO Untitled
12 Gözen, Irep; Shaali, Mehrnaz; Ainla, Alar; Örtmen, Bahanur; Põldsalu, Inga; Kustanovich, Kiryl; Jeffries, Gavin D. M.; Konkoli, Zoran; Dommersnes, Paul Gunnar; Jesorka, Aldo.
Thermal migration of molecular lipid films as a contactless fabrication strategy for lipid nanotube networks. Lab on a Chip 2013 ;Volume 13. p. 3822-3826
NTNU UiO Untitled
13 Gözen, Irep; Dommersnes, Paul Gunnar; Orwar, Owe; Jesorka, Aldo.
Evidence for membrane flow through pores in stacked phospholipid membranes. Soft Matter 2012 ;Volume 8. p. 6220-6225
NTNU UiO Untitled
14 Gözen, Irep; Jesorka, Aldo.
Instrumental Methods to Characterize Molecular Phospholipid Films on Solid Supports. Analytical Chemistry 2012 ;Volume 84 (2). p. 822-838
UiO Untitled
15 Gözen, Irep; Billerit, Celine; Dommersnes, Paul Gunnar; Jesorka, Aldo; Orwar, Owe.
Calcium-ion-controlled nanoparticle-induced tubulation in supported flat phospholipid vesicles. Soft Matter 2011 ;Volume 7. p. 9706-9713
NTNU UiO Untitled
16 Gözen, Irep; Dommersnes, Paul Gunnar; Czolkos, Ilja; Jesorka, Aldo; Lobovkina, Tatsiana; Orwar, Owe.
Fractal avalanche ruptures in biological membranes. Nature Materials 2010 ;Volume 9. p. 908-912
NTNU UiO Untitled
17 Gözen, Irep; Örmeci, Banu.
Effect of daylight on regrowth of bacteria in anaerobically digested sludge. Water Science and Technology 2010 ;Volume 62 (2). p. 364-369
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18 Lobovkina, Tatsiana; Gözen, Irep; Erkan, Yavuz; Olofsson, Jessica; Weber, Stephen G.; Orwar, Owe.
Protrusive growth and periodic contractile motion in surface-adhered vesicles induced by Ca2+-gradients. Soft Matter 2010 ;Volume 6. p. 268-272
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19 Ainla, Alar; Gözen, Irep; Orwar, Owe; Jesorka, Aldo.
A Microfluidic Diluter Based on Pulse Width Flow Modulation. Analytical Chemistry 2009 ;Volume 81 (13). p. 5549-5556
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